We Will Bury You

In 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Kruchev predicted that Russian Communism would bury the United States and that our destruction would come from within. History may now record that the man knew what he was talking about and the deliberate conspiracy between Communist and American communists dedicated to that point.

At the end of World War II, Stalin held a leery eye towards the United States, and its possession of the atomic bomb.

In 1951 Ethel and Julius Rosenberg went on trial for selling American atomic secrets to the Russians, Both were executed.
The Rosenbergs were defended by  Emanuel "Manny" Bloch. who had recently defended the leader of the Communist party of Pittsburgh and the Trenton Six.

The nation's most formidable legal lobby, the ACLU, was founded in 1920 by the avowedly socialist Roger Baldwin, following his imprisonment for draft evasion, along with an assortment of Communist Party officials, radicals and anarchists. Baldwin, who directed the ACLU from 1920 to 1950, wrote for his college-reunion yearbook in 1935: "I have continued directing the unpopular fight for the rights of agitation, as director of the American Civil Liberties Union.... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal." This sort of history has tended to annoy conservatives and, though a few have been able to overlook it to join, most have avoided membership in the ACLU Nonetheless, it now boasts a 50-state network including 300 local chapters.

In the early 1950's Senator Joseph McCarthy went on his witch hunt for communists. His self aggrandizing and maniacal methods were centered not on locating a communist conspiracy as much as it was to elevate his own status. He focused, in large part, upon the entertainment industry. McCarthy's miscreance took communism off the table thereafter.

For Communism to exist there are a number of foundational requirements and assumptions that must first exist.

1. God is a four letter word. There can be no public recognition of a deity greater than the state. Communism can not coexist with religion in any form and must deny the populations the opportunity to practice religion and to penalize them should they be identified as one of those religious nuts.

2. Class warfare. Communism plays the have's against the have nots. There will always be more have nots than there will be haves. Communist propaganda seeks to remove from those of lesser status any hope that they could, through diligent effort, become people of greater stature. Successful people are targeted for userous taxation and eventually the expropriation of all wealth and property.

3. Wealth redistribution. In the early stages of a Communist take over, resources seized from the productive members of society are incrementally handed to those aspects of the population who are marginally  productive (or not at all). Groups targeted for these aggrandizement's must always have the benefit of numbers.

4. Destruction of the family unit. As the State is now God, children must be indoctrinated into the belief that the state is also mother and father. Schools are not centers of learning but vehicles for indoctrinating the child into 'politically correct' philosophies sponsored by the state. Education is only incidental to that primary purpose.

5. Destruction of morality. As religion is the center point for all morality and religion is now banned from public discourse, people (and children in particular) are taught and encouraged to behave in a manner that is immoral. They are assured that their indiscretions will not incur consequence. Again, these things are encouraged by the state and resources are allocated (via taxation)  to support and pay for the lack of personal integrity..

6. Correct speak. The terms of political correctness demands that words be redefined to make bad look good and good appear as evil.

7. Imposition of penalties. Above and beyond the confiscation of wealth, those found in disobedience to the will of the state will be arrested and confined in gulags or concentration camps. Torture and murder are common place state inducements to maintain and to enforce the will of the state.

8. Control of all news. There can be no free discourse without risk of penalty. News media must be controlled at all times lest anything resembling the truth be loosed.

9. Disarmament of the population. Any person with a gun is a risk to the state. Hitler defined the methodology for disarming a nation. First, people with guns must be registered. Once done, specific types of weapons are then ruled illegal and the list of registrants is used to target those possessing weapons. Next, those guns that weren't on the banned list are now required to be turned into police stations with the assurance that when the individual wants to retrieve it - it can be checked out. Next, the police operative who is to provide the weapon to the individual - can never be found.

10. In the early days of a communist government, great care is made to convince the people that those in power are possessed of an enormous amount of empathy for their fellows and have their well being at heart. As time progresses, this facade is abandoned and rule is implemented only by force or threat of poor consequence.

At this point, the nation is stripped of God, morality, family, wealth, future and the ability to defend themselves against the government.

In order to turn the United States into a Communist country, all of the aforementioned elements must be brought to, and codified, in law. This requires enormous complicity and cooperation between the motivating communists and elected officials.
Of course, correct speak must be used so that we don't employ words like conspiracy - instead we call it 'politics'.

Elections must become a farce wherein no matter who is elected - nothing changes. Taxes continue going up, wealth continues to be expropriated followed by an endless stream of rationalizations and 'reasons' with a never ending list of emergencies.

Currently, in the United States, the middle class is paying more than fifty percent of their income in taxes at the various levels of government and, of course, its never enough. Smokers have been targeted for selective financial punishment (billions of dollars). Microsoft was tapped to the tune of one billion dollars. Walmart seems to be the next target, as the nation's most successful retailer. Concurrently, paid for concerns like Social Security continue to refine downwards the amount of money they pay out to retirees who were forced, by law, to 'contribute' to a system that has no intention of returning their money in their twilight years.

The Communistic motivations of the ACLU are no longer hidden, nor was there ever much of an effort at concealment.

Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln both warned that the inherent weakness in our system of government was with the courts and that if Congress did not step up to do their job - the United States would be ruled by a judicial oligarchy.
The ACLU has exploited this weakness to promoted its Communist agenda and has incrementally and systematically
succeeded in establishing the foundations for a communist takeover in the United States.

There is a secondary soft spot and one that communism seeks to exploit. Those who are the least responsible will breed at a rate higher than those who are centered in integrity and morality. With the government actively promoting immorality, the communist is assured of new generations of bodies that have been born and bred into the corrupted ideology.

Of course, they don't have our guns (yet). They do have are money. Our children are forced, by law, to attend propaganda mills  billed as schools. It can not be a surprise that these same children have started killing their teachers. God is a dirty word.
People with religious convictions must be purged from the state. Morality is a variable that changes from moment to moment.

There is one final historical note of some importance. All empires that have preceded the United States lost control of their borders and eventually fell into the trash heap of forgotten memories. The United States has no control of any border, north or south and no elected administration wishes to secure our country (beyond new speak lip service).

No administration, Democrat or Republican, cares to admit that Mexico has threatened war against the U.S. if, in fact, the borders are closed. With an estimated 12 millions illegals in the country now, the President of Mexico has only to say the word and a number of those numbers would take up arms against the U.S.  In the event Mexico failed to follow through with their threats and the borders were actually sealed, there would be a revolution in Mexico within 90 days and the existing government would fall. The risk, for the United States, is that we'd have a socialist or communist regime on our border.

There is one overriding cause of all of these things. It is not new and has been with us for a long time - corruption of spirit.
As long as there are people willing to be corrupted - our governments will also corrupt regardless of what form of oppression they use against us.