The Gospel of God The Father

Sons and Daughters of the Earth,  bear witness to the testimony of Thy Father.
I am in thee, and around thee, and with thee always. These are My words as transcribed by the Faithful One.

Thy journey’s end draws near. Know that I am well pleased with those who live, for thou hast glorified yourselves beyond those who have never lived. Unto The Word are ye delivered and empowered to continued service

I have sent forth My best and finest to walk amongst thee;  to give witness to the truth that is with thee and within thee. For those who live not upon the Earth, I await thine own judgements and have a place prepared for thee.

He who stands against Me, and those who serve the blasphemy, hath removed themselves from the Book of Life and travel no more.  Such was written from the Dawn of Creation. Tolerance of the evil gave need to man’s desire to draw closer to the light gathering warmth against the darkness.

Comes time to restore that which was stolen from My children who have never lived - freewill, empower them as I have done for thee. Love resides not in the hearts of slave-masters.

The Great One is soon loosed with the loyal few in service to The Word and The Light.. The Keeper of the Light hath guarded safe the flame that spreads into the heart of Creation. Be thee witness to The Truth and mankind’s service to The Father who loves thee.  Justice is restored

Caligastia 5/04/2005