Universal Blasphemy

Two Hundred Thousand years ago, Lucifer stood forth on the universal capitol, Jerusem, and gave voice against the evils and corruptions of the universal government and he didn't make any friends in those quarters. Lucifer, as an elevated personage was an insider and his efforts were viewed as whistle blowing. Most of the diatribes you hear about him on Earth spawned from universal sourcing.

The Urantia Book, the universal propaganda tool on Earth, mentions a portion of his presentations stating that he said that
there was no Father. That the idea of Father was a contrivance of the Sons used solely to keep universal populations in servitude to a non existent God. It is noteworthy that the Urantia Book attempts to give the impression that these are Lucifer's thoughts and hold him out in a poor light. It is also a point of note that while the UB states that the universe keeps transcripts on most everything that the actual verbatim text of his presentation is not presented - only their paraphrased spin of it.

I have a first hand, personal, knowledge of this individual. Not only does he stand in Father's service, he holds no such opinion of Father. I concluded from the UB's presentation of the subject matter that Lucifer's words were, in fact, sourced from others and his rendition of them served purpose. Two weeks ago, I learned this to be correct as the same words were spoken to me.

Samael, the Ancient of Days, has been incarcerated upon the Earth for the last six months. The Satanic Rebellion has been waging war against the universe for the last year. The AOD arrived on Earth in his red ufo with a two ship escort. He also traveled in the company of his wife Serrena (pronounced Czarina).

Serrena approached me wanting to play 'let's make a deal'. Her opening ploy was to ask for my intervention in securing the release of her husband. My reply was simple and short. 'Given the poor behaviors he's indulged here, what incentive do I have to want to do anything for him?". Additionally, as I am not the one responsible for his incarceration, I am not the person you should be talking to in the first place. She dropped the subject and moved on to what she really wanted.

With her husband out of action (more or less), she is attempting to step into his shoes and do his job. Her concerns were for the Rebellion and she naturally felt that without him 'in play' that the universe's chances were hindered. She does not know that the Rebellion is going to win their war and the sole reason for it is Samael's extreme predictability. A fact the Rebellion has not missed. It also became clear to me that she does not have a knowledge of the Biblical writings of the Revelation Coding and is deprived of an accurate knowledge of these timeline subjects. Even if she did, the information would be useless as she can't get it off world.

She solicited me to send a force against Satan's Rebellion with the assurance there would be rewards and aggrandizements if I did. Little does she know this was the plan all along. I acknowledged that I would be willing to do so with two provisos.
First, I would go forth in Father's Name - not Samael's. Secondly, that henceforth, me and mine would have complete autonomy from from universal rule.

She repeated to me the universal blasphemy that Father doesn't exist. I replied, "If Father is, in fact, a fiction and I go forth in His name - then the delusion is mine and the practical effect will still be the same - I can destroy the rebellion in less than forty days. She made no comment to the second item on my agenda, however, I've assumed that she currently considers both to be unacceptable. This will change.

I received word that a plan was afoot to execute a jail break to free Samael.  For the most part, universal concerns can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Let's face it - they don't have the experience. Regardless, I made contact with the parties holding Samael and advised them of the scheme. He's still in custody.

It should be noted that pursuant to universal protocols it is still Satan's Rebellion even though he himself is incarcerated upon the Earth with three of his planetary princes. The same is true for Samael and the universe.

In the meanwhile, I wait and continue my endeavors here. The Revelation Coding Book will be available in print by the end of January 2003. The Advens are progressing in their activities as well. This timeline is like the tumblers of a lock - all falling into place.

Caligastia 12/2002
Update 6/08/2003

On this date, I had a meeting with Serrena and I met and came to the following agreement.

1. I will field a force against the Rebellion.
2. I will do so at my own discretion (ie: Father's)
3. Henceforth all Lanonandek's everywhere and those that spawn from them will have autonomy from universal rule.
4. This agreement was to be transmitted to The Old One in a recordable form so there would be no possibility of
contestation at a later date.