The Disposition of Earth's Ascendant Souls

Typically, the ascendant soul, exiting from the worlds of time and space, is destined to arrive upon a Morontia World. This is the next step up in the evolutionary ladder. These are training worlds wherein the newly arrived soul is taught the Melchizedek principles which form the founding concepts of the universe. At the same time, the individual receives a greater usage of their brains (25%). This enables him/her to access the abilities of their own soul. The training received empowers one the employ these abilities.

The word 'psychic' is a poor descriptor for what is actually an ability to use the soul to reach into the non linear timeless states and to function within that reality for a purpose. The ascendant soul will discover that these abilities are as normal as picking up a telephone and that everyone possesses them to the degree their own evolutionary moment permits.

The scenario just stated is what happens to a normal universal world. It is not what is going to happen with Earth's ascendants.

Mankind has been raised on non universal principles. You've been weaned on the ideas of competition, personal achievement and personal incentive. These are concepts the universe considers to be evil. That you have traveled further, faster and in greater numbers than at any time in the history of the universe will not factor into the final determinations of how the universe would treat you. They fear you. You represent a change in the structure of things they are not ready, willing or able to address. Consequently, they would accept you into their numbers and then isolate you treating you as lepers in their midst. This, I will not allow.

The twenty eight planetary princes who have withdrawn from the rebellion and submitted themselves to Father's Will (not universal will) will, per arrangement, be taking their ascendant populations to the new universe (7). So too will I take you to this haven. You will never wear the shackles of universal servitude.

The new universe will come under the rule of Immanuel of Salvington. This is as it should be. Yet, this new realm will not have Melchezideks or their teachings to establish the limits of thought and reality. Instead, it will be a Lanonandek universe. Also missing will be the presence of Archangels, or the caste system wherein you are imprisoned within creation by virtue of the circumstances of your birth. The beneficial application of the lessons of Earth will be the overriding impetus for the structures that are to be created. Eventually, these principles will spread to all of the existent universes. Your ascendancy causes and insures the awakening of not only this universe, but the others that came before it. You will ultimately be well honored for the achievements of your mortality and this which is to come. Together we will found a new universe and create things not before imagined.