The Days of The Sword

In the last eight years, we've seen things not before imaginable in the United States. Corruptions brought to the forefront while a complicit press tells us the corruption is good and virtue is bad, or a least a weakness. The American people have been humiliated before the peoples of the world because our tolerance was exploited to continue the perpetration of crimes and evil by the ruling elite of the last fifty years.

They give lip service to the 'Will of the People', as a euphemism for 'Our Will Be Done' and have subverted the courts into legislative bodies to circumvent those elected to serve those functions and the people whom they represent.

Now before us is a real Constitutional crisis. Shall the rule of law be obeyed or channeled to corrupted members of the judiciary via Janet Reno? If this election does not stand on its own merit without the contrivances of the left, then there is no constitution, there is no rule of law.
Only, the pretense of it as pabulum for a deluded mass.

The left has lost control of the executive and legislative branch of the government. Their teeth have been pulled by the will of the people. Yet, their arrogance knows no limit and their corruptions are bounded only by what they can get away with. Truth, honor and integrity find no quarter in their ranks.

For all things, there is a time and a place. The American people are slow to anger. The left has taken full advantage of this virtue thinking, instead, that we are dullards incapable of seeing them as they truly are and that we are unwilling to stand forth in defense of our way of life.

There has been a rage slowly building in the ranks of the population. Elian showed us that the 4th, 5th and 14th amendments had been summarily dismissed while the left targeted also the 2nd amendment. The first amendment has been seriously damaged but still has some vestige of reality within the farce.

What happens next in Florida is a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. Where we go as a people depends solely upon one thing, respect for our Constitution. Adhere to its precepts and we survive as a nation. Follow it not, and we are lost into the mire of arbitrary dictatorship
using the rule of law as pretense.