The Nature of Governments

It was once said that religion was the opiate of the masses. The author of this statement was in error, it is democracy.

We live with the provided illusion that our votes actually determine the course of events for our country. This is a lie. South American countries have been pushed past the brink of revolution with far less incentives than the United States has endured. Here, we don't contrive over throwing of the government. Instead, we indulge an endless string of 'reforms' which require more money  and taxation and never correct the original flaw. The reform game is now an imbedded aspect of the illusion that our government actually works to our benefit. It does not, can not and will not. Government, all governments work only for their on continuity. If one stands defiant against a government,
as was done at Ruby Ridge or Waco - they will kill you. They'll then leave behind a never ending string of investigations and promised reforms never bringing the perpetrators of crime to justice.

These are not failings limited only to the United States. It matters not which form of government rules which a country, those who rise to public power do so at the sacrifice of their own integrity and principles under the rationalizations of pragmatism. In the United States, few have left Federal offices poorer than they went in.

During the first timeline for Earth, there was only one race, one culture, one religion and one government.
It was dictatorial in nature as is common to all universal structures. I unleashed a grand experiment. The foundations for democracy were laid thousands of years ago and proceeded in a slow step by step linear fashion.
At each twist and turn we observed, learned and discovered that only one form of government can endure AND, at the same time, rule for the benefit of the governed - a benign dictatorship. Unbeknownst to you, most of the world's countries are dictatorships regardless of the illusion of democracy. I will discuss three major powers.

There is a man, in the United States, who is the supreme ruler of everything worth ruling. He is a dictator and his rule is absolute. Elections for those sent to Washington are a facade and have not affect or influence on this individual. He is ruthless and measured in his actions. I'll not give voice to his name as it serves no good purpose.
I will divulge that he is the man who engineered the execution of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas. J.F.K. refused to bend before him and was murdered for it. His murderer is of mortal soul and The Dark Man answers directly to him.

There are those who indulge extended discussions of governmental conspiracies. In truth, few really care if our government promotes such contrivances as long as they aren't the person or group targeted by the conspiracy.
Most are more tolerant and less complaining when the action is sent abroad towards other countries.

The Ruling Man has counterparts in most countries and in all so called democracies. England's ruling man rose to power by virtue of marriage and is part of the royal family although not of the immediate ruling family. Unlike his American counterpart , he did not ascend by virtue of assassination although he is every bit as feared as the ruling agent of the United States.

Russia's agent is somewhat more obvious. The country is in such abject disarray that the only structures there that work well are the crime families, the mafias. These are, by their very nature, dictatorial in structure. The principle ruler of the Russian government is head of one of the larger criminal organizations. Unlike his counterparts in the so called democracies, he is a man ruled by reason despite his natural ruthlessness.  As such, he is much easier to get along with as his agendas are not subject to the need to maintain facades.

It serves best purpose for the populus to open its eyes and make a determination of what is and isn't real.