The Gatherers

A couple of weeks ago three people came to see me in town. It's my practice to meet with unknowns at a local restaurant.  They were Deidre, Michael and Claus. The first two are married and Claus is the father of Michael.
One point of a prior writing here on the net comes into play, The Temporal Nexus. Some months back I commented there would be an acceleration and people would being to be drawn towards me. It is so.

Deidre and Michael told me that they'd been sent here to see me by a Cherokee Chief. They were given a gift to deliver, a feather. Claus was in charge of the feather.

When I met them, I spotted Claus as being 'attached'. That is, carrying a dimensional associate he was unaware of.
During the course of our meeting, at one point, he leaned over to me and asked "How's your memory?" In the course of human affairs, this isn't one of those things that would be of concern. On the other hand, to a universal, whether I was a dumb as a rock would be of issue.

Deidre channels. As with many who perform this practice she'd made no effort to identify who it was she was communicating with nor their intents. I attempted to dissuade her from the practice without much success. The ET contingents have pumped so much BS into the scenario, few are willing to give these subjects a critical eye.
Regardless, both she and Michael were good people who have been well judged. Claus was another matter.

They left. Last night I received a phone call from Deidre and Michael telling me they were in town minus Claus.
I gave them my address and told them to come over. Within minutes they were at the door.

They related a horror story of being pushed to the limits by Claus. He attempted to turn them against each other and to destroy, what they felt was, their mission. He was close to success when the light bulb came on and they realized an evil was at play AND that it was related to Claus. Coincidental to the story line, they have a large German shepherd who traveled with them and was stuck in the back seat with Claus. The dog became so stressed his intestines literally tied in a knot forcing emergency surgery in Denver. The dog saw what was going on and endeavored to protect his people at great expense to himself.

Claus had business in the Boulder area and they left him there divorcing themselves of him and his attachment.
Once done, and the dog tended to, they made a beeline back to Canon City. Claus had refused to deliver the feather, they did.

These two have tremendous faith. They have little money and have trusted Father would provide for them en route.
They've received money from well wishers most of which went to tend to the dog. Jackie fed them and we put them up for the night. They are currently on their way back to Missouri.

We spoke of many things. Foremost on the list was a return to the issues of channeling. Now, they'd seen the poor effects of having dimensional 'friends' around who can be most injurious. I pointed out that if you can't identify who and what it is you're dealing with - you have no business messing with these things to start with. Further, that it was only their innocence that had kept them safe to this point. Seeking me out as they did, this would change as my enemies would seek to exploit them and, failing that, hurt them. This lesson was fresh in their minds.

I asked their 'mission'. They said, we are gatherers. I asked what it was they felt they had to collect. They said,
'the people'. I invited Old One into the conversation and Jackie performed the link to accommodate the moment.
I told Deidre that if she felt she 'had' to channel, it should be with Old One. It is noteworthy that the native tribes usually call him Grandfather. As she'd been sent on her mission by a Cherokee who would know these things,
the point completed a circle that was being formed.

These two will go forth and spread the word. Not as teachers, for they have not been anointed by God to the position. Instead, as truthsayers, an allowance that is within my discretion.. They are still en route to their knowledge of that truth but will arrive where they need to be in very short order as will others. It is in this fashion that Father operates.

I asked they return a message to the Cherokee who sent them.

"Thank you", "Your gift is well received".