The Eleventh Prince Arrives

At the outset, thirty nine worlds declared rebellion against the universe. One, Earth, declared secession. Ultimately, twenty eight of those worlds would disassociate with the rebellion and realign to the House of Caligastia and with Father and Son. This left eleven worlds in the hard core rebellion group.  Of that eleven, we knew one would detach himself in the eleventh hour. We knew this because he was a mole planted early on in the course of the rebellion. Over time, he rose to be Satan's second in command. When we captured Satan and three of the rebellion princes, he rose to be first in command.

This particular prince made his first and only contact with me last year. As with most of the universe, he was appalled that the population of this planet 'kill each other'. As with the universe, I pointed out that no one has ever died here - in spite of the appearance. He understood.

I was surprised at his contact and it took me a few minutes to understand who I was speaking with. Father's Ring
prevents off world communications and it was only with Father's permission that his contact was allowed. Conversely, the poor elements trapped here within the ring can not transmit their intelligence to off world sources.
In other words, I set the parameters so they couldn't do to us what I'm about to do.

Any person who rises to the level of planetary prince is devoid of fear and highly accomplished. Were this not so, he would never have been assigned to the position in the first place. No Lanonandek would accept sub ordinance to a person who was not skilled and respected. That this prince was chosen by princes for a leadership role amongst princes speaks well to his ability.

Imagine the intelligence value if the leader of the Red Chinese defected to the United States. Factor in that the defection occurred in the days and minutes before a planned war against the U.S. Such is the importance of this angel's arrival on the stage.

Earth was given a heads up to the equation in the words of Revelation. At the point in time the Rebellion moves against the universe there will be ten crowns, with three missing. The eleventh prince does not stand with the
Rebellion as their number is only ten. The Book of Revelation was given to John directly from Father and it was Father's purpose that you should have a knowledge of these things in the time frame that was appropriate for the knowing. That time is now.

This prince's timeline is slightly ahead of our own. Thus, he has completed the judgement of his mortal populations and is structuring their evacuation at the appropriate time. This to protect them from rebellion or universal reprisals.

The journey continues.....