Dead Wolf in the Middle of the Road
(and it still stinks to high heaven)

One of Ghostwolf's web sites is reporting that he died on 12/21/2005, the winter solstice. Color me cynical but this is just a weebit  too 'magical' for it to have the ring of truth. No details of the cause of death are included in the posting except that it purportedly occurred in Oakland, California. HQ will be contacting the county coroner to see if there is, in fact, a death certificate.

Ghostwolf began life as Robert Franzone, born of two parents both of Italian decent. He acquired the name Robert Parry along the line and this is reflected in a criminal court filing in San Diego County. He later concocted the identity of Robert Ghostwolf to go along with his part blood Indian scam perpetrated over the last 8 years. HQ has faithfully recorded his lies, deceits, thefts and various miscreances over this period of time and it is difficult to take any representation from his quarter at face value.

The cynical view of things (and this is my take) is that Ghostwolf is getting ready to change his clothes, get a new name and head off into a different direction. His fortunes have waned during recent years and he has no publisher for his works and has been self publishing. At one point he did have a publisher. His fame, or infamy, has permeated the internet and many who might have been involved with him stayed clear due to the bulk of the material collected and maintained here on HQ.

The death posting on has an interesting tell tale quirk common to Ghostwolf - it begs for money.
Bobby doesn't miss an opportunity or a pretext to get his hand into someone else's pocket. Furthermore, the solicitation  uses the address for one of his phony baloney corporations in New Mexico under the name of his daughter, who to my knowledge, has never been involved with any of Ghostwolf's schemes and lives in California. Ghostwolf lives in Montana and the address in Santa Fe is a mail drop that fowards mail to another mail drop in Montana.

Wolf Lodge Foundation
223 N Guadalupe  St. # 178
Santa Fe,  New Mexico   87501

The web site's death notice had been download and saved here on HQ  Dead Wolf in the Middle of the Road

This page will be updated if documentation supporting the death is found.

HQ spoke with the Alameda County Sheriff's Coroner today and they do report a death under the name of Robert Wolf (one of Franzone's aliases). They also report he has a daughter named Gabrielle. They incorrectly report that he has a year of birth of 1951 when it is 1949 while his web site is report 1947.  On the surface, two out of three identifiers are correct but given the fact that Ghostwolf has traditionally been a slippery character - the error is glaring. It will take four to six weeks before the investigative report becomes available. We'll stay on this until a definitive determination can be achieved. I can guarantee you, you haven't heard or seen the last of the ghost called Wolf yet.



What follows is an official report from the Alameda County Sheriff's Coroner. I contacted this department and gave them a thumbnail on Ghostwolf with the suggestion that where he concerned, the paper couldn't be trusted.  I suggested that they address CII (Criminal Identification and Information) in Sacramento to pull up his arrest records (and photo) for the time he was convicted on a home improvement swindle. Those records show two names, Franzone and Parry with a date of birth of  4/25/49. The current incarnation shows the name Robert Ghost Wolf where Ghost is a middle name with a date of birth of 5/21/51.

As Franzone's latest con had fallen apart - his book sales were negligible and no one wanted to pay to hear him speak, this seemed a perfect occasion to exit stage right. The coincidence factor was a little too perfect for my taste. I felt it was necessary for the Coroner to get his old arrest photo for a comparison to the corpse. They did confirm that Franzone was most sincerely dead and managed to croak on a day most new age types consider mystical. Few think that the winter soltice is the lowest point of the year. - a fitting memorial.

Those of us who had met the man noted an inability to you look you directly in the eye. A sullen demeanor punctuated by a hatred of women as evidenced by his beating of Judi Koteen and her then teenage daughter. He was a thief and he held no restraint. If you had something he wanted - he'd go for it and unfortunately, he got away with a lot he never faced judgement for.
He subscribed to the theory of 'why tell the truth when a lie will suffice'. He possessed not one iota of personal integrity and if one could make an argument that this assessment is in error - you can bet he stole that integrity from someone else.

There is no difference between a liar and a thief. One steals the truth whilst the other steals your property. Ghostwolf scored poorly on both points.