Democracy and Luciferian Liberalism

Lucifer's original declarations and his thoughts, pursuant to his challenge to the universal status quo, offered solutions as well. The thrust of his point was that self rule and self determination were preferable to management under a bureaucracy gone corrupt. On Earth, we call those ideas Democracy.

Many of the rebellion princes initially instituted various programs of rule following Lucifer's ideas of self government. It was soon discovered that self rule was destructive and that no society founded upon its principles would endure the tests of time. They abandoned these practices early on. I did not.

I conducted a number of tests with variants of liberalistic rule. In each, I deemed it necessary that a platform of sufficient size be established for the tests. Thus programs of conquest where initiated to guarantee the existence of a societal framework within which to build.

Alexander the Great provides a good example of rule under a regent or a governing Father. He succeeded in establishing a domain and ruled well holding many factions, many diverse cultures under one roof. He was unable to pass his ruling abilities to the next generation. Corruption and discord soon brought his empire to ruin.

On a smaller scale, the Greek city state formed the foundations for the much grander variant to occur later in Rome. The issues of mortality have always been such that even though empires may be ruled by good and wise men, they eventually fall into the corruption of those who seek only their own aggrandizements. The tomb of Simon Bolivar well reflects this fact with its inscription, 'From my tomb tyrants will rise'. He was a benevolent dictator, but he knew the hearts of other men as well. History correctly records Greece's role in the development of democratic theory.

Rome provided another variant. This time, I held the Caesar in the position of Father but permitted popular vote and representation via proconsuls and a legislative body. Again, corruption dismantled the empire. Each of these major stepping stones, and many minor ones as well, led to the creation of the United States of America, my best success and my worst failure.

In life, I cojoined with the Creator Son for this purpose. I was Benjamin Franklin to his Thomas Jefferson. Without these two individuals, the rebellion against England would not have succeeded nor would the beginnings of a government been formed.

Ask yourself, could Eisenhower have been elected had the country known he was a dope smoking skirt chasing liar? Yet, the country has so corrupted itself that an arrogant news media predicts elections before the polling places are even closed. Have you become so bovine in thought that you can be counted as sheep following the Judas goat of the moment?

The feeling for secession from various states grows daily. Your government takes over 50% of your income in the various forms of taxation to fuel programs that destroy incentives to achieve, murder the structure of the family and seek, in the name of equality, to establish a standardized level of mediocrity as the norm. Those who exceed the norm are destined only to financial persecution for daring to achieve more than the lords of liberalism deem appropriate. Yet exemptions abound for those who feed like parasites upon the corpus of the public.

This country was founded upon the principle of One Nation Under God. The liberal left denigrate what they call the Religious Right while never giving thought that the antithesis of the position is the Godless Left. What didn't you understand? Congress begins each day with a prayer from a cleric, but if the same is done in a school a crime is committed. Liberalistic rule is replete with examples of such hypocrisies.

The days of the republic are numbered poorly and it serves not my purpose to let you fall into wanton destruction. Thus, me and mine will rise before your eyes. On that day, a new nation, a new world order will be instituted. This is not the big brother reign of tyranny that so many conspiracy theorists have predicted. Instead, I will fix that which is broken and reestablish the principles upon which your society was created, with liberty and justice for ALL.

Why create societies founded upon principles known to be unsound?

The answer is an easy one. While liberalism is a horrible failure, it has one good quality. It produces an unusually high number of ascendant souls. This is resultant from the inherent nature of the competitions that prevail in these cultures. The First Cause is the over riding rule of order for all things. I was not charged to create governments or societies that would last a million years. My purpose was to advance the First Cause.

We are in the final yards of the journey and the light at the end of the tunnel will soon become visible to many. Stability of mind, heart and circumstance is the order of the day. This can only be achieved in a house that is undivided and set to a common purpose.