The Extinction of the Black Race

Were we not in the end times and 'if' this line were to continue, the Pure Black Race would be extinct within two hundred years. The evidence if plentiful and plain to any wishing to see it.

The current population of Africa is around thirty million. Roughly a third of that number are Euros, Arabs and Indians (Hindu) leaving a balance of only twenty million people.

The biggest killer of black people is now, and has always been, other blacks and tribal barbarism. Ignorance and disease follow next. The later two are, oft times, fueled by hatred and bias and they never see they are creating their own self destruction in the process. African blacks, like American blacks, play their favorite pastime of blaming the White Man for their ills never stopping to ponder the 'fact' that abuses of the colonial era are long gone (as is slavery in the United States).

In Zimbabwe, a black controlled government evicted whites from the country, seized their land, houses, and possessions. Those who wouldn't go, were killed. There was no outcry from the rest of the world. Today, starvation and disease run rampant in the country. The whites that grew the food that blacks ate - no longer do. True, they have an all black government, but one without the skills and education to administer to the needs of their own people. Better to die of starvation than to give recognition to the truth.

The effects of AIDS are catastrophic. Billions in humanitarian aid has been rendered. The people have been taught to use condoms, they won't. They've been taught how to stay healthy and to prevent a variety of diseases - they don't listen. Instead, they call AIDS a white man's disease and play the blame game all the way to the grave rather than give admittance to the truth.
White people die from this disease as well.

In South Africa, some blacks believe that raping a female child will cure them of AIDS. The fallacy of the proposition is obvious to any one possessed of the common sense God gave a turnip. Yet, they'll inflict incredible harm upon the child and infect her with the virus. In the doing, they eliminate the next generation.

It is an amazement that a continent the size of Africa has only twenty million black people and the numbers are declining daily.

Generally speaking, those in the United States who call themselves black, aren't. They're brown - hybrids of racial mixtures between black and white, black and native American, black and Hispanic. The point of commonality with Africa is that they also refuse to give admittance to basic truths  and prefer to play the blame Whitey game - to their own detriment.

Katrina and New Orleans also makes a great point in commonality. New Orleans 'knew' well in advance that there was a very real possibility that the levees might give way during a powerful storm. To this end, a bridge was built across a lake to the north to be an escape route. Furthermore, Federal money was allocated for the maintenance of those levees. Those funds were diverted by local officials for other uses. Read this as corruption.

When Katrina hit, they had no emergency plan in place. Mayor Nagen (black) did nothing. The white Governor of the state also did nothing. FEMA rules are very clear to the point that it will take the Federal Government three days to mobilize aid. It fell to the locals to have structures in place to handle that small period of time. They didn't.

Nagen, whined for those three days begging George Whitey Bush to send aid. When it arrived, did he thank the President?
No, instead, he joined with other blacks to blame their deficiencies on him even to the idea that he caused the storm.
It is typical that blacks will turn to bight the hand that fed them and Nagen is only the most recent case in point. He did, however, find time to cater to black prejudices declaring that New Orleans would once again be a 'chocolate' city. He was later reelected to his office by his black constituency under the theory he was black enough for the job in spite of his obvious incompetence.

Factor this against the reality of Zimbabwe and one is left with the conclusion that blacks can self govern only if Whitey is standing in the wings to bail them out of the messes they create for themselves.

As with Africa, it is also true that the number one killer of blacks in the United States isn't whitey, but other blacks. A fact
oft times neglected as the truth must always be subservient to the Whitey Did It game. This always requires that the truth be ignored and politically correct ignorance be employed.

In the most recent example of Barak Obama's pastor, he(Obama)  was caught lying. Don Imus said three words 'nappy headed ho' and Obama said that he should be fired for this. Yet, his black pastor can go on extended racist diatribes including 'God Damn America' and that we are the" United States of KKK White America". However, Obama comes to his defense because the black mindset is such  that its okay to ignore the truth and to blame Whitey. This same mindset is that which  has condemned Black Africa to extinction.

We can put numbers to the amount of Black racists that exist in the United States - 91% of black voters. While Whites accept Martin Luther King's yardstick of judging people based on character - most blacks don't - they vote skin. While Whites have, for two generations, taught their kids to be color blind and fair, blacks have done precisely the opposite teaching hate in their families and their churches. Thousands of Whites voted for Obama believing he might be the Great Black Hope. Instead they've discovered that he's just another bottomfeeder.

Institutionalized White racism is a thing of the past in this country. Yet, hate mongers, like Jerimiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made themselves multimillionaires pandering to black bias. Their philosophy is simple. We've got ours, everyone else can go get screwed.

Obama is no different; for as much as blacks give lip service to slavery and oppression - when they get ahead, they move to white areas and rich houses. Slavery still exists in Africa today. What have they done about it? Nothing - why should they? They've got theirs.

Blacks comprise only 13% of the American population they they consume resources far in excess of their representation or contributions to the country. The failures of thirty years of the Great Society well illustrate the point that money can not negate corruption of spirit. More than two generations of institutionalized racism (called Affirmative action) can not alter their hearts.
Few will ever see the well intended efforts by whites to level the playing field with the goal of equality for all.

Unfortunately, Affirmative Action did not have the intended results. To be sure, many have the benefits of education's paid for at white expense (while whites were denied student loans and scholarships). Many have employment by governments who are the largest employers of blacks and the median income for blacks and whites is very close.

The lessons learned, however, are that government exists (from the black perspective) to inflict itself against whites for the benefit of blacks.  Equality is no longer the issue and Martin Luther King's 'Dream' is as dead as the proverbial nail. Today, the point is domination with the goal of enslaving white, asians and hispanics under a government where Blacks are the ruling elite.

How do we know this? Barak Obama, and his twenty year association, with Black Liberation Theology is very clear about it.
It is a quirk of history that would be tyrants are given to advertising their intents in advance of implementation. Adolph Hitler and Mein Kampf are a good case in point.

Black Liberation Theology has nothing to do with religion at all except that its racist doctrines are spread through churches who have no respect of Jesus or his messages to mankind. It is a Communist Manifesto  for the take over of the government of the United States. It's principle doctrine is to take from whitey to give to blackey and to use the power of government to enforce their dictums 'and'  to do so to a degree where slavery results. How little do they understand the hearts of whites. While we were willing to do the right thing, the just thing, they've seized upon this as a weakness to be exploited and they think they can achieve the enslavement of the United States  through Barak the Bigot Obama.

The Zimbabwe Effect should now come to center stage. Blacks can not run this government by themselves. Likewise, in most of the Americas they are minority populations. In the few areas where they are dominate, Haiti for example, corruption and starvation are (like Zimbabwe)  testaments to their inability.

Also, Blacks have absolutely no understanding of the Latin mindsets where they are concerned. Once upon a time, I was positioned to speak to large numbers of Hispanics from all over the Americas. Regardless of which country they hailed from, their attitudes on blacks were similar. They can't be trusted. They steal. They're lazy. They have too many babies.
Oddly this last comment came from a Mexican National. Amongst the poorer classes in Mexico the proper size for a family is deemed to be four children.

I was curious if the idea of 'nigger' was a uniquely American idea. It appears not. Mexican's for example use the word myate, to describe some blacks. It's analogous to nigger. It references a dung beetle. They use the term 'chocolate' to identify one they consider to be a good black. It's my experience they lean more towards the former than the later.

It's curious that while Mexicans, and other Latins, have flooded across our southern border - blacks have remained mostly silent about it. If they had the first clue what Latinos really think about them, they'd have different attitudes. Yet the mindset is to hate whitey and they are blinded to everything else. In the greater scheme of things, Mexicans are closer to Whites in attitude and cultures in that they share a common work ethic, the expectation of working hard to build something for their children and not looking for a free lunch. If one is offered, to be sure, they'll take it. Yet, it is not dominate in their expectations. They'll settle for a fair shake.

We are at the beginnings of another Great Depression. The Arabs are sticking it to us on gas prices and forty years of Congressional mismanagement is about to come home to roost. In the face of a growing population the oil industry was denied the ability to drill for oil or to increase refining capacity. Also, as it benefits the oil companies, the prices for domestic crude is set by the Arabs when the actual costs are significantly lower than with imported oil.

The effects are inflationary and  is seeping into every corner of the nation. Prices will go up at a time when incomes are going down. Add to this the fact that the value of the dollar is being diminished accordingly and let us not forget, or forgive, the deliberate self aggrandizing mismanagement of Congress.

Factor Obama's plan for Black domination on top of this and you are left with the formula for Civil War.