On Labor Day weekend in 1994, Sean and I returned to the creek with camping gear with the idea of spending the weekend there. I had made some preparations with regards to aliens.

In my conversations with many through the Compuserve Computer Network, I noted certain anomalous behaviors within the group of people who gravitate to the subjects of ufos. One particular fellow, Chris M, could not remember conversations we had the day before. He also reported 'dreams' of five beautiful people in silver jump suits coming into his house.

Chris' reactions to his abduction experiences were a notch beyond the typical abductee's. The average person, when confronted with information or a person who was getting to close to the 'Don't Look, Don't Tell, Don't Know' rule would become inexplicably agitated with that individual. If the person persisted, their fear would explode into full blown personal assaults. Their presentations were always irrational, devoid of logic or reason. It was in this fashion I could deduce who was and wasn't an abductee and who was most likely under active alien influences.

I had beaten the fear injunctions programmed into me so I knew exactly why these other people would target me with such apparent ferocity. I was visible, those who had abused them weren't. Chris M was another story. As he provided me with feedback, it was clear to me that he was under active surveillance and was being picked up and interrogated. I reasoned this activity may have been due to his contact with me. I was right.

Prior to leaving for The Creek, I informed Chris as to my entire agenda. Where I would be and when I would be. I wasn't disappointed, we were met by a ship.

We arrived at The Creek around 5 A.M. on Friday morning. We were tired and it was too dark to set up our tent so we cat napped in the car. Sean jumped to alert when he heard the door handle on the door lift to open. The door was locked. It was pitch black and we saw no one.

Saturday was uneventful. We explored the area, made various discoveries and generally had a good time. On Sunday, however, I got the car stuck on a rock on a difficult portion of road. We had to hoof it out of there the six miles back to the road where I called the automobile club to come out from Canon City.

The tow truck arrived just before sun down. As this is a very narrow road and the truck was very wide comparatively, the going was slow and I'm grateful the driver had the guts to continue the journey. As we crested the mountain at the end of the inverted L we were looking into darkness except for the headlamps of the truck. Just then very very bright lights turned on for about ten seconds at the ridge line of the northern most mountain. The driver thought that was where the car was located. I advised him that it was only a couple of more miles down the road. I didn't tell him he was looking at the ufo we were expecting. It is noteworthy that the opposite mountain has no electricity, no roads and rises to eleven thousand feet. It is inaccessible except to, perhaps, the most dedicated of climbers.

To this point, I'd been cautious with Sean. I explained to him that the chances of a ship actually arriving was slim and that we might have better odds of catching lightning in a bottle. Further, the worst that could happen is that we'd have a nice weekend and a good time camping and hiking. When the lights came on he said, "Dad, does that qualify as 'real'"? I smiled back at him and said, "It's a good start".

Off the rock, the driver and I went different directions. We returned to our camp and scanned the skies for the ship. We saw it near the ridge line as it formed a silhouette against the sky. At the same time, we also heard two small jets coming towards our location for the northeast, Colorado Springs. The ship went invisible and the jets left as quickly as they'd arrived. We waited. As Nordics tend to lean towards paranoia, I figured they were checking out the area for traps and the like. Eventually, I decided to let them do their abduction scenario as it was the methodology they were most likely comfortable with. I'd brought with me materials to secure the tent and to make the dimensional door useless, but decided against using it.

My next memory is of being on the ship. Sean was with me, and I was faced off with five Nordic males, three blonde, two brunette, all quite handsome. Their leader, the one sitting in the pilot's chair appeared to be in his forties while the others seemed to be mid-twenties. I stood before him. He leaned forward and said, "What do you want"?

I replied, "Take me to Abaddon"

He said, "Who"

I countered with "Odin"

Again he said, "Who".

My first thought was, 'fascinating, no historical perspectives'. My second thought was that he was playing with me. I replied, "I don't believe you're this stupid, take me to the Old One with one eye".

That did it. It was as if I'd dropped a rattlesnake in the middle of the room. Everyone of them went stiff and got very serious very quickly. One of the brunettes who as standing to pilot's seven o'clock position said, "I'll check". I said, "Good idea". He turned to a console and about thirty seconds elapsed when he turned with a look of shock on his face and said, "Grab him, he can change the timeline.".

Two hands grabbed me from behind under the armpits and I went ballistic. I used their grip and swung forward giving the ship's captain a couple of good kicks to the chops. Sean had never seen me tee off on anyone and he was, understandably scared. The effort was pointless though. Out manned and considerably out gunned my response had no chance of achieving anything productive. They did their standard move to wipe out short term memory and took us back to our tent. In typical Nordic humor, they noted we had been collecting rocks. They left a decent pile of white mica inside the tent. I don't bring rocks into the tent.

They were partially successful with Sean's memory and I think it a good thing. They were not at all successful with me. I remembered it all. What I didn't realize is that we'd been met by the wrong ship. This group was based out of the Denver area and we were expecting one of Old One's ships. The Denver ship was the fifth and last ship of the Satanic group. The very same ship that Old One destroyed after their attack on Sean in August of 1997.

It's a small universe.