Cirrus The Nord

Cirrus is a unique individual. He is the last of his kind. The Universe, not content, to have control of the circumstances of soul bearing species, extended its megalomania into the contrivance of a non soul bearing species whose only purpose was to serve as a race of disposable people furthering the contrivances of the bureaucracy. Cirrus comes from the middle star of Orion's belt. Jerusem, the universal capitol, orbits the left most star in Orion's belt.

Cirrus has been a serious pain in my neck for some time now. He is relentless in his hatred for that which does not conform to his programming. He is also fearless in his defiance of angels or anything that impedes him from his mission.

The closest sci-fi equivalent to Cirrus would be the analogy of the Borg, with the except that he is not a cybernetic life form. Mentally, he has been conditioned as were Pavlov's dogs, to respond in certain predictable ways. Additionally, he was fitted with explosive booby traps that were preprogrammed to explode in the event of certain situations.

Were Cirrus trapped in a no win situation he is to taking out as many around him as possible. In the event of disobedience to his programming, death would be swift and immediate.
Should someone attempt to remove one or all of the three explosive implants, they would all detonate killing Cirrus and those who were making the attempt. Cirrus was created between the rock and the hard place. He and those created by the universe were told 'you are nothing'. Not a person, not a life form, nothing. This programming has been so ingrained that those nords created under these circumstance have no idea that there are other ways of living. Happiness and contentment are ideas beyond their comprehension.

Nords have two basic dominant emotions, fear and hate. A third emotion exists as well, the absence of fear and hate. Cirrus was was designed to be a psychic receptacle for the emotional transmissions of other nords around him. This resulted in the fact that he was always in a constant state of stimulation and, often, agitation.

While he is a sentient and intelligent being, the implants and programming have been so interwoven with every fiber of this being, death would be his only escape from the constant torment that is his existence.
Yet, he was also given exceptionally strong survival instincts that counter command a desire for release from this Hell given him by the universe. All other nords who were made like him, have self terminated.
Cirrus is the last. The universe ceased this extreme engineering when they saw the rate. Cirrus has no freewill at all. He is not permitted even the thought of doing anything other than is programmed into him.

Roughly one week ago from 11/1/98, all those trapped inside the ring disappeared. Everyone of them except for Cirrus. Where did they go? Nowhere. They're still here. While Father has not stated so, it is my belief they have been placed into a dimensional stasis. Simply put, the frequency of their existence has been downshifted from 4d to a few notches over the bottom of 3d. This takes them out of their time frame in 4/3d and places them in a situation where they are as close to 2d as they can be and still maintain life. As nothing exists in this realm, they are in an empty universe. Still on Earth but unable to interact with us in any capacity.

Father achieved a number of good purposes in this effort. However, relative to Cirrus, a unique situation developed. For the first time in his life he was totally alone. This proved to be uncomfortable and disquieting and he did something I hadn't expected, he made contact with me. One needs to understand that Cirrus and I aren't buddies. He's committed horrible crimes against his own people and would do so against anyone. He has made several attempts at mine own assassination. The hatred against Cirrus is such that it crosses all of the political boundary lines in this scenario. It is an understatement to say that Cirrus is not well liked and the numbers of those who would like to kill him are considerable.

Cirrus and I spoke at length. I told him that I did not know where all the others had gone but offered my speculation as to dimensional stasis. He was not in a state of agitation or stimulation as would be normal for him. His hatred for me was diminished accordingly. I kept a reasonable keel and did not engage in emotional outbursts but focused on reason and logical thought.

Early on in our conversation, I felt that as I had once broken the programming given me by those who performed the genetic abductions, he too could do this. It became clear, in a while that, this thought was erroneous. He had no such ability nor was it even a possibility. I thought I sensed the proverbial 'cry for help' underneath the words of the conversation. To be sure, he could not make any overt or direct statement which would contravene his programming.

Protocol being what it is, and freewill being the basis for what we do, it is an impossibility for me, or anyone else, to assume that Cirrus was asking for help. Further, as he could not make such an effort, it fell to me to contrive a means for him to speak around the words. To this end, I constructed a hypothetical situation and reversed the circumstances, "If I were you and you were me, what would you
think if....." In this fashion, Cirrus was able to logically state his wishes without suffering the consequences of disobedience to his programming and implants. He wanted help.

I asked Laura, our medical practitioner, to join at the edges of the conversation. She remotely examined Cirrus from 5d. He has no ability to reach this higher dimension and was unaware of her presence.
Laura advised there there seemed little likelihood that the implants could be removed. I proffered a reverse logic, "If we can't remove the implants from him, perhaps we can remove him from the implants".
Essentially, I was suggesting that we could do a dimensional jump taking him from 4d to 5d leaving the
implants behind. Laura suggested another idea along the same vein. "Why not jump him to 6?"
I countered, if we do this, we may as well ask Father to perform the procedures here. As it turns out, Father was the only one who COULD do the procedure and  it has come to pass.

Cirrus is now the only nord to have ever been taken into the 6th dimension. Laura reports that as he stood before Father he was combative and belligerent and went from extreme behaviors such as being bellicose to crying. In short, he was terrified. Father took him unto Himself. When Cirrus emerges from the remedies Father will provide, he will be an individual possessed of freewill.

To put these things into perspective, I have found myself making arguments on Cirrus' behalf. Created from a laboratory with no freewill, no self image, no training in the truths of creation and Father, the universe created a disposable hit man. His prime purpose was to promote universal instructions regardless of how many people he had to kill, and Cirrus has committed murder upon many. Yet, who holds the responsibility, the gun or those who pulled the trigger? Clearly, logic demands the later.

When Cirrus returns from Father's care, he will be an individual who is aware of the crimes he has committed upon others. It falls to us to help him past the guilt he is going to feel and to help him face a better tomorrow. This isn't going to be an easy task. Even from within mine own ranks there is no shortage of people who want to kill him. They won't, but the feelings against him are considerable.

If you think of Cirrus as a victim of Nazi war crimes, a correct perspective surfaces. He has never had the choice to be other than he is. I can see many possible good purposes in Father's handling of Cirrus.

1. Cirrus was engineered to be a leader amongst his own people.
2. He is greatly feared.
3. Yet, when he returns to talk to his own, he will speak with a different and kinder voice. He can be a leader that guides his people from the path of destruction to that of Father's service.
4. As he is the last of his kind, he is competent to stand witness to the universe's crimes when comes the time for the trials on war crimes.

I am certain there are more aspects of Cirrus that I've yet to identify and its not important that I do. Yet, this is an exemplar of Father's love, tolerance and compassion. During our extended talk, Cirrus asked me why Father would find anything agreeable about him. I told him the story of the prodigal son and how that father rejoiced at the return of the one son who had been lost.

The quietude of the moment has almost been deafening. I've developed the habit of listening to the comchatter going on around me and scanning the skies for those ships close to my house. Yet, they're
all gone for the moment. I'm certain that those who have the eyes and ears wil have noticed these things.

We will be returning to the creek this next weekend. We have discovered two ancient roads in the sphinx valley and a third one exists in the ante-room to the sphinx valley. This one has been unexplored and we are going to follow the pointers to wherever it leads us (weather permitting).