The Gorgon
Some years back, I agreed with the Gorgon that I would get them off Earth at my earliest opportunity subject to their agreement not to feed upon man. They've kept their word.

The Father has a magnificent way of taking something poor and turning it into something grand. This has occurred with the Gorgon.

This species has been locked into a cycle of mindless feeding and reproduction. They have a gestation period of 500 years and a life span of 100 years. It takes their world 500 years to recover from their last feeding cycle.

Based upon their agreement with me, they voluntarily restricted their hunting which, in turn, reduced the number of new births.
This took the pressure off of them with regards to answering  an ever growing demand for food. They are sentient, but instinct was always an overriding concern with them.

Recently, I received a message from their leader. My expectation was that he was going to gripe about the extended amount of time that has elapsed from our agreement. I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead, he thanked me. He said (essentially) for the first time they were able to stop and smell the roses and they've gained a new perspective on life.

With the Gorgon, memory is genetic and these lessons will be passed forward to the next generation as it will when they return to their own world.

I had an extended conversation with Old One yesterday and asked him to begin the necessary engineering to get them back home. We don't have one pilot who would be willing to fly them there so dimensional door is the only option (wormhole).
Their colonies are spread all over the planet and we are in the process of locating them with the goal of having them collect themselves into central locations for transport.

I am rather pleased with how this worked out.