Declaration of Identities

  Audio Introduction From Bob Burgess

I have, for many years, earned my living as a private investigator, a seeker of truth. The primary personalities in this book are identifiable as angels and I have been in direct contact with many of them for an extended period of time. So much so, that those I’ve dealt with have established credibility and believability to my satisfaction.  It falls to the reader to make these determinations for themselves. I was invited to partake in a journey. So too, I’ve invited you to join me for a distance.

This work encompasses and clarifies many of the things some call Earth’s collective amnesia. Major portions of our history are missing and gaps are present in the knowledge of our past, our purpose and our future. The key element, the master architect, has been Caligastia, The Planetary Prince. While this book is Earth’s story, it is also his story.
The relationship between us is unique. Those who accept channeling would, perhaps, choose to believe that I am performing this practice. I am not.

In 1995, I received an implant from an angelic benefactor. Proofs to the point are within the pages of this work. Within that device were aspects of Caligastian DNA including genetic memory. In other words, aspects of his memory were provided to me. This did not mean that Bob ceased to exist or that my own personality was over written with ‘new programming’.  My freewill is as intact as it has ever been. The situation is more akin to a Bob Plus situation.  These circumstances have led me into an exceptional adventure and journey of exploration.


I am Caligastia, Lanonandek Son #9344, Second Order. This means that I was the 9,344th birth into the Second Order of the Lanonandek Family of Angels. Nearly five hundred thousand years ago, I was sent to this world for the purpose of fostering the ‘First Cause’, the development of ascendant life.

Your mythohistorical accounts record my presence under various names at a variety of times. To the Egyptians, I was known as Thoth. To the Hebrews, I AM. To the Greeks I was Hermes. To the Romans I was Mercury. To the Norse I was Thor. In all cases, I was mistaken as ‘God’. Given the limited technologies of the times and the lack of sophistication of the cultures involved, it is easy to understand how these arrived at this perception. Moses once asked me who I was. I told him, ‘I am what I am’. This is universal speak for ‘what you see is what you get’. Moses chose to see a god, thus I became the God of Israel.

I have been in life, as man, since 29 AD. Immediately prior to the murder of the Creator Son in Jerusalem, I entered mortality to serve the purposes of my mission. Some of my incarnations are recognizable within historical context. These were Genghis Khan, Charlemagne, Martin Luther, Arthur of Camelot, Benjamin Franklin, Robert E. Lee, and a split soul incarnation as Ellen White and Aleister Crowley.

It is not my goal in these joint writings to indulge in self-aggrandizement nor do I ask of you belief. I accept the axiom of soul. Simply put, that it is the nature of the soul to gravitate towards that which is true. We all exist in our own evolutionary moment. Those with eyes will see and those without won’t. It serves best purpose to accept all as they are and whether or not they accept me is irrelevant. I am what I am regardless of any one individual’s perceptions and will continue to be so.

For many years, truths about your origins and what you are were withheld from you. I deemed this necessary if you were to successfully complete your course of study on Earth. It comes time now to remove the blinders and to allow an appreciation of what was done and why it was done and what is to come.

In spite of the obvious imperfections of this world, it was not my goal to create a Utopia. This idea does not serve the First Cause. My task was/is to generate ascendant souls competent to assume Universal Citizenship.

On a universal world, the average ratio of ascendant to non-ascendant souls is one out of five. Already now, over two billion souls have been judged as ascendant and by the time we reach the actual end of the timeline, that number will have risen to over four billion.  This reality speaks well to the non-universal methodologies that were employed. More so, it speaks to the reality that you are a magnificent people. While I may have laid the foundations and set the parameters for your life experiences, it is you who did the work. With you, I am well pleased.