The Eyes of Ascension

At the time of the first judgment of man, April 1997, a genetic marker was injected into the persons of those who were judged ascendant. This allows us to instantly identify and locate the ascendant populations for the purpose of performing rapture. The marker is benign and not harmful. It does, however, have a visible side effect. In the presence of a 4-dimensional energy field, the marker is activated AND changes in the patterning of the eyes occurs.

If the reader refers back to the chapter titled "Proofs", you will see photos of my eyes before and after the changes that resulted from the receipt of my genetic implant. My implant, however, was radically different in design and intent than your marker so parallels here are few. Regardless, the visible changes to the eyes are notable AND IMPOSSIBLE given the knowledge available to 20th Century medicine.

Most notable of the genetic changes is the presence of a dark blue ring around the outside of the eye. In the normal
eye, the iris and pigmentation sit atop a lighter color at the edge. It is considered impossible by current norms for that to change from lighter to darker. Logic demands the existence of a variable currently unknown to our science.

Before you go running to the bathroom mirror to gauge your ascendancy status, consider that the presence of a dimensional energy field is required. People's physiologies, while similar, are also different and one person may react sooner to the marker than later.

In taking various people out to the creek, it has occurred more than once that an individual walks into the area with one set of eyes and leaves with another. My associate Jacki is one such person, as well as two members of Ghostwolf's group, Mike and Clay. Imagine that you are invited to a place with the significance of the creek and you see all these amazing rock carvings. Excitement runs rampant. Then, while you are on the mountain your eyes begin to change and those changes ARE VISIBLE. To the cynics, who believe in little, the time for rationalization and speculation arrives. Anything to avoid the obvious.

In 1995, I placed Father's Ring around the earth. It is a dimensional energy field. Thus, given an individual's relative exposure to that field, it is possible and conceivable that the ascendant's marker will have been activated. One does not necessarily have to go to the creek.

In addition to these changes another fantastic event has quietly unfolded beyond the notice of most. I've said several times in my writings that children under the age of twelve are deemed to be ascendant. Those children born after April of 1997 are ascendant beings who have been given a higher order of dna than has been common for mankind during the last five hundred thousand years. This, to prepare them for the inter dimensional realities and abilities they will enjoy post rapture.

Furthermore, couples who have previously been childless and incapable of conception are suddenly having miracle babies who have the superior genetics. These parents have also been judged ascendant.

Note, the blue ring is most obvious on people who have blue eyes. In Daligastia's case, she is a black lady who acquired the blue ring. It is an oddity. However, the ring can also be of the natural color of the individual's eye.
What is important is that the lighter edge of the eye becomes darker. The color is really academic.

This is a great and exciting time for the Earth.