What proof do you have that I am who I say I am?

Logical proof does exist and I will put it before you now.

In April 1995, when the Universal Old One arrived, his mission was not to put me on trial. My willingness to stand to answer was an added boon. He was there to deliver a genetic implant. This was not like those forced upon us via the alien abduction scenario. Instead of stealing something from me, it was his intent to give some to me. Furthermore, I was asked for permission. My reply to his query was, "Do with me as you will". The purpose of the implant was to begin a genetic alteration that will eventually have me as a fully functional angel while 'in the skin'. I'm unaware of any time in the history of the universe that this has been done. My voice to the subject included more than just myself. My son, who had not reached his majority, 12 years, and my subordinate Daligastia, were also within the scope of my words. That night, all three of us were picked up.

I remember laying face down upon an operating table, covered in cloth with my back laid bare. The next morning I awoke with a hell of a pain in my spine between the shoulder blades. Dal and I had not spoken for a number of months, the phone rang. We compared notes and discovered we both shared the same pain and commiserated with each other to the point. Dal and I are both in our forties and are bones don't give as well as they used to. Sean, on the other hand, felt a minor presence in his back but not very noticeable pain. In spite of the discomfort, it was tolerable and lasted for four days. On the fifth day it lessened noticeably and on the sixth disappeared totally.

What was given to us was our own angelic dna. Each of us are unique in being and in status. Our genetic structure reflects these differences. Immediately, a change in our outward appearance became obvious, our eyes began to change color and patterning. Sean was the first to notice. As I sat working at my desk one day he said, "Dad, take off your glasses". I said, "Huh", but he insisted. He swore that my eyes were changing. I went to the bathroom mirror to take a look but as I'm not a person who spends a lot of time looking at his eyes, I found it difficult to confirm Sean's observation. We began doing daily eye checks and comparing notes. Sean was right, they were changing.

After a couple of weeks of this 'eye balling', I made an appointment with an ophthalmologist to have my eyes examined and photographed. While I did report the physical facts, I did not mention our involvements with ufos, aliens or angels. I wanted his examination to be as objective as possible and I was disinclined to let the man think I'd lost my mind.

The good doctor informed me that it is possible for eyes to change color. This occurs with the presence of certain diseases like diabetes. The loss of color occurs only in one eye and not bilaterally. Further, our eyes were not losing color but gaining in it and in both eyes. The next anomaly was  with the increase in coloring also came an increase in pigmentation. A yellow radial appeared around my pupils. From it white spoked filaments began to radiate outwards to the edge of the eye. Eventually, this filimentation would fill much of the iris.

The doctor's ultimate opinion was that he had no explanation for this phenomena. This event was beyond the scope of his knowledge and experience.

I returned in late July 1995 to have a second set of photographs taken so as to form a comparison to the first. The differences between the two are distinct and obvious.

Dal underwent the same changes as I. While Sean and I are bloodline relatives, Dal is a black lady with a totally different genetic background. This fact serves to dismiss familial genetics as a viable argument as to cause.

The Sherlock Holmes statement to the logic is applicable here,

"Once you've eliminated the obvious, that which remains, no matter how improbable, must be true".

I am in good health. My eyesight is no better or worse than its ever been. There is no known disease that can simultaneously be responsible for for three people, unrelated by blood and separated by two thousand miles all having an alteration in a biological feature that is determined by genetics. Furthermore, Dal and I had not physically met face to face at that point in time. The only point of commonality we had was an association with the same group of aliens, angels.

There has been one other side effect that applies to me only. Novocain no longer works to deaden nerves and any dental work I need done must be done under a general.

It was suggested to me that I should see an Iridologist. I rejected the idea as the practice is outside the limits of main stream medicine. While I make no judgment on the practice and I am aware that some of the 'fringe' medical practices do have value, I felt that methodology should be firmly planted in the middle of acceptable medical practices. This to avoid justified criticism at a latter date.

What does this mean?

These physical changes were resultant from

1. A communication with an entity that had the ability to point to not one but three ufos during that discourse.

2. The woman providing the circuit for the communications was not aware of her involvement and later confirmed missing time.

3. The same ufo sighting was seen by others and was not a localized hallucination.

4. The pain involved was quite real.

5. Three individuals all reported the same physical events, although Sean's discomfort was substantially less.

6. The only point of commonality between all three individuals was an involvement with angels.

7. The physical results of the implant are impossible within the limits of known medical science.

8. As mankind does not possess the technology to perform these acts, it follows that a superior technology is present.

9. As that technology was demonstrated via the appearance of three ufos, it is reasonable to infer that the substance of my conversations with the Universal Old One have evidentiary value.

In any logical court, a witness to an event is competent to testify to his observations. It follows that I am competent to give witness to the things that I have said and done and to the interactions I've had with others.

The issue next becomes mental competency. Realizing that I myself would demand proof to the point of psychiatric stability, I subjected myself to three psychiatric interviews. One in 1994, 1995, and 1996. Each of these evaluations involved the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, the standard testing medium for mental illness and personality disorders. In all three instances, the results were within normal limits'. In any case, I score major points on credibility issues and stability of personality. These tests were administered by two different Phd psychologists and the third by an MSW.

The next point is more subtle. Is the purpose of the implant a manipulation or an effort to delude and to deceive?

I wrestled with this issue for some time. I eventually decided that if duplicity were present it would, by necessity, have to show itself during the course of the journey we had embarked upon. That it would be impossible and impractical for my angelic associates to disguise poor intent indefinitely and that some effort would be made to get me to do something I considered wrong. It has now been three years and no evidence of this type has surfaced.

A final logical point is required to tie the bow on this package. As my perceptions and mental abilities are well within normal limits, it follows that that I am competent to testify on the subjects wherein I have been directly involved. As such, I am also qualified to have opinions and to draw conclusions to the points. While many may disagree with my conclusions, as is their right, mine have more evidentiary weight that those who have not taken the journey.

Attached with this chapter are pictures of the eyes and a copy of the medical report. I have removed personal identifiers to prevent netophiles from creating inconvenience. However, I will make source documents available to any qualified researcher.

After Images

Before Images
Comparative Photographs


Update 7/24/99

As of this date, I currently have lost exactly one inch in height. I had no cause to notice this in that there has been no change in clothing sizes. However, I have noticed now somewhat belatedly.
My speculation is that for the implant to be inserted one vertebrae had to be removed. I've checked with my associate Dal and she reports that she's gained two inches in height.