End Times Disease
End of Civilization Disease

It was anticipated from the beginning of this program of ascendancy that certain problems would make themselves apparent towards the end of the timeline. We knew that during the couple of years before rapture, people would begin to to sense that the end was near. Regardless of whether a person was 'psychic' or not, the soul is on 24 hours a day and acts as an antenna picking up material from the timeline. On a subliminal level, people would begin to 'know' even if that knowing did not rise to the level of conscious thought. During this period, people would become more of what they are. The good would become better and the bad would become worse.

The current miscreance of Gore, Clinton, and the Democratic Party serves to bring focus to the poor side of the equation. To the 'good' side, you see George W. Bush who is taking his stand against the evil present BUT doing so in a reasoned and civil manner. He isn't taking shots at Gore or his cohorts who have no problem standing in front of a Supreme Court and lying. He isn't denigrating towards the willing accomplices in the press who use the First Amendment as an excuse for lying to the American people. He's taken the high road. This scenario is playing out with every man and woman on the planet. If, they think, they've already been poorly judged, why bother with the pretenses of civilization? Evil views this as license.

Society is a collection of relationships. At rapture, those relationships are going to be seriously disrupted and those left behind are going to have to reorganize themselves, as a civilization, very quickly in order to maintain the viability of that civilization. Hardest hit will be many of the military organizations.

Those who join the military do so with the concepts of duty, honor, and service. Thus, military organizations have a higher percentage of ascendants than would be found in the general population and will be hard hit by the rapture takings.

Using the U.S. Military as an example:

During World War II, judges would frequently give petty criminals a choice of going to jail or joining the army.
The needs of the war were such that the military needed every man it could raise. However, their standards have increased substantially since then and what was once acceptable, no longer is. This is going to have to change
and the standards of sixty years past reimplimented. One given to planning and engineering would glean the computerized prison rolls making judgements of which types of criminal behavior they could 'deal' with inside of a military structure and those that are unworkable. Then, upon the moment of rapture, to extract these people from the prisons and start training them.

In the post rapture era, there will be two types of individuals left on the planet, the non ascendant and the predator.
Were the predators loosed upon the world, they would destroy everyone and everything in their paths. This won't be allowed. Instead, they will be segregated from the general population but not into the structures of prisons as they exist today.

I've targeted the four corners area of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah as a place for one penal colony for the entire United States. Other countries will have similar facilities. Here, the predator will have his living circumstances reduced to those prevalent for the west in the mid 1800's, tent cities. A situation where they will have to work for their daily bread AND do so together in order to survive.

If one man attacks another, the attacker will be removed and taken to immediate judgement (death). If two men see the attack and do nothing to help their brother, they also will be taken to immediate judgement. These people will learn how to care for each other.

Everything needed to sustain life will be supplied to them, and mine own people will see to the security of the area guaranteeing that none will escape. The materials provided will not be given in an 'open and use' form. Instead, work will be required to make the materials useable. In the journey of these labors, many can find their ascendancy.

It should be noted that these things are not punishments. The wages of sin are death (soul death) and to be sure the predator has earned this just reward. Yet, whilst there is life, there also is hope and I'll abandon no one while that hope exists.