Dave Price offered this inquiry for discussion with the Advens/

This question was asked of me, by a young girl, maybe  15 or 16 years old. I know her mother at my place of
 employment. This young person likes to have short visits  with me while I am working. Usually short conversations
 about odd's and end's of current events - school, skating  ect.

 I told her grace is the fact she has a soul from Father  and that she is a child of God which is a powerful thing.

 Can anyone add to the question what is Grace?


I think your answer was a good beginning and an excellent question from this young mind.

Grace has its antithesis - Disgrace.

Christianity considers grace, generally, to be a state of purity. That greatest degree possible would be Father. The closer one lives to Father, the greater their state of grace. The further away - the greater their disgrace.

The Catholic Church bestows recognition to people who have shown and proven a high state of grace. Then, when proofs to the point are given they begin a journey to recognized 'sainthood'. A person such as Mother Theresa who dedicated her life to good works and service to others might one day be called 'Blessed'. If, three provable miracles can be attributed to this person, they may rise to the level of a recognized saint.

The Earth has had many saints, few of which received any type of official recognition. There are many saintly people walking the planet at any given time. Good people who don't attract attention to themselves but who serve Father via their service to their fellows.

Highly spiritual people can be 'felt'. To the eye, they look like anyone else. To those senses engendered within the soul they are seen to be much more. I've noted that the higher the state of grace within an individual, the more personal peace they've found within their lives. They know who and what they are and accept themselves in the knowing that their Father also finds them acceptable.

It also is not unusual that the higher their evolutionary moment goes, the more their interaction with dimensional realities increase. You would be hard pressed to know this because they don't talk about it.

The 'journey' of each of us is individual. There is no original sin and we are what we make of ourselves. It follows that the equation is that grace equates to the degree of Godliness within any given individual.