The Darkness Gathers

The 'fixings' for darkness is the same for both angel and man - the corruption of spirit. Terran history well documents the times when it has coalesced into one place, at one time for dreadful purpose. So also, history shows us the moments when the forces of light also came together to raise sword against that evil that is known as Tyranny, Injustice, and Slavery.

The forces of darkness and the forces of light so gather themselves now for the final battle. For the evil side of the equation, this is not a new endeavor but a continuation of an old and ancient evil that has been known by many names in time, but the worst elements are usually known under only one name. Nostradamus, Rasputin, Napoleon, Torquemada  and Adoph Hitler were all the same person. He has one more arrival on stage and is called Anti-Christ.

Hitler deified himself and even created a religion for his worship. His 'god hood' had a serious limitation in the form of the Catholic Church. Half of Germany's army were Catholic and had Pius XII excommunicated those involved, Germany would have crumbled as a power in but one night. Hitler knew this and did not force a showdown with the church.
The anti-christ will not have this restriction.

At Rapture plus one day, all religion on Earth will crumble due to the fact there are no soulful people left on Earth to minister to those religions.  Left behind are degrees of badness - none of whom are competent to call themselves servants of God.
The remaining populations are also those who had rejected religion as a venue towards God.

As the darkness of Fascism gathered in 1938 Berlin, it will reemerge in another seat of historical fascism - Rome. Rome has not been a stranger to tyranny. The seat of the Inquisition killed millions in the name of God five hundred years before Hitler arrived on stage.  A man, one sent from God, rose to give battle to the great darkness of that era with the sword of his mouth, Martin Luther. Hitler will find no resistance to his self deification in this era. As there is no Catholic Church left, post rapture, he will stroll into Rome unopposed and will join with the elements of the darkness he has known before to form the Terran rendition of the seven crowned beast that serves the Devil surrounded by seven mountains. This will occur 1,260 days after rapture. Thereafter he will run for 42 months which equates also to 1,260 using the lunar calendar (the same employed by the Apostle John)

We are told that 666 is the number of a man. As with many things in the Revelation Code, the two edged sword applies here.
In a prior writing on HQ, I've detailed the mark of the beast and the reader may review  this at his leisure. However, the 666 also references a count of months from the birth of the anti-christ on Earth until his time of awakening to who and what he is
and to the  horrible role he is going to play. That time arrived in November, 2004. In this era, visualize a combination of Nazi Germany and the Inquisition. The power behind both spawn from the same evil.

God has not abandoned Earth and has positioned His forces for the final battle.