Ben Ladin and Satan

Ben Ladin is one who made the Devil's Deal with Satan. The religious caste of Saudi Arabia wields enormous power over the Royal Family of that government. It is by Saudi efforts that the current effort to return the Spanish Inquisition (with an Islamic hat) has proliferated and exploded into the scenes we now deal with. Ben Ladin left Afghanistan before U.S. troops arrived.
He flew on a Saudi Royal Family jet right into the safety and arms of his royal relations. The real enemy is Saudi Arabia.

Contrary to common Christian fears, Satan has not been hiding under our beds waiting to pounce on any unwary soul. Instead, he carefully cherry picked those he wanted and it was 'those' he went after. Sometimes he was successful and other times he wasn't depending upon the integrity of the individual. In his 'deals' he landed only ten thousand souls. I was surprised the number was so few.

How do I know this?

In February 2000, Earth forces captured Satan and three planetary princes from the rebellion. Prior to going into a stasis tube, he and I talked for a couple of hours. This was one of the subjects covered.