Eternity Road

Slavery is frequently a path chosen by the individual. Central to this poor course is 'wanting'. As long as you want things from other people, you grant them power over you as you've decided that they can fulfill your wants. This also becomes an roadblock on the path to the Father.

I have a young fellow who has been tracking me since 1998. He was a teenager when he was sent to me. In the beginning, I saw what he needed most was to learn to think in a rational and logical manner. This he achieved. He also took note of the fact that I never take things from other people. What I have to give is done freely. So scratch the idea of a for profit cult etc nor am I jumping the ladies.

A few months back, he expressed an interest in serving Father. I'd already established that he was dimensionally active and could follow instructions, so I talked him through the steps needed for a first person audience with Father with the caveat that such a thing was Father's call - not his or mine. Father received him.

During his interview with Father he said, "I want to be of help". Father replied, "I don't need your help". At first he was inclined to view this as a rejection. However, Father also told him that he was welcome to return again.

Herein is the crux of this young man's situation. He was attempting to make a 'deal'. Father doesn't make deals - now or ever.
His actual offer was 'I'll grant you my help if you grant me.................something'. Were Father to go into the deal making business the line of those seeking their own self aggrandizement would reach around creation and not one of them would be there to serve that which is good or true. Father has no need for such 'help'. What Father does want is our service.

Jesus defined a 'church' as a place where people gather, in His name, for the purpose of doing good works for their fellows.
Here in Canon City, there are many temples of worship but only one true church. It is an organization called Loaves and Fishes that collects and distributes food and clothing for the needy, school supplies at a different time of year and toys etc for the kids at Christmas. There is no requirement for prayer, worship or any of the common temple activities. Temples, frequently require that those given assistance must first go through the temple to get to the church. Loaves and Fishes has no such requirement.

Jesus' definition of service mirrors Father's expectations. We do for our fellows because it is a good thing and because the Trinity Deities have so defined the issues of service. When you grant what it needed to your fellows, without expectation of reward, this defines the word 'love'.  If, on the other hand, you're given to keeping a scoresheet wherein you assume that if you do ten good things you should get something back - then you've denigrated your good deeds into deal making with a God who doesn't make deals. On the other hand, when you've STOPPED WANTING anything for yourself, the road to the Father is cleared of obstacles.

I have a business. I work for my daily bread. People pay me money because they want what I have to sell. What I sell is of enormous benefit to others. I help good people protect themselves from bad people. So, not only do I get to feed my face, I also perform a public service in the doing of it. This is a win win situation all around. Over this, everything else I give away for free.

Jesus' story of the two cloaks speaks to the point. If you have two cloaks and your neighbor has none - give him one of yours.
Jesus didn't suggest that one indulge stupidity by giving away both.

The key to getting to Father is simple. Become that which He'd like you to be and THEN offer service without expectation.

While I go before Father without expectation or demands, I can note that when I have a need - something I can't do for myself - he steps up on His own and sends the resources needed to cover the need. Herein is a lesson. Father will always supply what is needed to those in His service. Not necessarily what you want or what you think you need - but what He deems is needed. One doesn't get rich in Father's service, but you'll always have what is necessary.

In dealing with a person on whom I don't have certainty, I'll ask, "Father Help Me". Then, He'll supply the words I need for 'that' particular person and those words are always 'perfect' for the moment.

A little over a year ago, Father sent me to a person who had committed a great injury upon me. This was done dimensionally.
We met in a room - when he saw me, he attacked me - three times. Each time, I threw off the attack with sufficient force to told him at bay but not to injure. Then I asked, "Father Help Me".  The words were given.

"This is the last time you will lay eyes upon me. Do you have anything to say"?  The individual involved said nothing and I left.
Two days later, I received a crank phone call from the individual. This served as my confirmation of the dimensional activities of that encounter.

A month later, Father contacted me and instructed me to forward His judgement of life to this person. He had failed.
I did as requested.  Immediately upon completion of the task, a white eagle's feather appeared on my sofa. This is a protocol Father has established with me for confirming dimensional subjects within my scope of reality (3d).

The point of the story here is that Father will supply what is needed to those who are in His service.  As I see it, service to Father is the greatest journey possible. What can anyone give me that would surpass this?  Why should I want lesser things?
My journey with Father is on Eternity Road. 'Things' are temporary in nature and not of the sort you can take with you. Father lasts forever.