Countdown to Armageddon

The Revelation Code provides a listing of events that are to occur and an ordering by which we can anticipate future events.
Temporal issues being what they are, we must take note that the Code deliberately withholds the beginning moment for most of the stated time frames. It follows that for one to be possessed of this information, that same person would have to have been a first hand participant in the creation of that particular count of days. This very obvious fact receives an Imprimatur from within the code and its instructions to 'he that readeth'. A list of instructions was provided to the individual who broke the code.
These were, 'see', 'read', 'write it into a book' and send the book to the seven angels of the seven churches. This has been done.

What follows is a listing of events that have already come to pass, per predictions found in The Revelation Code, and those that are to occur. The ordering is correct.

Ancient of Days trapped upon the Earth 6/1995  - Accomplished. - (Daniel)
Capture and incarceration of the Ancient of Days (Stated - has but a short time - Daniel - 6/2002) - Seven Years
Care of the woman of Revelation 2000-2003 (1260 Days) - Stated and Accomplished. - Revelation.
Ancient of Days  first attack upon the woman begins in 2002. - Stated and Accomplished - Revelation
Reading of the words. (Accomplished - 2002)
Handing of the words to the Seven Churches. (Accomplished -2002)

------This is our current moment------ 7/2004

The Planetary Prince’s war against the Satanic Rebellion (Stated) - Revelation and Daniel

Conquest of the Rebellion (Stated) - Revelation and Daniel

Every eye will see him (Stated) - Revelation

Ancient of Days - second attack upon the woman with attempt to commit murder (Stated) - Revelation

Performance of The Rapture of mankind (Stated) - Revelation

The Prince is presented to the Ancient of Days (Stated) - Daniel

The Ancient of Days offers him a kingdom and dominion forever and ever. (Stated) - Daniel

The Prince demands changes in laws (Stated) - Daniel

The Ancient of Days rejects the demands. The Prince rejects the bribes. (Stated) - Daniel

The Prince takes the Son’s case to the Ancient of Days’ ‘saints’ for three and a half years. (Stated) - Daniel and Revelation

The Prince succeeds in his effort to inform some of the saints as to the Son’s wishes. (Stated) - Daniel and Revelation

During the same three and a half year period, The Seven Churches on Earth go operational with those ‘left behind’. (Stated) - Revelation

The salvation of the dead is their objective. (Stated) - Revelation

The Planetary Prince issues a call for rebellion against The Ancient of Days in favor of The Son of God. (Inferred) - Daniel and Revelation

The universe sends a fleet (saints) to Earth to take The Prince into custody on the criminal charge of rebellion. (Stated and Inferred) - Daniel and Revelation

The Prince flies out to meet this fleet, alone. (Inferred) - Daniel

A demand is made for the Prince’s surrender. He refuses. (Inferred) - Daniel

The fleet (saints) attacks (Stated) - Daniel

The Prince responds (Stated) - Daniel and Revelation

The fleet is destroyed and the Prince’s mortality with it. (Stated) - Daniel

The Prince repersonalizes into angelic modality (Inferred by continued presence post mortum – mortality) - Revelation

Prince is given a golden crown (by Father) (Stated) - Revelation

The War in Heaven begins with the universe having drawn first blood. (Stated) - Daniel and Revelation

Ancient of Days operatives empower and set loose the mortal anti-christ. (Stated) - Revelation

On a mortal playing field, the prince fights a two front war, one against the universe and one against mortal operatives on Earth. (Stated) - Revelation

Prince's army numbers two million. (Stated) - Daniel

Whore of Babylon surfaces soon after the visibility of the anti-christ (stated) - Revelation

Anti-Christ organizes the Terran version of the ten crowned beast - (Inferred) - Revelation

Prince organizes a new nation (a consortium of nations) to stand against the anti-christ. (Stated.) - Revelation

Current elements of the beast now visible are France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain. (opinion). Look for the rest of the beast to spawn from areas where Fascism once flourished. (Inferred)

The Whore is killed by her own people. (Stated) -Revelation

Prince takes out the anti-christ. (Stated) - Revelation

Beginning of the seven thunders. (Stated.) - Revelation

Last Judgment (performed by The Son) - (Inferred) - Revelation

Notable persons presented in the Revelation Code are:

King of the South - Abaddon - The Old One
King of the North - Second in command to the Ancient of Days
King of the Medes - Machiventa Melchezidek
King of Persia - Archangel Gabriel

(Note that Old One, Machiventa and Gabriel are in alliance with Earth's Planetary Prince against the King of the North.)