Fence Sitting

There are those who get through life neither taking a stand or running the risk of offending others. They walk the middle road of life and frequently call themselves moderates. Mentally, they rationalize their methodologies as being reasoned when, in fact, they are fear based. If one has to take a 'stand' it is a practical certainty that someone else who doesn't occupy that same positioning will be offended. The fence sitter plays it safe and will not blow one way or the other until he's certain who is going to win. THEN! he safely makes his stand with the herd.

There is a warning in Revelation, directed to one of the individuals who is to become one of the 'churches'. Paraphrasing, it says 'I have a problem with you'. I wish you were either hot or cold so I could know where you stand. The personality involved is a fence sitter who has dedicated much effort to playing it safe.

Can you take the middle road between good and evil never declaring where you stand?

This road has a name - Compromise.

Be advised - there is no middle ground between good and evil, light and dark.

If one compromises with evil - then one endorses that evil and supports its continuity.

We Never Compromise With Evil

If a person sits in the twilight between light and dark, how then should you be judged?


In a system that recognizes only pass or fail there is not category for the twilight people who were too afraid to do right against the face of evil. Now the fence sitter will cry "I've done no evil". It then begs the question,

Does the absence of evil doing presume the presence of good?

Food For Thought