The Army of Earth

I have known for a long time and kept my own counsel, with regards to some of Old One's activities. Many believe that we have been aloof and unseen. This is not true. Old One has worked from his dimensional environs to insure that key timeline moments occurred. Assisting me to get into position was no small task - I'm stubborn. Yet, there have been many other interactions that had nothing to do with me.

During this current generation, Old One has been raising an army from within the ranks of mankind. All approached were asked if they would be willing. All have been well judged as ascendant. All have been trained in the use of our technologies and protocols. Being born of the Earth, they have an intimate knowledge of the how and why things work the way they do here and they play an important and strategic role in the War in Heaven.

A small number have been recruited as warriors. Most have been trained for support positions. Our resources will be stretched very thin during the war. So much so that maintaining a full garrison just for the protection of Earth is not feasible. Thus, these people will step into positions and functions currently held by our Nordic sons and daughters. In this fashion, we insure the planet remains secure under the supervision of some of our angels and a contingent of experienced Nordics.

The training of these people has been done OBE, for the most part. Their souls would be called to attendance and then sit though training sessions, frequently in classrooms, wherein they received the education and experience they would need for their jobs. On some occasions, hands on training would be required and, pursuant to their approvals, they'd be picked up for their lessons of that night and returned to their homes before morning.

Some remember these moments while others have only vague recollection. No effort was made to remove memory. At the time of rapture, there will be a moment generally viewed as 'fusion'. At this time the temporal adjuster detaches from the individual and he/she is free to speak with them at length - face to face. At the same time, the soul is restated with the brain to allow total recall of all past lives and all memory that was previously considered inaccessible. This enables the conversations with the TA.

A side benefit resulting from Old One's efforts and engineering is that the memory and the training provided previously will rise to the surface and be fully functional.

I've been aware of Old One's activities for more than five years at this writing. I've remained silent on these issues as I saw no pressing need to supply the enemy with useful information regarding our numbers or resources. However, this is now the appropriate time for disclosure.