Casineria and The Dark Man

The story and the relationship between these two individuals is complicated. If the reader has not acquainted himself with the various concepts of time listed in the pages of this web site, he may have difficulty.

Time : 500 B.C.
Place : The Creek

At the time of the declaration of secession, I had 100 angels sworn to my service. This number excludes Daligastia and Old One. Forty of that number chose to return to the universe and to disassociate themselves from the proposition.

Daligastia was born to the Earth. The only angel to be created here. I did not know how I was possessed of the ability to call a soul into creation, I only knew at the time that I could. Under normal circumstances, this ability is reserved only to a Son. Regardless, I caused the creation of Daligastia. He grew as a child amongst us and reached his adulthood at which time, I placed this child in charge and over my other angels. My thought in doing this was to have an associate who had never known the universe and was beyond the remorse of separation that most of us felt. Also, he was absolutely loyal.

Of mine sixty angels, fifty nine took no offensive at having a child placed into a superior position over them. They opened their hearts and took Dal close to them and became his extended family. There was one exception, Casineria.

Cas was of a high order of status within our ranks. He was only a little lower than myself. He took great exception that he would be passed over for the position I awarded to Dal. What he took to be a slight against him grew and festered into a hateful proposition which would show itself many years after the fact.

At the time of the secession, Cas secretly negotiated with the universe. He agreed to serve as a double agent feeding them information. In actuality, he was playing both sides to his own benefit.
What he did not realize then was the fact that I was on to him. In 500 B.C. I allowed Casineria access to the creek under the pretext of working with me preparing the place for its ultimate tasks during the end times. I can not delve in great detail as to the things present at the creek. However, it is sufficient to note that Cas disgraced himself.

A learning center is a device which allows us to review and examine timelines. There are only four such devices here on Earth. One is on my ship, another on Old One's, one at home base and another in a location best not discussed. Cas had no access to the three, yet during the course of his efforts with me,  I allowed him to be alone and provided access to the fourth. There he examined his own timeline and copied the information for eventual delivery to the universe. What he did not know is that he received all that I wished him to have. Most of his timeline info was accurate but key elements had been altered. Cas also planted a bomb that was designed to kill me when I physically set foot into the place. This too was known to me. He planted a 20th century explosive (C4) and a switch into a position he knew I was likely to walk. He made this determination by observing my movements. The question is obvious. How did he obtain a modern day explosive to be placed in 500 B.C.?

During the mid seventies, the universe began seeding certain individuals into the time stream so as to be positioned for tasks in the 1990's. I am aware of at least one Melchezidek  who is a 'walk-in'.
I do not hold this practice in high regard. If one wishes to be mortal, the portal is through the womb. Normally a walk-in is accomplished as a result of an accident, a drug overdose or some such infirmity sufficient to cause death BUT is easily cured and remedied given our level of medical understanding. During the 1970's The Darkman entered mortality is this fashion.

DM, as we call him, was in contact with Casineria at the time of the secession and afterwards.
He is an angel who is competent to access the fifth dimension. As such, he is able to do what would be called 'time walking'. Before he entered into a mortal skin suit, he could move forward and backwards along the timeline. This factor figures prominently in how Casineria's timeline information would eventually become of value. It is also the explanation for how Cas came to be possessed of three dimensional explosives in an out of time situation. I should note that a fourth dimensional device is different than that intended for a three dimensional target. As I am within mortality, his target was to kill the particular skin suit I currently inhabit.

The Dark Man chose a course which would ultimately place him in circumstances which would leave him well placed within certain governmental agencies. He has no respect for life, he cares not for even the protocols which rules the universal interests he thinks he serves. He is a murderer and a criminal who will ultimately be brought to justice. Yet, he services his function in the play, for now.

DM was the source for the out of time explosive given Casineria. He time walked forward and then backward along the timeline to perfect his murderous intent. However, the story goes much further than this. After the Ghostwolf incidents described in Chapter 32, the creek shut down. Images changed and power levels became virtually nil. At a certain point in time, I was advised by my Old One to return to the creek and to reactivate it. I did this in the company of and with the assistance of my associate Jackie and my son. The power levels rose to 100% of capability. As such, the weapons systems that protect the place became active as did a computer link to home base.

During the time of preparation, I allowed Casineria access to a computerized center. He did not know that the entire area was, in fact, a dummy and that I had secreted a second center out of his reach and knowledge. Regardless, Cas anticipated that an ultimate linkage would be made to home base facilities and he impregnated the computer system with what he would call a virus. The purpose of that programming was to bring down homebase's defenses. He chose the moment from the timeline information he stole from the learning center and, in conjunction with DM, they attacked home base during the summer of 1998. The shields did not fall and their efforts were as ineffectual as the defective information that spawned their plan.

Casineria is trapped in his skin suit and must face the judgment of man. DM is as well. Regardless of how their mortalty came to their possession, they are not exempt from Father's rules. DM is an extremely dangerous person and a moment exists where he and I will stand face to face across from and against the other. He is one element of what the Bible calls 'The Beast'. That planted upon the earth to service destruction and damnation. It is not yet his time, but  he prepares as does his Melchezidek ally who hides behind the hypocrisy of holy teachings yet functions only to destroy the souls he touches.

The Bible predicts an Anti-Christ. I've spoken of the differences between soul and anti soul in other chapters. There is more than one anti-Christ. Yet, like some poor substances, one will rise supreme over the rest to command The Beast.

I tell you these things so that you will come to an understanding and appreciation of the considerable efforts that have been made on your behalf and against you as well. There are now only two sides to the equation, those who stand with Father and those who don't.
It really is that simple.

The time grows short. I realize and understand that many of you will find these writings incredulous. I have always stated that I am not promoting a belief system but a reality system.
If the things I've told you are true, it is also true that the reality of the words must become as visible and as knowable as are the carvings as the creek which can be seen and touched. To this end I say this,

Watch the skies.