The China Bug

In early November, I discovered that my computer had been bugged by a trojan horse. I'd been tracking this down for a number of months (off and on) attempting to find out why my drives would fire up and begin working without any program or command in place directing them to do so.  With persistence, I succeeded.

I discovered that the registry for Windows 95 had been rewritten to include, as a secondary server, a web address located in Red China. I further discovered that the only material being harvested were items written with a word processor or html code - writings.

Coincidental to this discovery, I was being visited by a young man currently stationed in Japan with the military. While he himself is only a 'grunt', he does have security clearances. We examined his personal lap top and discovered that the same trojan horse was in place. This fellow and I do not share emails and there was no possibility he'd picked up the bug from me or me from him.

He immediately called Japan to report the find to his superiors.

On November 16th, 1999, I issued a press release through Los Angeles News channels to the existence of the bug. The reaction was 'ho-hum'. On November 18th, 1999 the Washington Times ran an article wherein the Chinese admit to spying on the internet. The tenor of their reply was,
"So What".

The China Bug is specifically targeted to the Windows 9x operating system. This does not represent a flaw in Windows but an exploitation of the system for poor purposes. I've been in contact with Microsoft Security and they are actively investigating cures.

I've prepared a simple little program you can download and run on your system to ascertain whether or not you've been in contact with the china bug.

 The China Bug Detector