Consequences of Elian Gonzalez

Under pressure from Clinton/Gore, democratic operatives involved in vote counting in Dade County, Florida sought to determine whether or not Gore would pick up enough votes from a recount of Dade County without going full bore into a total recount. They picked selected areas of the county with predominantly black precincts. Ninety percent of American Blacks voted for Gore. It follows that their 'test' would have determined a substantial increase for Gore.  It didn't. Based upon this testing, Dade County Democrats decided not to indulge another recount.

Notably absent from the test count were the Republican strongholds in the Cuban community. If there were any Cubans voting Democrat before the Elian affair, there aren't any now. Ask yourself, what are the odds that the selection of next president would have been so greatly influenced by the poor actions of Democrats against one little boy in this one area of the country? It can be argued that the Cuban community of Miami made the deciding difference.  Such is the price of Liberal arrogance.

The Days of the Sword should figure prominently as the next significant timeline moment.