Governments, Corruptions and The Universe

The circumstances of mortality are such that events and the consequences of events transpire much more rapidly on Earth than they do in the timeless halls of the universe. As such, mortality provides an excellent proving ground for theoretical possibilities. A vehicle where ideas can be tested and then evaluated for possible use within the universe. This was one of the many items on the menu for Earth. It is unfortunate that the testing of these 'new' ideas could not have occurred with universal agreement. Regardless, the truth is what it is and the results are in.

It has been the plague of the governments of the Earth that if they survive for any length of time, that they will fall to the corruptions of those who find a way to seize power. There has never been any government upon the Earth that has continually served the people whom they were sworn to serve. Eventually, groups turn into bureaucracies whose prime purpose is to insure their own collective, and individual, continuity. We can allow this decay to the corruption of soul of the individuals who rise to power.

The ideas of Luciferian Liberalism were centered upon the premise of self rule. Large numbers of the universal population had come to the conclusion that the universal bureaucracy served only their own interests at the expense of their citizenry. Further, as most of the universe has not achieved an evolutionary moment sufficient to allow them to meet face to face with Father, they concluded that universal representations about His existence were false and self serving to the point of keeping them in subjugation to a theocratic ideology and a fear of Godly retribution or vengeance OR universal retributions done in Father's name.

The Universe made the assumption that as they served the Son of God and that He is in direct service to Father that THEY too, by extension, were in service to Father and could pretty much rule as they wished provided they gave ample lip service to the theocratic principles upon which the universe was originally founded. Clearly, they could not conceive the current situation wherein Father has turned his back upon what they thought was "His Universe".

It is to this point that the lessons of Earth were initiated. We deemed it vital to discover which form of government best serves its populations AND can be operated under the theocratic principles that are Father's teachings and expectations for us.

Governments become tyrannical to one degree or another and eventually end up at an extreme left or an extreme right, either socialist/communist or . The current trend in the liberal democracies as been for socialism and it is firmly planted into Europe and the United States.

The theories of socialism are simple. Take from those who produce the wealth and redistribute the product of their labor and genius to those who don't. As there are always more workers than their are employers, reflecting the unique level of skill for the later, the larger portion of the population can simply vote away the rights of the smaller portion. In the United States we 'hope' that respect for the Constitution will prevent such actions but, more and more, we see that the document is becoming an impotent instrument.

It is no longer fashionable to victimize groups on the basis of race, gender or religion so the lords of liberalism have created the 'new leper', smokers. In California they've been stripped of their liberties and their property rights. Furthermore, those businesses who would service them, on their own land, are denied the right to do so under penalty of criminal prosecution and jail. We have Constitutional guarantees about property rights and civil rights, yet the government has conveniently overlooked these founding principles and has engaged in a legal 'pogrom' against one third of the population. Is it any wonder that contempt for these contemptible laws is eroding the little amount of respect and confidence the people have left in their government?

This is not the only example, many abound. For liberalism to exist the nation's house must be divided. Women have been set against men to the point that our children are now taught that the male is inherently a rapist at birth or, at the very least, one who has a genetic drive to harassment. Races have been set against each other. You've been divided by orientation. Class envy is promoted to justify the unjust taxation of those who 'over' achieve and they are called robber barons. Assumed is the idea that they gained their money illegally rather than from hard work.

To set these groups to active conflict against each other, the liberal government will throw a bone, money or other resources, into the middle of two or more competing groups and sit back and watch as they tear each other apart fighting like wild  animals. Liberalism divides and destroys nations. Yet, the most insidious and deliberate attack has been at the very foundation of all civilization, the family.

In the beginning, men and women joined and made families. Many families produced tribes and many tribes produced cities which became nations and, in some cases, empires. Exploiting the sexist dogma of the left, girls and women have been indoctrinated in to the inherent evils of men. The government has made it possible, via welfare, for women to enter relationships, create children, and to bail out if the man in their life does not bow to the current feminist dogma of the moment. Not the least of which is that all men should be castrated. In divorce proceedings they are given, as a proforma matter, the children, child support and whatever assets they can take. Father's are stripped of their rights to be parents and relegated to part time visitations resulting in youngsters who essentially grow up with no father. It is not unusual for the mother and child to be relegated to a life of near poverty. The feminist dogma did not address the after effects of the broken home or the emotional scars borne by the children. The liberal institution of no fault divorce and a system bent towards the unjust engrandisement of one gender against the other BASED SOLELY upon gender, has threatened the very glue that makes civilization possible. Liberal policies have also bred bitterness and resentment against the government. So much so that grass roots secessionist sentiments are running at an all time high.

This is the prescription for revolution. It is not a new formula but one that has been played over and over again in the history of our world, divide and conquer. It matters not what the issue of the moment is, there is always some contrivance of 'crisis' that can only be dealt with by force or the reduction of human liberties.

The universe, however, does not indulge in the left wing theories or practices of socialism. Instead, they are at the opposite extreme, .

We, from universe, are weaned upon a respect for Father from the day of our creation. We are also taught that service to the universe IS service to Father. At one time, this was true. Yet, over eons of time what has arrived is a police state wherein free speech can be indulged only at the risk of death. Where a desire to better oneself is reported as self glorification and where an expression of unhappiness is reported as blasphemy against God.

The citizens of the universe, most of whom are not sufficiently evolved to have direct intercourse with Father, believed  their government when they said He existed. When they came to the point they could no longer trust or believe their government, they began to question all of the premises they had accepted as part of the indoctrination of their youth. Lucifer gave voice to this reality. HIGH TREASON! cries the universe - OFF WITH HIS HEAD! IF Father does not exist, so the logic goes, it follows that the structures related to his worship AND the maintenance of the universal bureaucratic status quo were also in question. MORE TREASON! The universe has, by its own admission incarcerated those who complained against the universe in forced labor concentration camps and abandoned them there. This is the same universe that gives lip service to love, tolerance and compassion as the cornerstones for creation.

On Earth we have seen, endured, and lived through the various forms of governments that have evolved over the length of this timeline. Revelations alludes to the end product of the testing when it says, (the child) 'will rule with an iron rod'. In other words, the product of the universal awakening will be a benign dictatorship controlled 'en absolute' by the Creator Son. As Jesus, the Son told that the Old Order would fall. He expanded upon this when he said "The first will be last and the least first".

On Simon Bolivar's tomb is inscribed the warning, "From my tomb tyrants will rise". As a benevolent dictator he knew  he limitations of his power, his own death. While he operated for the benefit of his people, he knew that the corruption of soul inherent in the evolutionary individual would topple his structures. The history of Latin America has demonstrated amply that he was correct.

A different situation exists, however, within the Universe. The Creator Son is immortal. The structures he creates will endure as he endures. It is only in the hands of this person, whose very being IS the definition of love and compassion, that the universe will find the stability it needs and its populations the corrections it requires.