Save Me

Recently, a man and a woman came to meet with me. We sat in a local restaurant and talked for a couple of hours.
The couple was married and the man seemed very protective and considerate to his wife. The wife had grown up during and after the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

She appeared to have a good life and was comfortable with her husband, yet she carried the scars of her childhood and, with them, a great deal of fear. More than anything else, her fear was that her good life would be stripped from her as it had been before.

Briefly, her family had been well aligned with American military interests. Upon the fall of Saigon, they were left stranded in what can only be called an extremely hostile environment. Four years after the fall, they took a boat and made their way to Thailand where they were interned in a DP (Displaced Persons) Camp. Due to an uncle's affiliations with the U.S. Military, they spent only four months there in poor living circumstances. Many others spent years there. (Kudos to the military for taking care of their own.) Since then, she's built a good life for herself in the United States.

Prior to coming to meet with me, the husband told me that his wife had frequent back pains and headaches and asked if there was anything I could do. I avoid the subjects of healing and prophecy like the plague. It is not my time for these endeavors and I know it. However, I did a quick attachment to her through him and found no physical ailment. What I did find was an abundance of fear that resulted in the afflictions, all self-induced.

During the course of our conversation, I informed both of them that there was nothing wrong with her and broached the subject of her fear. The woman had trouble making and keeping eye contact with me. The husband had read my web site and was tuned into my thoughts on these issues while the wife had not. I suggested that when they returned home, she write down a list of all of her fears and then to step through them, one at a time, to reasonably ascertain which of the circumstances listed would still be operative in her life, as an adult, today, then to impose her logic and reason over the subjects. In the doing, she might conclude that the hurts of her earlier days were no longer operational and could be dismissed. Her demeanor indicated that she did not accept the suggestion. Instead, she was in search of a miracle or some magic.

She asked me to cure her of her fear. I told her that she had free will and I could not. What she failed to understand was that she was, in actuality, offering to sell me her soul. For me and mine, Freewill is the prime directive. While, as planetary prince, I have license to perform interventions, this is not an area I will indulge.  However, were she speaking to someone other than me, she might very well have been taken up on her offer.

There is no magic that will cure a warped or fearful soul. The conquest of the primal instinct of fear is foundational in the quest for ascendancy. Intellect, logic and reason are the gateways for this conquest. No person in Father's service will ever offer to make magic for you. The 'magic' is within you and nowhere else.

In the case of this woman, removing the ailments without removing the causal agents is a pointless endeavor. Her body was trying to tell her that there's something wrong with her life and, in particular, the state of her soul. It's easier to look for the magic bullet that takes away physical pain and discomfort than to delve into the real anguish causing it. So denial and avoidance become the avenues of least resistance. This is not an uncommon situation.

For further reading on related aspects, I'd suggest the chapter on Denials and It's a Wonderful Life.

If a person has not conquered his or her own fears, he or she can not reach ascendancy.

Understand this:

Religion gives the erroneous teaching that God, Father or Son, is going to arrive on the planet to save you.
This idea is false, born of misconception and fear. It is your task to save yourself. Father will provide his highest and best as a teacher - but no more than a teacher and an example. The Son will not make magic for you any more than I will. Jews, in particular, have had a Messiah complex for a long time and Christians adopted the belief into their paradigm. You save yourselves. When comes the day, those well judged will stand hand in hand with me as I present you to The Son, accomplished from the games of life.