The End Game

It has been noted by various historians in differing eras that history is cyclic and unless one learns from its mistakes, we will be doomed to endure an endless repetition of the cause and effects of poor management systems (governments).  It should be addressed, that there is only one ailment and only one causal agent that contributes to these cycles of destruction that are marked in human history, the corruption human spirit. There is no law nor force that can make a person want to be a better than he is. Nor can legislation teach love, tolerance or compassion. It follows that these higher personality attributes can never be codified or imposed. The best that can be hoped for is to establish an environment and atmosphere that promotes and inspires the individual towards these lofty ideals.

Since the 1960's two generations of American children have been corrupted by a school system set to promote socialist/communist indoctrination under the guise of education. Our children our now considered property of the state and that government is free to hand them condoms against the wishes of their parents and to deliver abortions on demand while keeping knowledge from the parents. We have seen, by repeated example, that God is considered a four letter word while morality, ethics and character are reduced to 'what can we get away with today'. Service to others is for chumps and our kids are shown,  by example, that the rule is 'Take all you can - putting nothing back".

Let there be no doubt that many of our children see the hypocrisies and the injustices wrought by this system. Can it be a wonder that these same 'children' have taken guns to schools and killed? There is a direct correlation to the corruption's being taught and the results of those corruption's. We won't see an analysis in any public forum for to do so would require admittance of the evils perpetrated upon our young by their teachers and no union of teachers will stand as advocates for the children but won't hesitate to stand up for their next pay raise.

Taking only this one example, the destructions now facing us were predicted at the inception of this nation. The United States is not, nor was it ever intended to be, a democracy. Nor was it intended that we have 'one man - one vote'. The founding fathers felt that some people were competent to vote while others weren't. The issue was ultimately decided against the nation's fathers. This also was predicted in the 1860's by Abraham Lincoln who warned that if Congress failed to stand up to its duties, the nation would be ruled by judicial fiat issued by individuals who held no direct accountability to the people. The current euphemism for a corrupted judiciary is 'activist judges'. These people have no love or respect for the law they are sworn to serve but deal out edicts that are frequently in contradiction to established law and/or the will of the populous. Conversely, Congress has the power to impeach these miscreants but has not.

"We are a republican government. Real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of democracy."

                                                                                                                                 Alexander Hamilton

"Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.

                                                                                                                                 Samuel Adams

In the current version of the Constitution, as set forth by the judiciary, he who breeds the most will have the power. During the early 1960's, members of the Democratic Party realized a fatal flaw in the system and set to exploit it to their own advantages and aggrandizement's. They employed the Marxist philosophy of taxation with the goal of resculpting the United States into a communist regime with only the illusion of democracy.

'From each according to their ability. To each according to their need".
                                                                                                                                  Karl Marx

In Marxist practice, those who work are penalized for their productiveness via userous taxation. Those who produce  only children are rewarded with the money taken from those who produce. It is a fact of life on Earth that those who can least afford to breed do so at higher rates than those who proceed judiciously and within their means. It takes no genius to realize that as the numbers of non producers rise, so also does their voting power and, with it, the ability to expropriate the labors of the producers. Eventually, the producers will never be able to support the burden of the freeloaders and the government will collapse.

History shows tides wherein as a government rises it prospers in direct proportion to the prosperity of its peoples. As it corrupts, the government continues to prosper at the expense of its populations. A moment in time arrives where that government collapses to aggression from without at its borders or civil war or revolution from within.

Marx also commented that religion was the 'opiate of the masses'. He was wrong - it is the illusions of democracy. Yet, Democracy is more of a religion than anything else.

Within human history we can see only one form of government that does not corrupt and work against its populations - the benign dictatorship. The best two examples were Alexander the Great and Simon Bolivar. However, within a mortal environment, the good dictator dies and the vermin stands ready to move in. At Bolivar's grave the words are written "From My Tomb Tyrants Will Rise". Like our founding fathers, Bolivar knew his history.

The U.S. Constitution was provided with a Bill of Rights. The Tenth Amendment limits the scope and power of the Federal government. Any power not specifically granted to the Federal government is expressly denied. Regardless, Congresses for the last forty years have continually passed funding legislation for items denied by the Constitution and Presidents of both parties have signed them into law. All of these elected individuals took oaths to 'serve, protect and defend' the Constitution of the United States. All of them have defaulted on their oaths and all of them are law breakers. Iit is the cornerstone of this hypocrisy that these same individuals expect the populations to obey the very laws they have illegally brought forth.

The United States, and in particular its military, is the lynch pin of world stability. If the U.S. falls, the world goes into another Dark Age. The history of this planet aptly places the United States at the edge of the abyss with one foot dangling over the edge.

Since the discovery of The Revelation Code, I have sought a remedy, a means, to alter the formula provided in the prophecies of John. It is clear and evident that things are going to be shoved down people's throats whether they like it or not. 'Even so, Amen'. To this end I have, for the last two years, been conducting small tests at various places in the hope I might be able to discover an alternative scenario. I did not. When the level of corruption reaches 100%, reason is no longer an option and forceful solutions must be applied. As there is no elected official on the Federal level who is in compliance with the Constitution, it follows that working from within this corrupted system is not an option.

The Revelation Code shows the arrival of a food chain significantly more powerful than any government on Earth. It also tells us that upon this visibility - many will not be happy. Why should they? The days of predating from the corpus public are over.


The Code also informs us that the corruption's present and common to the Earth are also endemic in the larger universal government. The impressions are that Hitler was a choir boy compared to the Ancient of Days and there is nothing benign about this individual or in that government.

The lessons of history are such that we must conclude that, with the exception of a benign dictatorship wherein the dictator is immortal and a Son of God,,  there can be no hope of a government that does not corrupt itself and work against the interests of those governed. The Revelation Code points to the destruction of the current regime administrated by the Ancient of Days to be replaced by one wherein the Son of God is the ruling agent of the universal government.  Specific to Earth, there is no hope at all of a governance that actually serves and benefits the people.

We can deduce and infer a relationship between the universal situation (obvious via The Revelation Code) and Terran history. That relationship is found in the logic of purpose and it follows the proposition that Earth has been a test tube wherein it could be determined which form of government would survive the tests of time and not corrupt or self destruct.

It is also possible to have a democracy and/or a republic within the confines of a benign dictatorship. The later being the final arbiter of just how far things can go without crossing the line into the corruption and self destructions endemic in all other forms of government. The current regime is fascist and totalitarian. Freedom frees the spirit to achieve and to elevate  - provided there is a limit  wherein freedom is not allowed to become a license for corruption.

We are in the eleventh hour of the code and the clock is closer to midnight than many might imagine. Since 1997, the journey has been documented, for your benefit and for those to come, so the linear development of events could be recorded, seen and known. It was felt that timestamping these moments would be of later importance.
Those who would rule the Earth by power have no idea or concept of what real power looks like. They are like bullies in a schoolyard pushing around those perceived to be of lesser stature. They will find sobering realizations when confronted with the reality but, in accordance with their own miscreances, will seek to position themselves with the new 'power'. They are deemed unfit to serve.

Jesus aptly told us that one can not serve two masters. Add to this that service to self qualifies not as service to anyone else.
Those best qualified to hold power are those who have never sought it but, if called, could perform with honesty and integrity.

Caligastia 8/21/2004