A Leap of Faith

As some of you may recall, I have known Cal since 1997 (See #180 A Ten Year Retrospective), which now is on it's way to being 15 years. The following year after the post of that story on the website, Cal had offered me the opportunity to come out to see him. He had made the offer once before, but finances and timing were not lined up for it to happen. This time however, I was quite excited as I had both the time off and the money available to make a short vacation out to finally meet Cal and see the Lair.

Wednesday, in October of 2010, was my first day arriving in Colorado as Cal was kind enough to pick me up at the airport terminal. Upon meeting him, it was nice to finally meet the guy after having known him so long in person and after a friendly handshake it felt like I was in company with an old friend the entire time. I must add that I am very thankful for his accommodations, as he was more than gracious to give me lodging during my visit. After getting settled, and meeting his sweet dog Lilly, we ended up eating out at a local restaurant, and in one of the topics we discussed Cal explained a bit of how he manages energy as we were waiting. After explaining energy flow between hands, he gave a quick demonstration with me holding my hands a few inches over his and I can definitely say I felt the “charge” they had. I was surprised that his energy had a good kick to it, and I confirmed that I could feel it as well. I've been working with energy for years off and on, and this was one area of Cal that I can confirm he has experience with based upon the demonstration he gave.

After dinner, I ended up driving Cal back in his beastie of a truck as I was drafted to be the designated driver for the evening. He mentioned that he hardly gets the opportunity to drink and eat out. Quite frankly, with him buying me dinner, I was more than okay with the idea and I readily admit that truck drives like a tank!

Thursday, Cal took me out to see Thor's Gate which has the large eagle, the lion, and the door that has the lion's face on it (Art's Door). I took a few pictures, and immediately noticed how massive these various sculptures were. Also another thing that isn't as apparent in the pictures was how you looked at the Ancient of Days rocks you saw certain expressions or parts more prominent than others.

Upon closer examination of Art's Door I noticed how it seemed out of place from the rocks that are near it, had an archway, resembled a door shape and it is also at ground level. I'm not a geologist of course, but it looked like a chunk was taken or perhaps broken out giving a rather flat appearance that made up the door. Of course that chunk that was missing was nowhere to be seen, and perhaps washed away. After getting a better look at Art's Door, Cal pointed me to where to feel on the door for hand pads. I placed my hands as he showed me and felt something that I can best describe as a brief connection or like a “Hello” from doing so. I made note of it, and after finishing up a couple more photos at the few rock sculptures that were present we headed on out.

After visiting Thor's Gate, Cal took me out to nearby town to grab some lunch and for a possible chance to meet up with a Midwayer contact he had met there before. As we were heading out to the town I commented to Cal that I felt so alert and energized. Cal commented that my energy frequency had shifted, and from what I can tell his explanation lined up and I felt rather good on the way out..

After arriving at the restaurant, we did not find the contact but I have to say it felt a bit odd for almost everyone in the small restaurant to turn towards us after we both walked in the door. The experience reminded me of a western movie, when the guy enters the bar and everyone checks out who breezed through in. Lunch was otherwise good and uneventful before we made our way back to Cal's place.

Friday, was the big day of my trip, as we went out to see the Lair. Cal took me along in the “Beastie” (The old truck), and I can see why he did so as the trip in there wouldn't be favorable to a non 4WD vehicle. The bumps were frequent on a single lane road, which had plenty of rocks, dips, winded about, and it was well off the beaten path. After driving along for awhile I began to wonder what would happen if another vehicle came along going the opposite way, and no sooner had I finished that thought we came across a larger truck that was towing a trailer behind it coming towards us. With some very close skillful maneuvering, both the other driver and Cal successfully managed to pass one another without an incident. Thankfully, no other vehicle surprises on the way into the Lair. However, the road we were on got more rocky and showing it's age at spots as I could see the road eroding in places going straight down into the valley below. I will add that at certain points along the way if I were to have exited the truck I would have fallen several stories to the forest floor.

After reaching our destination, we got out of the truck and Cal offered me a hiking and I would soon discover how useful it could be. As we ventured onward, I saw the creek that I had read about as we approached. I took many pictures as Cal gave me the nickel tour and some of the rocks were more easy to spot than others.  Some were crude carvings, and some very distinct. One in particular that caught my attention was the T-Rex, When I looked through it with my camera's zoom I could see the large head of a creature staring right back at me. I have to say that these are quite remarkable to look at, and a majority of these would be very difficult to get to . I will also note that Father's Rock is NOT at ground level, it's about a story up, and at an angle incline. Some of these pictures I recall seeing on the website may look like they are easy to get to, but I assure you that is not the case with all of them and the they are quite large.

As we ventured onward, I had asked Cal about these large groups of stones that we had to climb over as they caught my eye. I indicated that they resembled a shape of a very LARGE foot, where pretty much one toe was the size of a person. Cal replied that it was a foot pad and he activated it before we continued on our way.

The journey inward was more difficult as it turned out that some flash flooding had occurred in the creek causing a lot of trees and debris to be washed down where we were trying to cross. The hiking stick I mentioned earlier became very helpful in figuring out where to step as there were a large amount of long, thin, tree limbs crisscrossing over areas we crossed with a ravine below us.

Around this time I began reflecting upon the fact that I was out in the middle of nowhere, and I had a vague idea of where I was and how to get back. I thought to myself that I must be crazy to be out here to look at a bunch of rocks and the growing possibility of us getting hurt proved higher than I anticipated with help being some distance away. Nevertheless, I was already there, and it made no sense to turn back now after having come all this way, so I continued on with Cal leading the way inward, although a bit more cautiously using my hiking stick to guide my uncertain steps.

After seeing the Sphinx and Pretty Angel near the end of the tour, Cal had asked me to paint an area with energy after he did so. I had felt an energy hum in the background ever since I had entered the Lair.  I would also note that it was very quiet in the are. I don't recall spotting birds or creatures anywhere in it and the only sound I remember was the creek trickling along the rocky ravine below and of course the sounds we were making as we moved along. Although, Cal did point out some large non-fresh bear droppings along our way, so it appears creatures do wander on through at times. There were no bear sightings this time around, nor was I eager to say, “Hello,” to one.

As we were heading on our way back, something else caught my eye and I pointed out in front of us was a lion's head. Cal agreed and I took a picture of it. It was not visible from the other direction  Cal had even remarked earlier that they had gone over that stone foot pad so many times before and never saw it, nor this lion. I was still surprised that I made these finds considering how many pairs of eyes had been in and out of the lair since Cal first discovered it.

As we left the lair I had a lot to ponder over on in terms of what we had seen in the lair. Cal drove back out, and I was much more relaxed coming out than I was coming in. After we hit the main road for a bit, Cal suddenly called my attention to something on the side of the road. He said he saw another rock carving, a whistler in fact, right there on the side of the road! I immediately grabbed my camera and took a short video of it on the way after he circled back for another pass. Then on the way back I took some very clear still shots and sure enough there was a whistler with wings right there along the side of the road! So it seems both Cal and I found some new finds this time around, and again Cal mentioned he had passed by that point so many times before and never saw it until that day.

Later that day, Cal and I met up with Sue and her husband for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We discussed the trip and later we went back to Cal's place so we could show the pictures I took on the TV, as I had one of those video out options on the camera. Sue also didn't recall seeing any of the new finds. I was even able to confirm in some older pictures that Cal's new find along the road was sitting there for some time before our trip, just unseen.

Also during my stay, I had a serious talk with Cal about why I was there in the first place. In the discussion, Father had suggested that I needed to let go of my resentment of those that were close to me by apologizing. I didn't quite understand this at the time, but I did apologize as I was suggested to do. It was only after I did so that I started to understand why he told me to do so. The apology had given one of them a lot of relief and peace, and my relationship with them improved greatly after I did so.

Saturday was rather busy with Cal working on a construction project and doing some cleaning up. Not wanting to be a lazy third wheel, I offered some assistance to pitch in the effort. As I did various tasks and talked with Cal, I noticed that on more than one occasion when I was about to ask something, Cal would answer it before I asked.

Sunday I went back home, with a lot of things to consider and look back upon. One thing that I can say is that my opinion of Cal has not changed, and he has remained patient, understanding, giving, friendly, a joker at times, and good company. He was really going out of his way and didn't ask me for any money during my stay and even paid for the meals, which I do appreciate. Furthermore, he was even kind enough to make dinner on one night too, which I thought turned out rather well.

I admit part of the reason I didn't want to write this story earlier was that I didn't have the big sightings that others may have had on their adventures. Ideally that would have given me the 'hole in one' I was hoping to find on the trip. In retrospect, perhaps I should focus on what I can attest to, and that would be Cal's character.

I can tell you that Cal has been very consistent in the many years I have known him, and I greatly appreciate his hospitality as well as the opportunity he gave me to see the Lair. Cal also isn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, and the rocks themselves are not something you would just stumble on out on a leisurely stroll. The Lair is well off a beaten path and it is clear he needed some kind of serious intuition or outside inspiration to find these rock carvings in the first place, and add the fact that some of these sculptures are very clear and these rocks are HUGE. Realistically, it would have been a large and costly undertaking to make all of these carvings and way more work than an average person would be capable of. I don't see Cal being the type to be out there futzing with a chisel to make a show out of it. Even the idea of a show doesn't hold water in that he doesn't take many to even see them and he posts the pictures for free!

I can say with absolute certainty he isn't just seeing things in these rocks, because I saw them too with my own eyes and took my own pictures! Furthermore, he was a great host during my stay and I can't think of any reason he would make such a tale aside from making a name for himself. But honestly, I don't see Cal being any more special or different than many other people I’ve come across, and actually he was a lot nicer than other people I have met. He doesn't live a flashy lifestyle and even lives in a nice, modest home. If you were to meet Cal on the street, you likely wouldn't think much of him and from my impressions of the man, he's all right with that.

Whether  Cal really is Caligastia or not, I'm glad to have met the man and he has helped me in many ways over the years I have known him He's a good man, and I am honored to be able to call him a friend.

Thank you Cal for putting up with me for all those years.

Thank you Father for all that you have given me, and I look forward to walk along the path you put before me.

My best wishes to all of you and thank you for reading my story.

a.k.a. MagicPaw