Dal and I ran into each other on Compuserve. She'd read some of my writings, recognized my  style and correctly identified me as Caligastia. Our connection was one of those magnetic things  that can only be described as soul recognition. Together, we've taken his journey through the awakening. Each of us has had our encounters, good and bad, with the various alien groups. Yet Dal herself is something unusual.

People tend to have unrealistic ideas about what angels are and their expectations reflect these erroneous thoughts. Emotionally, we are of the same structure. We get happy, sad, angry, and excited just as you do. There is a saying among the soul bearing species, "We are ONE, one in The Father". The highest and best aspects of our emotional beings are enabled by virtue of the fact we possess souls.

The next assumption one might make is that, in life, we get special treatment or that circumstances are easier for us. This is incorrect. The truth is we have to shovel the same manure you do and the awakening process is no exception. Dal has had to scratch and claw her way out of the incarnative darkness and it has not been an easy journey. Of the two of us, Dal has had a harder time of it.  This reflects the reality that she is a young soul working to gain her experience.

In the beginning we were certain we'd both lost our minds.  Additionally, we did battle ultra dimensional aliens bent on abducting us. I concocted a simple version of a Faraday Cage for going around our beds. It worked to deconstruct the integrity of the dimensional doors used to snatch us. This allowed us a breathing period to get our acts together.

Dal is a former congressional aide and newscaster with a diverse set of life and job experiences and very personable. So much so that she emotes a softer side to my no nonsense demeanor.

Dal's first experience into transdimensional realities was when she began to channel conversations from various personalities while at the same time declaring, "I don't do channeling". Eventually, we both developed the skills consistent to our 'normal' state of being. This was one of the intents of the implants we received. In time, we came to accept that we were walking between two realities that were both valid, yet, distinctly different in their rules and applications.

One of the better sides of the awakening is the recall of memory of affections possessed before life.  You take it all with you, included your love. These bonds between us, not initially recognized, served to draw us together and keep us together.