The Barbarians Are At the Gate And They Are Us

There is no need to expound on the recent events in Littleton, Colorado. The ghouls of horror have published, and will continue to exploit, the events of this town for as long as there is money to be made in the 'news'. It should come as no surprise that, consistent with liberal philosophy, they will focus the attention away from that which is most important towards that which services the rhetoric of the left. This is my offering to the truth.

For the last fifty years, the liberal left has systematically, incrementally, and with deliberation sought to destroy the family unit. At first, they gave lip service to compassion and instituted programs to aggrandize those who don't produce or contribute to the tax base at the expense of those who did. Initially they began with racial minorities and then expanded the program outwards to include women and gays. Then they set various groups fighting against each other while directing tax money pay offs to their favored groups.

The most onerous of these moves arrived when women were taught that they are born victims and that single parenthood was preferable to being in a committed relationship with that most evil of creatures 'a man'. Typical to form, the liberal government supplied the financial inducements to create another class of dependent.

With each new dependent minority group created, a new voter block of Democrats was also formed. In California, when liberals are falling short of votes, they turn to illegal immigrants as the new voting block. Many Mexican nationals vote in American elections and they know full well they won't be caught because the liberal masters will not make the voting records, birth and death records available for public inspection.

All the time these social programs have grown, so too has the rate of taxation on the productive peoples of the country. Today, more than 50% of your income goes to a combined Federal, State and Local consortium of the various levels of government. Men and women have been forced to both work just to stay even against an ever rising tax burden. The children, go into day care.

It used to be that Dad would go to work and Mom would tend to the home and the children. This is no longer possible for many and who suffers for it, the kids. The time parents are 'permitted' to spend with their children has been forcibly reduced by the need to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. These factors combine to the creation of generations of children who have not had the parental influences that 'time' allows. Kids are impressionable and without the guiding forces of parents, they receive their impressions from those sources the liberal left deem appropriate; violent movies and television shows, interactive video games that allow them to participate in the carnage they've seen and then, finally, to be a real time, real life perpetrator of the violence.

The 'kid in trouble' has had the restraining forces of parents reduced and has been deliberately deprived of the moral restraints most commonly acquired with an association with any of the major religions. With regards to Littleton, Clinton calls for prayer. Yet, if one performs that prayer in a school he has committed a criminal act. Morality provides restraints on behaviors, it provides direction and help in times of trouble. Religion in general and any form of Christianity, is inherently inimical to the left. The legal attack dogs of the left, the ACLU, have dedicated many years and resources to the attack of anything that smacks of Christian Morality.

The left and their media conspirators now wring their hands asking "What Happened". Clinton proposes an expansion of the left's long standing plan to take guns away from the American public in spite of FBI statistics that 99.2 % of guns will never be used in a crime. It is easy for the press to ignore the fact that none of the new proposals would have stopped the murders in Colorado.

The answer to what happened is simple and comprehensible. Despair combined with anger over perceived injustices joined to ignite into sociopathic homicide. These kids had no place to turn to and there is no doubt in my mind they saw the hypocrisies of the left for what they were. Despair is a dark place few survive.

Civilizations are created from and maintained by two people, a mother and a father. As mothers and fathers increase in numbers, they became tribes. Those tribes formed into cities. A sufficient number of cities would later combine to become countries and, sometimes, empires. Denigrate and weaken the family as has been done and the United States, and you've destroyed your civilization.
These incidents of murderous children are not 'cries for help'. They've already decided that there is no help, no salvation and no hope - only despair.

Hope is the grease that lubricates the wheels of life. Remove it and the results are now obvious.

We have allowed our government, our 'elected' leaders to do these horrible things to us and our families in the name of 'compassion'. Unabated the United States has less than ten years of life
before civil war breaks out. We stand on the edge of a cliff with one foot hanging over. It will take only the smallest of breezes to ignite a wild fire beyond the average persons comprehension.

The barbarians are at the gate and they are us.

The ghouls of horror feed again upon the flesh of its victims.

By now most will have heard of the killings at the Jewish Community Center in
Granada Hills , California - yesterday. One five year old wasn't even out of surgery before Clinton was on national t.v.  exploiting the opportunity for his own benefits. It is no small irony that when these poor events occur, this godless president calls upon others to pray while at the same time supporting the generalized attack on Christianity from the ruling left.

Since 1995, we' ve been advancing through the first stages of End Times Disease. Those who have been poorly judged know they have nothing left to lose and seek to indulge those miscreant beahaviors they've been afraid to in the past. The situation will get worse.

What is notable about this incident is that it occured not two hundred yards from the current whereabouts of the The Son.

The perpetrator of this evil is a man who traveled between states. What then made him pick a location so close to the antithesis of the evil he was to perpetrate? I suspect he was drawn to the area and chose it because, on some subliminal level,  he realized it was as close as he could get to the source to deliver his rage against God.

Naturally, those responsible for creating the circumstances and conditions that contributed to the de-evolution of this failed personality, will continue to rule poorly and go uncharged for their crimes against the people.