From Father's Mouth To Your Ear

On November 17, 2000, I was called to audience before Father. I made the trip dimensionally to Father's Eye where I  spruced up a bit donning traditional robe and wings. This encounter with Father was remarkable in many ways. Those who know me would allow I'm not a person easily overwhelmed. Yet, this was my feeling.

I have never seen Father in a poor mood. However, this time was different. He was enormously happy and His mood was infectious. He was also unusually chatty.  We discussed a number of issues of current business and, given His good humor, I ventured to ask Him a question that has been a speculation for eons.

Are you only one, or are you one of many?


My thoughts to this subject are as follows:

Angels are slaves to the logic of purpose. We've acquired this trait from our association with Father or via those who have had associations with Father. There is no logic of purpose in creating a universe and then inhabiting it
unless there is a higher purpose and goal to be attained. The theologian would say that God made us to share Heaven with Him. This is true. However, what do we do once we get there? What is the logic of purpose for bringing us there at all? What, if any, is our mission?

Father confided that He is but one of a greater civilization and that my speculations to the logic of purpose had been correct. His realm has many of the same problems currently plaguing the universe. Specifically, that immortality brings with it a lethargy and stagnation that is not easily overcome. As mankind now stands ready to go forth from Earth as a spark of change and emancipation, so also the universe will one day make the transition to the seventh dimension to bring our lessons and experiences to those who have need of them.

A few years back, Father showed the Son an image of the interior of 7d. The Son  shared that image with me. We were both agreed that what we'd seen strongly suggested the existence of a civilization. Today, Father confirms this. What then is His purpose in releasing this information to the Earth? I consider it a great honor and a recognition of achievement directed towards the mortal population. Be thee all of good cheer.