Dog Tales


People say that God works in mysterious ways - I disagree. If one is around long enough and pays attention, Father's moves become obvious. An important aspect of my journey was enabled by one of God's good creatures - a dog, a remarkable animal in many ways.

Rollie wasn't my dog. He belonged to my son Sean. He came into my life shortly before Sean and I moved to Canon City, Colorado on July 4th weekend 1997.  I had parked the moving truck behind my garage and was loading boxes. Rollie came into the garage with me - took a look at the truck - looked at me - looked back at the truck and he realized we were moving. I could see the thoughts turning in his head and he didn't want to be left behind. He arrived at his own solution - "I need a job". He walked up the ramp of the truck and positioned himself at the opening - sat down and assigned himself the task of guard dog. I leashed him up back there so all he could do was bark. It would be enough and I didn't want anyone to get bit. Whenever anyone got too close to the truck - he'd alert me.

Rollie and I did not have a great deal of time to get acquainted before the move. The 1100 miles between Los Angeles and Colorado would change that. The truck I drove had a bench seat. Sean rode shotgun, I drove and Rollie was in the middle.
For the first few hundred miles this was an uncomfortable arrangement. Every time the dog moved, everyone else had to reposition themselves to accommodate him. After about 400 miles, we'd all tuned into each other and knew when the dog was going to have to move and we'd re-seat ourselves a few seconds before he had the need. By the time we reached Canon, a bonding had occurred between us.  It was a rarity that I'd ever have to leash the dog once out of Los Angeles.

Prior to the move, I'd made arrangements to rent a house. It was on the outskirts of town and was surrounded by cow pastures and a lot of empty land. At night, I'd let Rollie loose to run around. In the doing, Rollie crossed paths with skunks on three occasions. This is a rancid smell. Eventually, he learned that when the skunk grabs his ankles and puckers up - its time to move.

One evening, he came home limping. It appeared he'd stepped into a rut and twisted the joint on his right front leg. I took him to the veterinarian, had an x-ray done and the doctor tells me there's nothing wrong with the dog. I pointed to the fact that he was limping and in pain. The vet said there was nothing to be done. Angry and frustrated with this moron who called himself a healer, I took Rollie home, sat down with him and figured out how to heal him myself.

Necessity is the mother of invention and memory is associative. I felt that if there was any knowledge of how to fix this dog, it might surface. I was right. I 'saw' that the vet was correct  in one thing - there were no large fractures of the bone. Where he was wrong is that there were many small microfractures which caused the energy flow (what the Chinese call 'chi') to misfire. This was causing swelling in the surrounding soft tissue and pain. I also 'knew' that the bone results from the energy and the bone is secondary - not primary. If one adjusts the energy - the misfires would be eliminated along with the rest of the symptoms. Then the bone who heal on its own.

I took my thumbs and worked the area over the joint back and forth until I could feel the energy resetting itself to where it should have been. Immediately, the pain left the dog and he was able to stand and put weight on the leg. I repeated this the next two nights even though the first night would have been sufficient. I had also asked Father's help in the doing of these things as I realized that He is the source of all things - healing included. I did not realize, at the time, the dog's roll in getting me up to speed.

In another instance, one I've already described here on HQ, Rollie wandered off during an excursion in Angel's Keep. This didn't bother me , he'd done it before and he always found his way back. This time he didn't. He was lost and he'd lost us.
Our trip was during the winter and as soon as the sun set, the temperatures would go below freezing. Add to this that Rollie was totally unsuited for survival in the wild. I was concerned. Eventually, I was forced to dig into my memory of abilities and to mindlink with the dog. I found him easily. I directed him in how to get out and back to us - he took off and about 30 minutes later - our paths connected.

I always knew I had these abilities. Yet, in my youth, I found them disturbing. More accurately, I found other people disturbing.
In a world where there are many inglorious people, being able to tune into others was frequently like swimming in a cess pool.
I decided to turn them off and did so for many years. Now, because of my love for the dog, I was being forced into resurrecting them and Father was behind it.

Rollie made numerous trips with me into Angel's Lair and Angel's Keep. I was pleased he could enjoy the outdoors doing the things that dog's like to do. One one trip into the keep (five miles in and five miles out), Rollie came with me. However, while I'll take the shortest route, he runs around smelling everything. He easily put in fifteen miles to my ten. On the way out, I saw his backside was straining to make it upa not particularly tough grade. Two days later, his hips went out on him.

I took him to a different vet this time. He handed me a bottle of expensive pain killers, told me the dog would eventually be crippled and when he'd had enough - bring him back to be put to sleep. I was furious. The pain killers were worthless. As soon as they wore off, the dog was down again. Again, I sat down with him, worked the body's energy fields. Again, the pain left immediately and Rollie was back on his feet. He lived another seven years.

I crossed paths with and old woman who had several little lap dogs. Personally, I prefer large dogs. One of them was an older, very ill tempered little thing. I asked the woman why she was in such a foul mood. She said 'she's old and grumpy'. I told her I didn't think that was the case and asked her to hold the dog so I wouldn't get bit. I ran my hand up her spine and found the problem straight away - the dog had a bone spur in the middle of her back that was causing her severe pain. I'd be in a foul mood myself. Doing as I'd done for Rollie, I readjusted the energy flow. As it happens, I was scheduled to cross paths with the woman 3 more times in the next two weeks. Each time she asked me to do another healing with the dog. She said I had 'magic hands'. While the dog didn't need it - it wouldn't hurt to indulge the old lady - who was an agreeable sort.

Eventually, my memory of how to do these things would rise to the point of having practical use. When I'd satisfied myself , I decided to teach these things to the Advens. As it happens, Sue had a problem with her knees and volunteered to be the group's guinea pig.  Abdiel  was a natural and immediately grasped the principles involved. This would later return to benefit me.

On an outing, into my areas, I neglected to wear my good hiking boots. I slipped on a rock and twisted my ankle. By the time we returned to the truck - it was a killer. Back at home - I was grousing silently with the pain and it dawned on me I was sitting in a house full of healers. I flopped my ankle onto Abdiel's lap and asked him to tend to it. He did - and did a fine job of it. The pain left immediately and in a few minutes I was able to put weight on it. It was stiff for a couple of days but the worst of it was gone.

One night in chat, Sue contacts us and asks Abdiel and I to look in on her eighty year old mother who had broken her right ankle. By this time, I had also taught the Advens how to do dimensional jumps (commonly called bi-location). Ab and I jumped to Sue's mom and double teamed her. As in all prior instances, the pain left immediately and Sue reports the doctors were amazed at how quickly a person of her years healed.

All of these things spawned from a special dog and my love for him. He was, on occasion, clever in a way that gives truth to the expression 'Oh You Dog'.

In the 1800's, there was a tradition in Colorado called Rendezvous. Mountain men would come down to a place for the purpose of trading their skins and such with others. Indian tribes turned out for the trading sessions as well. The mountain men knew the ways of the Indians and the Indians considered them to be only a minor annoyance. Rendezvous was usually a drunken rowdy affair for the first few days as it also provided an opportunity for socializing.  The tradition still exists today albeit in a much tamer fashion. Sean and I were invited to a weekend Rendezvous with some other people.

On the first night, we were sitting around the campfire telling tales. I offered this one.

Sean was sleeping on the couch and Rollie was on the floor next to the couch. They were laying head to head and Sean's arm was over the edge petting the dog while he (Sean) was asleep. Something caught my attention and I looked over at them. Rollie opened his eyes and I could see the wheels turning. Then he scooted out from under Sean's hand, turned around and scooted back under the oblivious petting machine. Now they were laying head to foot. At first, I thought the dog just wanted some pets on the other side. I was wrong. He then flipped up on his back!. Sean, dead to the world - kept right on with his petting.

This brought down a ton of laugher from those assembled. Sean started with "I wouldn't....". I cut him off saying 'You were dead asleep - how would you know'. I pointed out to him that the purpose of the story wasn't to embarrass him but about how clever the dog was. Each time he protested, however, it got funnier. He was more than a little angry with me.

In keeping with the traditions of Rendezvous, one of the people there awarded him the Indian Name of 'Strokes the Dog'.
Now past furious, he stomped off to his tent.

In February 2007, Rollie was now old and feeble. I didn't mind helping him in and out of the truck for the occasional ride.
However, his teeth went bad and he was in some serious pain as well. The end of his journey was near and my abilities to heal weren't going to prolong it. I took him into the moronic vet for the good night injection. If you've never had to do this, I can't tell you how gut wrenching it is to have to put down such a loving and loyal friend. Yet, if you're going to keep animals, you also have to accept that this is the last thing you have to do for them.

A week later, I was still pretty bummed out but Father did me a 'nice'.

I intercepted Rollie on his way back to the Hall of Souls. He was running up a green hill when I saw him. I called to him. He stopped, saw me, ran over and jumped up on my chest. This was something he'd not been able to do for a few years. There, we said our good-byes. He turned and went to the crest of the hill where he did something unexpected. He turned, looked at me and then bowed his head. Then he was off to be with the rest of the dogs.

This dog played a critical role in my awakening and reacquisition of abilities buried under 2000 years of mortality. The critical element here though was my 'love' for the dog.  Herein there might be a useful lesson for others.