The Structure of Creation

Creation is divided into seven perfect dimensions. Each exists parallel to its neighbors and each has its own unique qualities and purposes.

Father resides in the seventh. We do not know if their are others of his kind there but we suspect not. He hasn't said. Seven, six and five are energy dimensions. Father is an energy entity or a personality composed of energy. His substance is the same as he's provided as casings for our personalities, the soul.

Creation begins at the top of the sixth dimension. There, an energy field projects Father's intent into our cosmos. This field is oft time called Father's Eye and could be likened to a wagon wheel in that spokes of energy radiate from a central hub. One spoke for each universe. The Star of David is a graphical representation of Father's Eye. Although, with the inclusion of the new universes those spokes will increase to eight in number.

It is a fact that Father's Will and His on going attention enable creation to exist. Further, that His lifeline IS the master timeline for all of creation and that both are one in the same.

Rule is passed to the Creator Son and his individual universe from Father's Eye. The lifeline of the Creator Son and the timeline for his universe become intertwined into the form of the double helix. As with Father, the lifeline and the timeline for that universe become one and the same. When Jesus said that no one can get to the Father except through him, his utterance was not only a spiritual reference but a real physical fact and the ability of the Creator Son begins at the top of the sixth dimension.

The fifth dimension is the residence for that special aspect of the Creator Son which religion calls The Holy Spirit. Each universe takes on the harmonic vibrance of the Creator Son. Each Son, while similar in nature, is different and distinct from any of the others. It follows that the Holy Spirit aspect of their natures is also distinct and different. This special aspect serves as a point of inspiration and ascendancy to those who have so evolved themselves as to be able to reach it, although one example exists when the Son called it down upon His apostles. Contact with the Holy Spirit is a moving experience that forever alters a person. It raises an individual's personal harmonic so much that he becomes one with that influence and forever radiates it from his being to others. Those who have been in the presence of the Creator Son, Lucifer, or Immanuel can attest to the massive feeling of goodness that emanates from their beings. One can not stand before these individuals and not be moved by the experience.

The fourth dimension is where most life resides. While we do use markers of time, such as planetary movements etc., as matters of practical convenience, four is timeless and those who live within it are immortal. The rules for existence in four a substantially different than those for three. Thought can become reality and it is essential that those who reside there are possessed of the ability to control their thoughts and emotions so as not to become a blight upon their society. This belies the need for education in the third dimension where limitations are placed that prevent inappropriate incursions into four.

The third dimension contain  the worlds of time and space, mortality. These are maintained  for the purposes of training ascendant populations. Your genus has been structured to give you usage of only a small portion of your brain  and are harmonically separated from access to most of your soul. Additionally, the planet exists on a lower harmonic frequency than does a similar body in four. All of these factors serve to be limitations that enable the viability of incarnation and reincarnation. They also serve to insure that no one gets loose from mortality before they have stood judgment and earned the right of universal citizenship.

The first and second dimensions are foundational for those above it. Regardless, creation is the result of life, life does not exist because of creation. So, there are rudimentary life forms in these dimensions that enable them to be the building blocks of the higher dimension adjacent to it. These forms would, in our colloquial parlance, be regarded as 'nasty little buggers'. Following the logic of purpose, all life and all creation serves purpose. There is nothing that is extraneous or purposeless.

The arguments between Earth's Creationists and Science over the evolution of man has always fascinated me. They seem bent on the idea that the physical evolution of man was not tied to his spiritual evolution. Thus they will endlessly argue which came first, the chicken or the egg. It seems obvious that both positions could be simultaneously true if those who indulge in the argument would only step back and gain their perspective to the points.