The Gatekeeper's View

The Gatekeeper is a man, also a Lanonandek, whose task within mortality is to guard and, at the right moment, to activate certain devices. The initialization of those devices required both of our efforts and was accomplished recently. Confirmation of the successful initialization was received from Old One, via Jackie.


As I've noted before, the sculptures that appear in construction to be similar to the tablets of the ten commandments are, in fact, control panels. Unlike other such switches, this one tells you what to do. This picture is deceiving and can't give a true representation for the size which I guesstimate to be at about 50 feet in height.

There are five distinguishable images on the panel, two primary and three others. To the left you see the bearded man, Bob.  This is the same face that appears under Ufo Rock and can be found in the chapter on the Adventure II.
To the right, is the face of a large and growling bear.  This image has personal significance to the Gatekeeper.
In the mouth shadow of the bear is a smaller bear looking to the left. On the left side and attached to the side of my head is another face, Jackie. Finally above hers and attached to the top of her head is a smaller carving representing a person attached to her. In this instance, her son. The tablet tells us that on the day in question,
that five people would be in attendance. Two bears and three people.

I've known the gatekeeper for six years now and have always found him to be a quiet, mellow and lay back person.
I asked him if he was truly capable of the ferocity depicted in the carving.
He smiled and replied, "yeaaaahhhhh up"

We climbed to the backside of the tablets where I located the hand pads. That is, the place where we would have to identify ourselves to the computer in order to activate this aspect of the facility. My pad was not within physical reach from any direction, either above or below. Thus I projected a 4-D soul print to enable the computer identification. These devices come with two abilities. One pad is a scanner that recognizes the unique identity of the individual using soul print AND dna. The other pad is the key to the lock and uses the same recognition aspects to verify the identity of the individual. Many times, a device can be activated by only one individual using one hand for each pad. In this instance, two people were required.

In the surrounding area are carvings of dog's heads. We know, from experience, the messaging is simple. The place is guarded and will bight - lethally. Thus, a poorly ended individual attempting to trick the computers will find their life span shortened with terminal immediacy.

This area is centered upon a second sphinx that is, in many ways, similar to the one in The Lair with the notable exception that it does have paws.  In front of it is a spire with a dog's head. The gatekeeper and I discovered it about two years ago and have left it idle. We both recognize the importance of 'the right time'.

However, upon first discovery, the face of the Sphinx was a 'screamer' with its mouth open 'yelling'. The first sphinx was a whistler, softly calling for your attention. Upon our return to the area, the screamer was missing
and had been replaced with the face of a man, closed mouth, with a slight smile. Due to the future importance of this particular artifact, I've never taken a picture of it and never will.

The Lair was built for 'show'. It was intended that you see these things. However, as every aspect of future time was known in advance, it was critical to know and identify problem areas and to supply the fix to the problem before it happened. Thus, the interfering situation never gets the chance to develop.

The Gatekeeper had an interesting observation about Clinton/Gore that just happens to coincide with my 1995 prediction that Clinton would leave office before his term and Gore would serve but a short time. The Gatekeeper proposed that Clinton pardons Gore and quits. Gore becomes president. Gore pardons Clinton with Bush waiting in the wings. It is further proposed that Janet Reno and other co-conspirators would also find themselves beneficiaries of the action. The arrogance of this administration is such that Constitutionality is a farce.

It would appear, at this writing, that my previous timetable comments/predictions are operational.