False Prophets and Demi-Gods

Mankind has, from day one, been plagued by individuals who purport to know the will of God, be in contact with him or His angels, or to channel Betty Boop from Alpha Centauri.

In all cases the old saying of 'caveat emptor' applies, let the buyer beware.


These would be messiahs use scenarios which can be, more or less, standardized. First and foremost is to separate you from your money. I've recently become aware of an individual who says he channels an 'entity' who will give the highest truth on the planet - for one thousand dollars. This same individual states he has received endorsements from none other than my grandfather, Machiventa Melchezidek. He further quotes me on comments he says I've made about George Washington. Yet, anyone who has read my writings here or elsewhere will note I've never said anything about the first president.

Yet, Jesus charged no fee for his services - much less his miracles. His was a life of service. To be sure, people made offerings and gifts of money to him. However, he NEVER solicited money from anyone.

Now, the aspiring demi-god would say, "Yes, but money makes the world go round and you have to live in it".

I'll agree one must work to earn money to pay for the necessities of life. If you've followed Caligastia's First Rule of Ascendancy (Everyone tends to their own backside), you'll find another rule applicable, "Father provides".

Demi-gods appear in degrees. The money monger who is only after your purse, uses a variety of ruses to give you 'belief'. Once you've been so inspired with him or her, then they'll put the bight to you for the bucks.

The next level of demi-god seeks to have you live in communal circumstances where he can dictate not only the circumstances of your life but your day to day actions. It isn't uncommon for the dark messiah to ask you to separate from your wife or have others raise your children. Also, diets of low protein and high carbohydrates tend to make a person more pliable to suggestion. The worst case in modern history of such a poorly intended individual was Jim Jones.

It seems amazing that no sooner has one demi-god died that another rises to take his place using the very same methods employed by prior exemplars. They all prey upon those who are seeking to raise their spirituality in the quest for ascendancy or those who wish this purpose but are momentarily of very poor circumstance. Such people can, and often will, be gullible to their own detriment.

You will know the ascendant teacher by the following criteria. If they do not arrive in these clothes, they are best avoided.

1. We NEVER EVER solicit  money or property from anyone.

Example: I have a book for sale on this web site. It is modestly priced. If you want it, take it. If not, don't. No one is going to 'sell' you anything. Your ascendancy depends not upon anything that money can buy.

2. In religious services where they pass the plate, fine. Occasionally, if the church needs a new roof or some extraordinary expenditure of money, the need will be brought to the attention of the congregation - and no more.  Those who would twist your arm are not in Father's service.

3. By Terran standards, I am possessed of all the abilities which would allow me to be called an ascended master. No, you don't have to be dead to have earned this title nor am I the only one.
There are those of exceptional mortal spirit who have raised themselves to these inter dimensional realities.  I don't and won't 'channel' Betty Boop. On rare occasions, I have passed off messaging for selected individuals. There is never any money involved.

4. Purported discourse with the dead is a sham. One can view a timeline and learn by the viewing, but interactive discourse from the third or fourth dimensions is false. A timewalker CAN go interactive with people within a timeline by returning to that moment from the fifth dimension. In this case, the individual contacted is not dead. Few angels are timewalkers and there are none born of mortal soul on Earth who can perform the feat.

5. Those who purport to teach MUST ,AS A MATTER OF NECESSITY,  'BE' WHAT THEY PURPORT TO TEACH. If they aren't, are they then qualified to teach what they themselves can't be?

6. No celestial being of any worth would associate with a poorly motivated person. Those who
legitimately make their livings performing dimensional services for people never get rich and their fees are always reasonable and affordable. These people make modest livings and no more.
I have met such people in my travels.

The message of this chapter is, "Don't be gullible". Proceed with a reasoned, rational AND skeptical mind. God IS logical and rational. We should endeavor to be so ourselves.