The Adventure II

This July 4th weekend (2000), a number of people will be flying from all over the country to visit with me and see Angel's Lair. Last year, Greg Robbins and Alan Aday made the trip from Massachusetts. This year a larger group is assembling and we'll be doing a two day camp out in Angel's Keep. This is an area that is largely unexplored and all have expressed a desire to help with the exploration. Our initial target will be the missing piece of the grand pyramid.

When completed, the findings, views and opinions of the participants will be posted here.

July 5, 2000

The Adventure II has been completed. This has been a phenomenal weekend. I'm going to use this page to detail for the reader some of the things that occurred and those who partook in the journey will have the opportunity to place their thoughts here as well as soon as they get home and get themselves settled. Allie has the longest journey home going back to South Africa.

Dennis and Steffani arrived first a couple of days early with the others coming in closer to the appointed time. David was the last to arrive having had a glitch with a car rental in Colorado Springs. He ended up taking a cab to town and returned to the airport with Dennis and Steffani.

We began the trip at the large lizard head pointer. I discussed its relevance to the overall scheme of things and how it would establish a repeating theme that should be noted. We returned to the capstone and (finally) got a good picture of it in full daylight. I'll be replacing the existing picture with Allie's once she gets back to South Africa. Allie became our defacto photographer having arrived with both a good 35mm camera and a video camera.

Going into the anteroom to The Lair, where the main cast of characters are carved we spent some time going over the various sculptures. Some had trouble seeing them. I counseled that after a day of looking at these things, they would develop and 'eye' for spotting them and that we would return to this same spot on our way out and look at them again. This turned out to be accurate and all had no trouble 'seeing' after two days of practice.

Two notable changes occurred. The Gabriel rock has changed to include 'the boy'. This is a similar carving to the one that is on the sphinx. This establishes the connection between The Son and his next in command, the Archangel Gabriel. The carving has not been there before. The other change has been in the Father sculpture. In the beginning, this rock held Father and five of the Son's of God with Immanuel as the upper most. These carvings disappeared a couple of years ago and within the last year, a rudimentary smiley face appeared. Upon our arrival there, this too was gone and all of the area under Father's chin was blank. Upon our way out, this had changed.
The head of a panther now occupies the place once held by Immanuel. At issue is who is the panther? Allie will be supplying before and after photos.

To answer the question we need to consult other carvings. In the old picture of the Sphinx, the right eye of the sphinx is a composite and is formed by the head of a panther. It follows that the panther is a part of the Sphinx's character. Across from the Sphinx is the carving of a Nordic I've dubbed 'Brutus'. The picture is here on the web site. Upon Brutus' head is the carving of a panther. It shows us what is on his mind. He's worried about the Panther and he stands directly in the eye sight of the Sphinx who is the panther.

At Giza, and at the Lair, the Sphinx stands as a guardian over the pyramid (the timeline of Earth).  The Sphinx (lion) maintains a defensive posture. The panther assumes an offensive attitude. Yet, the panther is but a part of the personality of the greater lion.

Additionally, there is a carving of my face (Bob) beneath ufo rock and it can only be seen from one angle. I've not placed this picture on the web. On the other side of this carving and incorporated into the structure of the entire stone is a carving of the lion. This identifies Bob/Cal as the Lion.  Thus Bob is Cal is the Lion is the Panther. It is of note that the panther appears in several locations in the area.

We also had a repeat of a temporal anomaly that also occurred in the Adventure I with Greg and Al. After leaving the Lair and heading for The Keep, it took us five hours to make a one hour journey. It took us only one hour and ten minutes to get out. Upon leaving the Lair, we did not stop for a lot of sight seeing. It was my intent to camp in the Keep. Such was not to be, we were losing light and all were exhausted so we made camp at the first good clearing we found. Given the fire hazard conditions in the area, we opted out on a camp fire. This turned out to be a good thing in as much as this was 'new moon or no moon'. We had a magnificent view of the sky.

During our first night there, we spent most of the evening socializing with periodic discussions on universal concerns. The entire trip was marked by good humor and a lot of laughs. It was my goal to avoid serious subjects until the second night to allow the people time to establish their relationships.

Susan had the hardest time with the physical exertion in the journey and everyone was helpful and considerate. Naturally, the men where usually in the lead. The exception here was Josie who was up there in front step for step with the guys. I was the oldest of the group (50) with Jose being the
youngest (23). (I remember being 23).

We decided to keep the camp where it was (near a creek). Water is a big issue. The temperature was easily over ninety degrees and, as I learned last year, there is no water where we're going.
We packed plenty of water in with the expectation we'd be going to the Keep. At a certain point, I decided to dump the weight of the water opting to fill up at the point we'd enter the Keep.

Most of the discoveries in the area have been done with photographs. There is so much there that it is impossible for the eye to take all of it in. It is only when you can sit down and examine the photographs in detail that you begin to see what you've missed. Then you take the photos, return to the site, and do a comparison. Finally, you add the artifacts to the mapping and do a comparative analysis with the other items you've already discovered.

In the Keep, we headed for where the missing piece of the grand pyramid should be located. However, we ended up on the Ephesian Cross. This is large artifact comprised of two separate mountains. It has the arrow straight stem with a rounded crossbar where the ends of the cross
dip into a short arch. This symbol is found in two historical places, the golden gate of Jerusalem and in Ephesius, the ancient Roman capitol for Asia Minor. It means 'a doorway'.

The combination of the climbing and the heat was rough on everyone. Steffani and Susan split off from the main group opting to return to the juncture of the Keep and the creek. Our position gave us a commanding and centralized view of the entire valley. Dennis discovered a white angel
formed from a calcium deposit near The City. Again, Allie took pictures that will be added to this page upon their arrival. Additionally, we discovered a rectangular doorway which, when seen from a distance, lined up with the top of a pyramidic mountain structure. The alignment was uncanny.
This is a place where one must do the math and take detailed measurements for the greater picture to be seen with clarity.

The heat was stifling. We were fortunate that some rain clouds moved in and blocked the sun lowering the temperature about twenty degrees. This aided our journey back to camp.

At camp, we planted ourselves on the ground and shared whatever food we'd brought with us. I packed only enough food to tend to my needs not wanting to carry extra weight. So, I came up a little short on foodstuffs. Fortunately, I did pack a lot of coffee. It was odd that in a group of coffee drinkers, I was the only one that actually brought any instant. Thus, my contribution to the endeavor was assured.

Susan had brought a water filter pump for cleaning the creek water. I've been drinking from this creek for six years and never had a problem but people hear stories and Susan allowed for the wish to have purified water.

One of the notable aspects of the area is the absence of wild life. Animals in general do not like the area due to our various 4d power supplies positioned there. They see the energy fields and avoid it. If they come into the area at all, they don't stay long. The exception to this is found with insects and, in particular, red ants.

A Lanonandek associate who is my director of security for the area approached me before the trip advising that I needed to take a weapon with me. This, I really didn't want to do in as much as the people arriving might be scared going into the wilderness with someone they really didn't know who was also armed. I broached the subject with the group and they indicated they had no concern. Thus, I accepted the weapon - an excaliber class sword. Simply, this means the weapon will work against objects in 3d and 4d. There are only 3 such swords on the planet. One is Arthur's Excaliber and is kept by Old One. My Lanonandek brother is a master sword maker and expert on ancient weaponry. He holds the other two which he calls Destroyer and Thirsty. I took the larger of the two weapons, Destroyer. As it turns out, there was no need. One of the group did comment they were glad I brought it.

During our first night in camp, we had an 'event'. We had been sky gazing, picking out airplanes, satellites and an occasional meteor. Then we saw that which was none of the above. Old One flew over the area in his ship and turned his landing lights off and on several times at eight second intervals. With him flew a smaller Defiant as an escort. All were amazed and all concluded, 'that weren't no airplane'. He made the fly over slowly and in a fashion that insured everyone saw it.
The point of the endeavor was to let all see 'proof' of the connection between me and he. The effort achieved its purpose.

On the second night, a similar but shorter event also occurred. In a conversation with Old One later, David thanked him for his effort stating it was just what he needed to take the issues beyond thought and down to a hard reality. I think he echoed the opinions of all there, myself included.
As I've always said, until you can see it, touch it, and kick the tires - it can't be considered a reality. The event established the reality of the moment to the satisfaction of those involved.
Sorry folks, this happened so quickly there was no chance to grab a camera.

More important, we spent the bulk of the night on dimensional issues. I taught all how to make a dimensional jump. Many already had the ability but I assisted in providing focus and a knowledge of how things work and why. Each become comfortable with the process in varying degrees.
I made a repeated point of telling people how easy this really was to do. Those who have been writing books on the subject tend to make it far more difficult and complicated than it really is.

It is important to note that when I made the original invitation on the discussion forum, I shot a bunch of arrows into the air and trusted that Father would make then land where they should.
The methodology was correct. All of the people in the group are dimensionally active. One lacked the ability to 'see' dimensionally and this precluded involvement in what was to come at the end of my testing period.

My testing is simple. I pick an arbitrary point in low orbit around the Earth that I use as a platform. It is arbitrary in as much as I like the view. One by one, I went through the group and they joined me at this location. With one individual, I had to reach down and grab him by the scruff of the neck and yank him to the place. Actually, it was more like my foot in his backside. Then I performed a two step test. First they had to see me. Then I'd approach each in 4d and touch them on the shoulder. They'd then have to tell me correctly which shoulder had been touched. All did so correctly. This is a simple test and the individual has a 50/50 chance of getting it right. The next step is more difficult.

The second test is what I call 'the clock game'. The person stands at the middle of a circle and has to tell me where I am relative to the numbers on a clock. Some succeeded while others came very close. It was sufficient that they be within one number of correct. It is not unusual that some people become dyslexic in 4d. One individual reported his numbers correctly but reversed. This also, was of no concern. One individual failed the testing miserably. While the hand on the shoulder was processed correctly, I had to also allowed that one had a good chance of guessing.
The clock game is more difficult in that the chances are one in twelve. I do the exercise three times and this reduces the opportunity for guessing. Regardless, I decided to include the failed individual in the next step.

Some time back, Father had given me license to bring a few people for audience in Father's Room.
This is a place he maintains at the roof of the sixth dimension, a hair away from where He resides in the seventh. Over the course of time, I have taken a few people there. This last group represents the last of my license and there will be no more. Naturally, Father does as He wishes and I'm certain that there are those upon the Earth who have been taken there for audience at His dictates.
The ability to reach the higher dimensions is the product of an evolutionary process. In this instance, none of the individuals possessed the moment where they could make the journey on their own.  I surrounded them in a dimensional bubble of my own creation and taxied them to their audience with Father.

There is an old saying that man can not stand before the face of God and live. This is true. The limitations of our biology make it an impossibility to survive the extreme energy factors present in His persona. However, it can be done 'en soul'. Regardless, the energy levels are such that there is a translation down to the physical form and to see correctly a person must be able to quickly adapt to the influx of these energies.

Upon entry into Father's Room, I positioned all upon a ceremonial pedestal and announced their arrival as is the custom. Father then took over and each had their own unique communications with the Almighty while I returned to my location at the campsite. Some chose to share their experience and others didn't. This is as it should be. Direct communications with Father are always considered private and personal and it is up to the individual to decide if and what they wish to reveal to others.

Jackie, my beloved, provided incredible support for this weekend. She's an old fashioned country girl and a great cook. She prepared several meals for group and after two days of eating packaged foods it was really terrific to have a hot meal.  An unpretentious person, she has the ability to make all feel at home and welcomed. I had wanted her to go with us, however, Old One had directed she not - she followed his suggestion.

Upon our arrival back at Canon City, everyone ran to their various accommodations and grabbed a shower and then returned to my residence where Jackie had an excellent meal prepared for all.
During the evening and during part of the next day, Old One joined us through Jackie and answered questions. He expressed some disappointment and surprise that the group didn't have that many questions of him. I took it as a good sign that I'd been able to address most of their queries during the camping trip, he agreed. On the other hand, when Greg and Al were here, he spent two to three hours with their many queries.

Rob and Josie left to make their plane connections on the evening of July 3rd. Susan and Allie left during the late afternoon of July 4th to make their way back to Denver. Steffani, Dennis and David stayed the evening and were treated to a city sponsored fireworks show from a nearby mountain ridge. It provided to good end to a good weekend.

Keep in touch with this particular page. As their written accounts arrive, I'll add them AND Allie's pictures.


My thoughts on Adventure II.
         By David Price

I am going to cut to the chase. I arrived in Colorado Springs at 1:00 am Friday, June 30. My credit card would not cover the entire cost of a rental car. I offerd to cover the balance with cash. I was refused. So at 2:00am in the morning - tired, confused and with no one around except armed security guards, I walked out of the terminal. Only one lone cab driver was in the parking lot. I asked if he was busy?

He said he had a suit case to drop off, then he would take me were i need to go. I told him the car rental agent, refused to rent me a car. He asked were i was going, i said Canon City - he said for sixty five bucks he would take me. I said DEAL! I was off for Adventure 2.

Jamie - Cab #713

Saturday July 1, 8:00 am i woke up at my motel and called Cal, he told me get ahold of Dennis and Steff as they were staying at the same  motel. Things are starting to add up - I am supposed to be there! Side Note: Dennis will bend over backwards to help you, it's in his nature! Climbed in Dennis's truck and with Steff Murry, I was off to meet Cal at his home.

About 11:45 am - met with Cal, Jackie and Adventure 2 gang and we all piled our gear and ourselves into trucks and off to Angels Lair. After a nice breakfast and Cal speaking truth as he does, people who overheard what we were talking about gave us wide eyed birth and were kind to us. A deputy sheriff, walked in and out of the resturant a couple of times, I made eye contact
with him. He was doing a job and talked to no one.

I remembered before we left Cal's home Jackie called out for an eye check. I did notknow what she was talking about. Cal at the start of our hike called for an eye check. We all had the genetic marker of Asendancy! Boy was I happy. "Josie" Rob's lady had the biggest marking of us all.

Cal's eyes are like flames as Greg has said. Four hours into the Lair we camped on the edge of Angels Keep. We set up our tents, drank water, coffee, smoked a couple cigg's, We all gathered around and started  talking with everone focused on Cal when he spoke. Soon we relaxed and started looking at the night skies and star's. And then it happened........

At about 9:30 or 10:00pm landing lights from Old Ones ship started flashing in eight second intervals (we all started counting). Brighter than any thing I have ever seen at night. About 400 feet long and 40 feet high. The flashing started from the West and went East over the entire sky line. I will stop here.

This post is dedicated to Jackie one fine lady and a good cook too! She could burn oatmeal and make it taste good.

              David Price.

Rob Smith

Over July 4th weekend, 2000 I was invited to take a journey with others who had chosen to do so.  None of us had ever met face to face before, although we had some limited communication over the message board.  We had little idea of what to expect other than to meet some new people and camp out for a few days.  I simply knew that it was the next step in my own journey.

My companion Joslyn and I flew into town on Friday June 30th.  Upon arriving at our hotel room, we got in touch with Cal and he invited us over to his place for something to eat and to get to know each other. We arrived at his house and introduced ourselves.  I found Cal to be very friendly and non-threatening (from his voice I imagined a guy who could rip your head off if he felt like).  As it turned out, Joslyn and I were the youngest of the group - she's 23 and I'm 25.

I took a seat next to Dennis Appling on the porch and we began to talk about our lives and experiences.  It's interesting how our respective journeys through life have been very similar.  Not surprising though, since we both happened to end up conversing at the residence of the Planetary Prince on the same day at the same time.  We talked for a couple of hours before heading back to our room to rest up for the expedition out to the lair.

On Saturday morning we drove out to the area of the lair, stopping for breakfast at a little market along the way.  The food took a while to get to the table, but it was good.  After eating, we drove off the road and followed a dirt trail into the hills.  We made our way up, down and around until we arrived at an area where we could park the trucks and get our gear together for the hike.  It so happened that a group of people on ATVs came along just then.  The leader of that group said he'd be in and out of the area all weekend and he'd watch our vehicles for us and if we weren't out of there by the time we planned on leaving, he'd be able to come out and look for us.  It began to sink in that this was not going to be a "walk in the park".

Anyhow, we got our packs on and began hiking.  Before too long, we entered an area that was full of carvings.  There was a carving of Old One which was very easy to pick out.  Michael's carving was a bit tougher to see, but it was there, along with several others.  Allie got a bunch of good photos, so I'll leave it up to the individual to make a determination when they are posted.

We hadn't quite made it to our camping spot and we were running out of daylight when we had to take a break.  Joslyn had gotten a little waterlogged and needed to take a rest.  Some of the others moved on to try and find a closer camping spot while the rest stayed behind to keep an eye on Joslyn.  As it happened, there was a great clearing just about  a hundred yards or so from where we had stopped.  So Allie took Joslyn's pack, and we made our way to the campsite.

After setting up the camp, we all sat around eating our dinner and shooting the breeze with Cal and each other.  Now, a few miles from civilization, I began to wonder about what would be going on in the days ahead.  My shoulders were sore from my pack and I was physically drained, but mentally I was wide awake.  We spent some time discussing many of the subjects on the web site and issues of the universe, rebellion and earth.  Cal wondered aloud whether there would be any UFO sightings while we were

When darkness fell, the stars were amazing.  Living so close to a major metropolitan area, I never see that many stars at one time.  You could even see satellites speeding across the sky in straight lines.  Then, right above our heads, I caught a very bright flash of light.  It flashed and then disappeared.  I think I was the only one to see it.  Then it flashed again, in the same spot as the first time.  This time I kept watching to see it again.  It was very bright, too bright to be an airplane (the FAA regulates aircraft lighting and this was no strobe or navigation light on an airplane).  It was also stationary and whatever vehicle it was attached to made no noise.  I kept watching, and sure enough it lit up a third time.  This time, Cal and the others caught it too.  I noticed
that as soon as it captured Cal's attention, it began to move away, flashing at regular intervals of about eight seconds until it disappeared from sight.

Cal seemed a little perturbed about the whole thing.  His people don't show off like that, so who could it be?  I suggested maybe it was one of his pilots telling us they were there watching...after all, once they got his attention they moved on.  Yes, he said, that made sense.  I figure they were giving a bit of proof for those who were inclined to want such proof.  "Show me the beef", Cal always says.  I'm very sane and I don't see UFOs just everywhere I go.  I think we were served up a nice heaping portion of "the beef".  Eight people, all of whom are sane and functional saw this thing and none came up with a "conventional" explanation for
what we saw.

We watched the skies for a little longer, but nothing else of consequence happened so we turned in.

Day two came and it was time to make the hike into the Keep.  It was quite hot out there on Sunday (I'd estimate near 100 degrees) and we were leaving behind our source of fresh water.  We packed up some lunch and extra water and headed for the Keep.

After a day I began to develop an eye for the carvings.  On day one it was difficult to pick them out, but after getting used to the landscape and the way the rocks "should" look, it became easier to see the carvings.

We made our way into a valley which I'd say was ast least two or three miles across with a smaller pyramid shaped mountain in the middle.  There was what appeared to be a gate directly behind the peak of the small mountain.  Cal said that we had found what we were looking for (the pyramid mountain) and that he'd climb the thing himself and get photos so we wouldn't have to.  All I could think was "No way...I came all the way out here and I'm going to see what we came here to see."  Apparently,
some of the others thought the same thing.  Dennis seemed to be in overdrive. He practically flew up to the top, while David, Joslyn, Allie, Cal and myself huffed and puffed our way to the peak.

When we reached the top, we could see some spectacular views of the mountains and different carvings.  It was here that we saw what I consider to be the most amazing carving of the entire complex, a white angel standing on the peak across from us with her arms crossed and wings folded in behind.  I found this to be the most intricate and lifelike carving in the was unmistakeable, especially when viewed through binoculars.  I hope Allie got some good photos of that one.

Poor Joslyn had over-exerted herself again, so I had to talk her into letting me dump some of our water over her to help her cool down before she suffered heat stroke.  I had remarked to her as we were entering the keep earlier that day that perhaps all this brutal hiking and climbing was Father's way of seeing how hard we'd be willing to work for Him.  I got her cooled down and when she felt well enough to continue, we started back down the mountain.  I've got to hand it to her, she really toughed it out.

On the far side of the pyramid mountain was an old worn out road that we followed down...too bad we didn't find it on the way up!  We met up with Sue and Steffani, who had stayed behind to rest for a bit.  We filled up on water from the creek and headed back to camp.  On the way back we stopped to rest in a certain spot.  Dennis and I were off a little bit from where the others had sat down.  From where I was, I saw a second carving of Snoopy.  Dennis thought it looked more like Underdog, but suffice it to say it was a carving of a cartoon dog.  I doubt the Indians who originally inhabited the place knew about Snoopy OR Underdog OR cartoons for that matter.  I don't know if there were any pictures taken of the dog, but at least the two of us saw it.

Back at the camp, we rested and some of us went down to wash up in the creek.  The water was cold and clean and I came away from my bath feeling like a new man.  We ate our dinner and talked some more and darkness came again.

That night we had another UFO sighting, this time just a single flash up above.  I observed that Cal saw this one on the first flash, and no more were to come.

Later Cal gathered us into a circle and led us through some exercises to see whether we would be able to make dimensional jumps.  First thing he did was say a short prayer asking Father's blessing in what we were about to do.  The first exercise was to see your hand with your eyes closed.  With my eyes shut, I could just barely make out my hand, which I was moving around in front of my face.  Occasionally, there would appear a white outline around my hand, which looked like a shadow moving around.

Then it came time to attempt a d-jump.  Cal asked who wanted to go first and nobody spoke up.  I said I'd try it first.  Cal told me to envision a point in orbit above where we were sitting and to insert myself into the picture. He would meet me there.  The first time around I guess I was trying too hard because I wasn't able to see accurately.  Cal tried with the others for a while.  While that was going on, I found myself unconsciously mindlinking with the others...I was able to see better when the others were being tested that when it was me.  But it helped me to get the idea of what was going on.

I tried the jump again, and this time Cal told me he saw me in front of him.  I wasn't able to "see" as you would with your eyes, but this time I was able to feel or sense his presence there.  He said he was going to reach out and touch one of my shoulders and I should tell him which one it was.  Since I wasn't seeing, I decided to trust my instincts and go with what I felt.  I got it right, he was touching my left shoulder.  OK, I had a 50-50 shot in the dark.  Doesn't prove anything, right?

Then we played "The Clock Game", where Cal would stand in front of me, then move to a different position.  The object was to be able to tell him what "clock position" he had moved to (12 o'clock being straight ahead, 6 o'clock straight behind).  I got two out of three right, and on the third was close enough in his estimation.  The others went through these exercises as well.  Some of our "vision" was better than others.

Cal announced that since we'd been able to be at least somewhat functional in 4-d, that he would take us up to 6-d to Father's Room for an audience with Father himself.  Prior to the trip, he had mentioned that he intended to do this and I didn't know what to think.  I guess I was scared or ashamed at the idea of standing before the Creator being the lowly sinner that I am.  But when the time came, I felt no fear at all.

Cal announced our presence to Father, then left.  He said that what happened from here on was between us as individuals and Father and that it was none of his (Cal's) business what went on while we were there.

Suddenly I felt all alone.  Nothing happened immediately, so I said "Father, I'm here.  I'd like to talk to you."  I knew the question I wanted to ask Him, so I did.  He answered me in two sentences or so and it was over.  I opened my eyes and was sitting back at the camp in the circle, right where we had been.  I think I was the first one back besides Cal.  I smoked a cigarette and waited for the others to open their eyes.

When they did, Cal gave us the option of sharing our experiences with each other.  I was up first, but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to say what I had learned.  The question I asked Father was particular to me and my reason for being alive at this point in time and the manner in which I go about His business now and in the future.  For these reasons I think it's best if I refrain from discussing publicly what I learned.

After, we talked some more and sat outside looking at the skies for a while, but nothing much happened and I went to bed for the night.

We headed back out and made good enough time that we were able to stop along the way and examine some carvings which had changed since Cal posted photos of them, and even some that had changed since our arrival two days earlier.  Dennis wanted to climb up the ridge and see some of the other carvings that were harder to get to.  I had no idea of the sheer size of the mountains around us until I looked up at the little white dot that was Dennis on top of the sphinx carving, which sits on top of the ridgeline.  You could barely see him up there!

We toughed it out the last couple of miles to where we were parked.  Dennis had actually gone off the hard way and he beat us all back to the cars.  We piled in and hit the road back to town.

Once we got back, we stopped and took a quick shower at the hotel, then headed over to Cal's for dinner...Jackie had invited us before we left for the lair.  Jackie made a feast of delicious food, which was even better after eating snacks and "rabbit food" for three days in the hills. Old One even attached to her for a bit and jumped in to the conversation every now and then.

Dennis said to me before we went to the lair: "I don't know if he is Caligastia or not, but if he's not, he should be."  I happen to think he is precisely who he says.  The man is connected with UFOs, as evidenced by what we saw in the skies two nights in a row.  The carvings were there, just like we'd seen them on the web site - some of them were different when we hiked out just days after seeing them on the way in.  Mother Nature just doesn't work that fast.  But the real kicker here was when he took us to Father.  That clinched it for me.

A few short expressions of gratitude are in order here.  Thanks to Cal and Jackie for the invitation and hospitality.  Thanks to the others who were along for the trip - I could not have possibly asked for a nicer group of folks to share the time with. And thanks to Father for getting us all there and back safely and allowing us to have contact with Him in a way few mortals ever will.

Steffani Murray

My version of the Adventure began with a metal fandor ride to Tulsa, Oklahoma . Then a van ride to Lake Eufala's Fountainhead Resort for the National Teaching Mission Conference with 4 interesting TeaM folks and lively discussion of everything from UFO's to Urantia movement politics.The first night introductions were followed by a T/R session. The only transmitting function I was called upon to do all weekend was a brief message from 'Mom' (Nebadonia) so my 'vacation' started early.

Then I met Dennis Appling my message board friend face to face for the first time. He is tall and dark but my initial impression was that he really does have all the intensity of an old testament prophet. We had planned to meet
at the conference and continue on afterward to Colorado to meet Cal. The only thing  I knew for sure about Dennis is that his dedication to Father is as wholehearted as mine and that he is under Immanuel's auspices and discipline.

As it happens when the plan is followed it also turned out that Dennis is a very kind man and proved to be great company on the road. We enjoy the same music and he introduced me to a previously unknown earthly delight known as a Sonic cherry limeade.

Our first mission was to entreat his adolescent son Elisha to join us on the journey. Unfortunately no amount of coaxing... not even the considerable promise of an adventure of a lifetime was sufficient to induce him to come with us which was a significant disappointment for Dennis. We traveled on quickly from Oklahoma City and we
found ourselves in Pueblo, Colorado by 7 p.m. Monday evening. All that was in my heartmind was to meet with Cal asap. He said we could come over when we called that night although we were 5 days early for the planned excursion to Angel's Keep.

Several months prior Cal had posted on UBRON that I would come to see him soon. I had no thoughts in that direction when I had one of my occasional 'vivid' dreams where I saw 10 people sitting around in his house enjoying
each other's company tremendously.This was when I knew that I would be going out there from an 'out of time' memo. It wasn't until 2 months later that 'the Adventure' invitation showed up. I also knew that Jackie would not be
going camping with us but the dream reason was that she was pregnant which was physically inaccurate...spiritually may be another matter. I also saw wood paneling which was gone in a household remodeling before I arrived
there. Also the kitchen and furniture were different and did not seem  right somehow until these items were shifted around while we were out camping. That Monday we were there assembled just like in the dream.

My first impression of Cal was much as I expected except I thought his glasses would have wire rims. He is compact, cute and a bit scruffy. Not at all like a traditional vision of terror. Jackie is a big earth mother type
with light brown hair.

As a single professional person and workaholic who's concept of food is a toasted bagel, a microwave veggie burger and frozen yogurt...there was no way the home cooked meals Jackie fixed were any less than heavenly fare.

How very down to earth ordinary this couple seemed until one takes notice of the low level cosmic intrigue that is perpetually transpiring around them. Jackie's folks were obviously really fine people too. Her teenage son Justin
was sweet and funny with a rather ecumenical nature expressed by playing songs like 'Running with the Devil' almost back to back with the Doobie's 'Jesus is Just Alright with Me'. I hope that I never outgrow an appreciation
for an adolescent's sense of humor.

On another night Cal's security team advisor came over for dinner with his wife and gorgeous little blue-eyed girl. Dave thought Cal should take a beautiful sword with dragons etched into it's design with him on the trip to
the Lair. Since no hungry gorgons ever materialized out of a 4D rift I later wondered whether Dave wasn't more concerned that Cal might need protection from 'the strangers in the midst'.

We each told Cal we were unthreatened by the prospect of his being armed and would be glad for him to bring the blade along. As Father had sent us all we felt safe and comfortable with one another right away trusting that the weekend meeting was ordained by divine order.

Dennis and I traveled on to Crestone, Colorado for 2 days to see my friend Skye. She is an EMT and the 911 EMS dispatcher for her area. This town is at the foot of the 'Sangre de Christo' Mountains in the largest alpine valley
in the USA. It is 80 by 100 miles across and perfectly flat as bulldozed by a glacier long ago.

I asked Skye for a rundown on the symptoms of altitude sickness so I'd recognize them 'just in case'. Fortunately no one was affected by more than minor physical problems during our later trek. Skye is another earth mother who has 5 children 3 of whom were born at the famous ashram in Oroville, India. Her daughter Sunni had just returned there to see her father and only her son Orion was at home. Her beautiful home was filled with cats, dogs, birds and plants. I felt loved and nurtured in her presence. We visited a Carmelite monastery and walked an artistic labryinth
one day and an ashram dedicated to 'Divine Mother' the next. Somehow this seemed symbolically appropriate preparation for the journey ahead.

Upon our return to  Canon City we had dinner out with Cal and Jackie at a very atmospheric favorite Mexican restaurant of theirs getting to know each other better.

On Friday the others began to arrive reporting in with minor harrowing situations such as Susan initially not connecting with Allie in the Denver airport. David Price arrived late Friday night and was rather miraculously provided with a cab and driver willing to bring him all the way to Canon City from Colorado Springs for a very reasonable fare.

We left Cal's house for the Lair on Saturday and the details of our outing have been covered in detail by the other intrepid adventurers. I concur that all these events did happen as reported in their accounts. It was indeed
more than a " walk in the park " as Rob has said. I did very much enjoy the opportunity although I had arrived rather ill equipped in the way of shoes and a proper backpack for the extent of the challenge.

This place is uniquely beautiful and apparently has deep personal meaning for Cal. There is a 'door' in the side of a mountain that spoke deeply to my consciousness. I don't know if it is ET or terrestrial like the Cheyenne
mountain complex but something important is down in there. This is on the same mountain face where the white angel appeared.

I decided to go with Susan back to the creek at the point I realized that door was not accessible from the ridge the others wanted to climb in the was the  only thing that called to me strongly. Susan saw the angel first from where we were sitting on a rock formation above the creek...She asked "Who's that?" " One of the Brotherhood no doubt"  I quipped..." he's white enough!" On the trek out and back to the camp the only 'critters' I saw besides
insects were a small snake and a lizard and a few birds. A tiny hummingbird visited us at the clearing flying right up into Susan's face which certainly seemed odd.

I really felt tired Monday after a night of no sleep and remember asking Father for strength to make the trip out.
Strangely enough the walk back was much shorter timewise than the one into the Lair. Mercifully clouds and a cool breeze came often enough to lighten the difficulty. I was glad having had about all the fun I could stand by then.

I had an interesting conversation with Cal on the ride back to his home about the experiences of the weekend. I learned much and many of the answers I had sought were apparent to me by then. I have not doubted this person is
who he says he is but there were a few perplexions around this fact that I hoped to understand. The mission was reasonably sucessful for me in this regard.

I really had a wonderful time during this adventure in Colorado. I met several amazing new friends. Our personal agendas meshed well as all involved understood they were there for a higher purpose than the immediately obvious. It will be interesting to watch the ramifications that emerge from this memorable occasion as the future unfolds before us.

The truest appreciation from my heart goes out to Jackie and my friend Skye who offered me the closest thing to motherly love in the form of hospitality and home cooked food. In my work I am called upon to care for others
constantly and rarely am I priviledged to be on the receiving end of the caregiving. This meant a lot to me ...this soulful gift of caring. Thank you.

To everyone who made the journey and to Cal who enabled it
I am grateful.

 The Steffani Dialogues - Anatomy of a Possession

Allie Phelps

Living in South Africa, the obstacles to make this trip seemed insurmountable. However , right from the beginning I felt as if  “it was just meant to be”. One by one, the obstacles fell – an unexpected large bonus, ridiculously inexpensive plane tickets (via London !!), Susan’s wonderful offer to host me and provide transport, as well as many other minor items including appropriate camera equipment. There was an unexpected bonus on my outward trip as my brother just happened to be passing through London on the same day! Despite minor “tense” moments at Gatwick and an unexpected aeroplane change in Houston, I arrived at last in Denver. Being unfamiliar with American airports, I missed Susan as I left the aeroplane, but an hour and a half later (thanks to a quarter and a dime for a phone call from a helpful gentleman) we finally met and I was welcomed with a warm hug! Susan was all ready and packed to go and finally made Canon City by 10:30pm Thursday evening. Late though it was, we called Cal and were invited around and given instructions. Upon arrival I was again warmly welcomed and finally got to meet Our Planetary Prince!  I must confess, it was probably sheer curiosity and a desire to meet Cal in person that was the primary reason for my journey.

There is already Cal’s excellent summary of the adventure into Angel’s Lair and the exploring in The Keep, so I will just add in my highlights.

I was permitted to hold Cal’s Excalibur class sword – wow! And I thought that the old legends were just fabrication!! Through out the weekend I felt safe and protected whenever I glimpsed The Destroyer by Cal.  I personally was very impressed with the various rock formations and snapped furiously. I had come well prepared with 6 rolls of spool as well as video camera!  Old One’s “little show” for us on Saturday night (and again Sunday night) left a deep impression on me. While Cal may not get excited over UFOs, I certainly did! Over the course of the weekend, I was able to raise the many questions that I had been accumulating and Cal addressed these in great depth. I learned so much from everyone during these discussions and truly appreciate the trust that comes along with much of this sharing.

I was very surprised to discover that I seem to have some mindlink abilities. Cal remarked that I had verbally spoken the exact thoughts on his mind on a couple of occasions. Pity that I do this without knowing!

The most memorable part of the entire experience was the Sunday evening. In playing the clock game, my 4D vision started off well but the concentration and effort to continually remain focused was tiring. My experience in 6D was very different to the others and I think it was too overwhelming for my senses. The following morning when I was more at rest I experienced a “message”. It was mostly in symbols that I could relate to and my initial interpretation during the experience was that it was a confirmation (another one!!) of Caligastia’s paradigm.

Back at Canon City, I’ll add my name to the list of appreciative hungry people who enjoyed Jackie’s superb cooking. On the final day Jackie/Old One answered my queries on ascendancy issues relating to my family. It was one question that I had really been afraid to ask and was truly grateful for the reply. I had very mixed emotions over the one non-ascendant – I could only guess at who this person is.

The only big disappointment in the whole trip was the fact that my video camera was not compatible with American formats and we were unable to view what I had recorded. However, Josie had access to equipment and offered to do the tape conversions. My photographs were much more successful with only one or two blotches – I suspect that these were Bob’s Blurs!!

Finally, to all the special friends that I made during this time – my warmest thanks for making this such an unforgettable journey. Altogether it exceeded my wildest expectations.

Thank you Father.

 Photos from Allie

From Left to Right:

Susan Sinclair - Allison Phelps - Dennis Appling - David Price - Steffani Murray - Rob and Josie Smith

This is a new discovery. In the middle of the photograph is a pyramidic mountain. This, in itself isn't unusual.
However, notice that at the topy of the pyramid is a castlelike structure and at the top of the castle, a seeming doorway into the mountain. The following photograph shows an enlargement.

Upon enlargement, the 'hole' in the mountain appears to be a face in left profile (the shadow). It also contains a number of 'screamers'. The area calls for your attention in a variety of degrees, whistlers, screamers, and in one instance, a yeller screaming with his hands cupped around his mouth. The alignment of these artifacts from the distant viewing point serveral miles away speak to the engineering, both temporal and mechanical, that went into its construction. Termporal in that they were made to be seen only from a point where the Adventure II would be standing at a particular moment in time. The castle is the third such construct in Angel's Keep.

The White Angel

This photo is slightly blurred and does not reflect the 'impression' one receives as real life viewer. It appears as a man with his arms in front of him, no wings. What is odd is that this appears to be a calcium deposit that has a human like shaping to it, yet - there are no calcium deposits in the immediate area. Higher up on the mountain and 'out' of the keep, there are several such deposits. However, other than this one, I've not seen another. Additionally, the out of the Keep deposits aren't 'shaped'.

A new arrival is on the Gabriel Sculpture. At least, in the six years I've been in this area, it has never been seen before and I am going to spend some time going through old photos doing comparisons. Note the similarity to the boy on the sphinx.

What I can't show you is that behind the head of the sphinx, the boy has appeared. However, you only get to see it once and it is always in shadow. In the sphinx photo, his mouth is open. In the Gabriel photo, it is a closed grin.
The Gabriel rendition is the one that has appeared on the back of the sphinx.

              Father Rock in 1999

Father Rock in 7-2000

Compare the 2000 picture to the 1999 picture focusing on the area of the left box. This new image has a resemblance to the panther which forms the right eye on the sphinx facial composite. On our way into The Lair, none of us 'saw' this, although it did come out in the photographs. On the way out of The Lair, it caught my eye and I did a reality check with the other members of the group - none had seen it. It is frequently true that certain things can not be seen with the naked eye but do show up in photographs. Occasionally, however, the opposite is true where things you can see - just won't photograph well enough to be discernable.

The face in the right box, does not appear in pre-1999 photographs and went unnoticed until the Adventure II.
Again, none saw it with the naked eye but it does show up in the 1999 photograph. Pay close attention to the face in right profile. It is actually two faces using the same eye. Beneath the chin of the carving, in left profile, is the face of a sleeping dog. ANYTHING on the Father Rock is of significance.

My many thanks to Allie for her camera work.

Susan Sinclair

Most have posted as to the sites and viewing so I'll just add a few notes and then ditto what my fellow travelers have shared ..

Not really sure why I came on this trip. It seemed something I should  do.  This was a physical challenge in and of it's self for me ..I believe it was nothing short of "a miracle" that I survived.. I saw  lots of rocks and ants, To the ants I say good riddance and to the  rocks I say WOW!  Add Cals narrative .. It was incredible !!

The D-jumps .. this is still going thru much review.. My beginning  experience was like Robs. Only I declined to go because I didn't feel that I had the ability that the others were experiencing. So I sat on the side and listened and practiced with each one as they went thru the exercises. Then I thought, well, not this time .. Only Father seemed to have other ideas .. these experiences  will remain mine and the few that I have shared with.

I  add this in closing .. Cal you have the patience and grace of a most loving parent with his children..


Photos From Allie

These photos are just arrived (8/3/2000) from South Africa. As you will see, Allison did a great job in photographing and cateloging her endeavors and we are fortunate in her sharing.

Bob's Face

If you look under ufo rock, there is a face looking to the right of the photo. It has deep set eyes, nose, mustache and full beard. Add to this that ufo rocks juts out over the face a little, it gives the affect that the face is wearing a cap. The face is mine and I nearly always wear a baseball cap of one sort or another to keep the sun out of my eyes. This face first became noticeable in July, 1999. Al and Greg, however, were unable to discern it and, until now, we've been unable to get a decent picture of it.

Hook Nose

Hook nose is one of the very few Native American Faces in Angel's Lair.

Another Griffin

The picture of the master griffin might cause some to think it is the only such structure. In fact, there are many griffins. It's prescence indicates the existance of a lock and a key. Knowing where they are and how to trip the switches is another matter. Within the hump back feature of this versions wings are other subset carvings of faces.
Where's Waldo?

Griffin Head

Lower Right Corner. You'll notice a head in profile looking up at the sky. This is, in fact, the birds head of the griffin but seen from an angle where you can see that it is also the face of a man. The meaning here is that the griffin is a person rather than just a protective 'device'.

Front Face of The Griffin

From a different angle, the griffin's head takes on a different appearance.

The Tablets

These tablets give the appearance or imagery of those the ten commandments were written on. This is the third such set of tablet found todate.

Face UP

Many of the faces gaze towards the heavens.

Now, Where Did I Park That Ufo?

The Pointer

Susan and Steffani split off from the main group but left a marker as to the direction they where heading in.

Allie's Maps

Upon returning to South Africa, Allie busied herself making a electronic map of Angel's Lair and Angel's Keep.
You can click on the dots to get an idea of the relative positioning of the various artifacts and see a photograph.

 Allie's Maps