End of Civilization Disease

Rapture brings with it a glorious and fulfilling moment for the ascendant soul. It is a time of enormous happiness and joy for those involved. However, it also carries with it a result which we call End of Civilization Disease or End Times Disease.

Society is a collection of interrelationships. When you begin to pull people out in large numbers, that society begins to immediately collapse. The dependencies of the butcher, the baker , and the candlestick maker become obvious. To survive, society must reorganize itself and do so quickly. This is the time of 'The Awakening'. The harmonic vibrancy of the planet and everything on it is being raised. This serves to bring the Earth into a frequency range compatible with the mechanics of the rapture. Further, it serves to bring the personal harmonics of the individual higher so as to better enable his/her vision of the realities. This results in weather changes and other not too subtle variations in the environment. Yet, the worst aspect is with people themselves. Everyone becomes more of what they are. The good become better. The bad become worse. The  current rash of murder suicides provides strong evidence. Those who are soul dead and have dedicated great effort to the construction of hit lists now feel they are free to indulge in murderous miscreance as they 'know' they have nothing to lose.

Following rapture, quick changes are required. With the best of Earth gone from it, only two groups will remain the Non Ascendant and the Soul Dead. The later being the worst kind of predator known to man. Without the Ascendant Soul to hold them in check and balance, they will spread like locusts upon the Non Ascendants. It serves best purpose that they are segregated and controlled. Nothing is achieved in death and the longer everyone stays well and alive, the longer they have to achieve their ascendancy. The loosing of these predators upon the populus would serve no good.