Dark Matter - Not!

Science and Religion frequently operate using the same methodologies. A theory is made dependent upon assumptions the scientist thinks 'must be' and then the search for a proving to the theory proceeds. Such theories usually stand the scrutiny of peers with varying results. During the 1950's Jonas Salk was brutally raked over the coals by his medical peers. Yet, today, he is known as the man who ended the scourge of Polio. Most astrophysicists today worship at the combined altars of Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Newtonian Physics. As with religious practitioners, the beliefs they develop also tend to blind them to the obvious.

Newtonian physics addresses the assumption of a universe in three dimensions and the gravitational interplay between celestial bodies. Einstein postulated more than 3 dimensions.

For example, within our solar system,  the orbits of the nine planets are affected by their distance from the sun (the gravity source). The further the planet is from the Sun, the slower its orbital period (or year). This is Newtonian Physics. Factor in Kepler's Law of Motion (planets travel equal distance in equal time) and you now have a means to navigate between the planets. This, however, would not work if one were traveling between galaxies. Here, there is a basic flaw in the underlying assumptions.

It has been discovered that suns at the edges of galaxies move at the same speed as those in the center. Thus there is no relationship between orbital period and distance.  To account for the obvious disparity between local physics and the galactic counterpart, scientists invented a new sacrament 'Dark Matter'. This purports to be an invisible gravity source that holds the universe and its galactic parts together.

The flaw in the reasoning is obvious. The priests of science failed to take into account the second dimension.  Everything in 3d is built upon the first two dimensions and the primary effort at researching these subjects is centered into subatomic particles for nuclear applications. As nuclear physics and astrophysics are two different churches, they are not looking for the same things.

Visualize one of the old long playing records sitting on its turntable rotating at 33 1/3 rpm. A point at the interior will rotate at the same speed as a counterpart at the outer edge - 33 1/3 rpm. Galactic orbital periods function in this fashion because the foundational element of the 2nd dimension does. Three dimensional structures can not exist without the underlying two dimensions. If the foundation of the house is moving at a certain speed, everything within the house will move at the same rate.

Its really that simple.