The Creator Father is a personality not a person. He is an energy being who resides in the seventh dimension. We do not know if He is the only one of His kind but it does seem so. The personality preference He presents is male although the aspects of female must certainly be within him .

I've never known Him to be anything other than kind, loving, tolerant and patient. Those of us who have had first hand contact with him an speak to the subject. Yet, it must be understood, that most within the universe can not as they have ycet to achieve their evolutionary moment that enables such contact. Thus, the universe has had to take our word to the point of His existence. Regardless, there is a place on Jerusem where people who have not the ability can go to have an audience with Father. Some jokingly call this the Pleading Room as most arrive there to ask Father to give them some thing. The situation is similar to those on Earth who pray only to ask something for themselves.

The imagery of an angry god is incorrect. I've never seen Father to be angry. This face was incorrectly painted on Father by those who viewed my interactions with the ancient Hebrews and decided I was angry. Such was not the case. Those Biblical stories that delineate the wrath of their 'god' showed that, at that moment in time, fear was the only currency the Jews would accept. They'd seen what they thought were miracles. They'd been delivered from slavery and still, only Moses and a few others came to trust that the voice that guided them did so for their own good. Eventually, frustrated, I had to leave them to their own devices until all who had been slaves in Egypt had been replaced by a generation who had never known anything but freedom.
Whatever my actions, no souls were lost.

Killing without good purpose is murder. The Jewish rendition of the commandment 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder' is the correct translation. A planetary prince is impowered by his office with the power of life and death. This eventually become known as the 'Divine Right of Kings' and it inadvertently crept into the mindset of some Earthly rulers.

Revelation has a couple of comments about me. It notes that the prince of this world has been cast down. Translated, it means simply that I had entered the incarnative darkness and had become man. Further, it comments that the prince hath been judged. All who enter mortality must stand judgment. There was no exception made for me. In 1996, I received a message from the Universal Old One that Father was waiting for me in the Hall of Judgment. Having received the call, the old one asked me if I was nervous. I couldn't imagine being nervous about being summoned before Father for any reason and I went to Jerusem as instructed.

Upon my arrival, Father's light filled the building surrounding me and encompassing all that I am. He spoke to me and gave recognition to my service upon Earth. Then, He purged me of the effects of any sin I had accumulated in my sojourn here. To say it was an uplifting experience would be an understatement. I felt as though weights had been removed from my feet and, once again, I knew what it felt like to have one's soul soar.

It's my opinion, my speculation, that Father's nature is such that He can not physically tolerate an imperfect soul. It is the nature of His being to adjust that which is deficient to a state of perfection. I base my opinion upon another encounter with him.

A friend of mine, a former federal law enforcement type, came to me and we spoke at length about many things. I could see he was bitter as a result of the many injustices he'd seen during his career and most eventually think, "Why does God allow this?" As it turns out, this man also had the ability to see auras, and visualization was easy for him. I talked him through the process of bilocating his soul and together we took up an arbitrary position in orbit above the planet. I then tested him, asking him to look at his own body and to report what he saw. Then to look around and tell me where I was standing relative to him. Then to describe what I was wearing etc. Without exception, he clearly saw all that was there correctly. I contacted Father and asked his permission to bring this man to six. Specifically, to Father's Room.

At the top of the sixth dimension is a spoked energy field which emanates directly from Father. One who can pass through the middle of the spoked wheel will be in a white room that Father maintains for the purpose of audience. Here I took my friend. Again, I had him look around and describe what he was seeing. This time, however, he did not see all accurately as his brain was not accustomed to processing the massive amounts of energy that are consistent with Father's presence. After a few moments he began to adapt and to 'see' properly. At this point, I pointed to where we had entered the room. I told Him that his audience with Father was private and I would wait for him back at my house. I gave him instructions on how to leave the room via the way we had entered. Then I left.

A few minutes later, he returned crying like a baby. He said, "I had no idea". He described his audience and it was clear to me that Father had purged him of sin. His experience was identical to my own and I'd told him nothing of my judgment. He was awed, happy, jubilant, and a little sad all at the same time. Now he knew the truth first hand. It took him some time to get reoriented to 'normal' reality. His brain was still somewhat overload with the energy transfers that had occurred. I did comment to him that for the first time in nearly five hundred thousand years, he was without sin and it would be nice if he didn't screw it up.

Sin has a profound and negative effect upon one's soul. To those who have dimensional eyes, it darkens the color and a person's evolutionary moment can be seen by any angel. Nordics can not see the soul as it requires a soul to enable sight.

The biggest problem with the world's religions is that those who profess to practice those religions don't. They rationalize poor behaviors by noting the ways of the world and they put the label of 'pragmatic' upon those deeds they do that they know are wrong. The major religions say the same things albeit in different ways. Even so, the individual who actually practices the precepts of their religion, regardless of which religion it is, can find his way to ascendancy. Clearly, religion is not the only path and it is a matter of freewill as to which road an individual walks.

Words to not describe feelings well. The experience of being with Father is one that is primarily felt. If you take the most joyous moment you've ever felt and multiply by a thousand, you will still not have an accurate impression of what Father is like. For me this knowing was enabling in as much as I can give myself over to Him and say, "Thy Will Be Done" with absolute trust in Him. The knowing that I am cared for, that His love for me is unconditional and that I am acceptable in His sight, makes everything done worthwhile. There is no greater reward possible.