Due to a request from a Urantia Book reader, I am going to address this subject. It seems to be an area of interest to some.

Dalamatia was named for Daligastia. Dal is an angel born to Earth. He has never been part of the universe and his birth and assignment to high rank spoke to the need to have a functionary who did not carry universal baggage and remembrances with them.

In universal form, we established a centralized base of operations. It is the technique to spread from a central source and to maintain that base during the course of the timeline. Following the internal upheaval after my declaration of secession, those not wishing to be a part of it were left stranded by the universe who refused repeated requests for extraction. It became clear to them that they would not be removed from Earth unless and until they indulged in open and hostile actions against those who remained loyal. To this end, they employed the services of the local mortal population rather than actually perform do the dirty work themselves. Eventually, the universe would take them home singing their praises.

The initial attacks were unexpected. We did not anticipate that any angel would behave in such a poor fashion and were forced into a position of self defense. However, rather than pursue this deadly and destructive course, I ordered the base abandoned.

A permanent base was established in South America using the remnants of the first timeline who also maintained a base in the same location. Until 29 A.D. this facility was kept visible and we had frequent interactions with the Indian tribes of the region. However, recognizing that the universe was given to actions of open warfare, I decentralized the base scenario creating many bases around the world. History and mythology record some of these as Memphis, Aasgard, and Olympus. I would be derelict if I did not add Angel's Lair as well. Unlike Dalamatia, these were always constructed with defense in mind lest another effort at warfare be initiated.

The Midwayers

The principle members of my staff were those the UB calls the Caligastia One Hundred. These were one hundred angels, fifty male and fifty female.

The universe says it doesn't have a clear understanding of how the Midwayers came into existence.
I did. Angels do not have physical license to procreate. However, when we are sent on a mission into the realms of time, we are given physicalities that are fully functional - we can procreate.
The product of a Lanonandek mission mating is not a full angel but exists between mortality and angelhood, thus the name Midwayer.

These matings occurred before the declaration of secession. It was my goal to bridge the gap between mortality and the higher dimensions with a being who could easily accommodate both realities.

I approached my staff with the proposition to mate. They accepted the logic and, over a period of time, fifty thousand new souls came into creation here on Earth.  The UB refers to these as primary Midwayers. Each female exhausted her supply of ovum at 1000 births.

A secondary branch of the Midwayer family was also created. These, however, were to live within mortality side by side with man unaware (for the most part) of their angelic origins. Unlike the Nephalim who were created after the secession, all Midwayers are soul bearing. The clerk at the minimart might very well be a Midwayer and you have no way to tell them apart from anyone else. Their differences are within their dimensional abilities - that which many call psychic.

The Book of Revelation references them as the 144,000 who are counted of the tribes of Israel.
Noah and Abraham not only spawned the House of Israel and the Nephalim but also provided the sourcing for the physicality of the Midwayers.

The Tree of Life

Our physicalities are much like yours. Outside the realms of the fourth dimension, we will age and the body will ultimately die. The Tree of Life is a plant spawned by Father from the sixth dimension. They are quite rare. The fruit of this tree looks like a small white pear and it has the ability, because of its higher dimensional origins, to sustain a physical form indefinitely. Naturally, the fruit needs to be consumed at regular intervals.

The universe praised the efforts of him they call Van the Steadfast for stealing the tree from us.
I believe they neglected to mention the over one thousand human bodies storming the walls to do it. Had we not withdrawn from the situation, these people would have faced certain and total annihiliation. I will not make war upon my children.

Unknown to the universe, and even to my own people, there was a second tree provided in the scenario. The universe hoped to force us into a position of having to stay in 4d to maintain physical life and to restrict our interactions with the local populations. Had their assumptions been correct, it would have served as a detriment to the plan of ascendancy I was to put forth.
Such was not to be the case. Furthermore, the creation of the Midwayers provided a very real and effective facility for bridging the gap as did the Nephalim (to a lesser degree).

The building materials for the abandoned facility would eventually be taken by local tribes and used in their own constructions thus, no signficant remnant remains. However, time itself would have taken its toll regardless.