The Grand Pyramid
Updated 9/1/2000
If you think that the Great Pyramid at Giza is a deal - you're going to find this one even more impressive. The total distance from the capstone of The Colorado Pyramid is 3 Miles! That's right, three miles and it was a lot easier to build than the one at Giza. Giza goes vertical, this pyramid is horizontal and is identifiable from its key placements.

It begins at the capstone. A rock cut into a pyramidic design which by itself is far from grand. It sits there unnoticed by people who walk by it. In fact, I didn't notice it. My son drew it to my attention some time back.

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                                                                  Griffin                              The Hogan

                                             Pretty Angel                  The Sphinx                       Snoopy

                       The Watcher                                Missing Piece                                   The City


The Building

The distance from the capstone to the sphinx is exactly .5 mile. You'll note there is a missing piece under the sphinx. I have seen it from a distance but have not yet traveled to it. It's a real pain in the backside to get to and it would have to be a full weekend camping trip. Unless anyone wants to contribute a helicopter<g>.

These rock sculptures are in a direct line with the capstone. Each is pictured in its relative position to the others. The huge lizard head pointer directs ONLY to the city while each of the other carvings all share logical and mathematical relationships to each other.

There are other geometries at play here as well. Angel's Lair is the hub of a global network which points to other areas of ancient and similar origins. One leg leads to Stonehenge, another to the Saint Petersburg area in Russia, another to Giza, another to the Yucatan and yet another to South America.

Also, The Lair is consistent with historical and mythological base camps for angels. Sinai, Aasgard, and Olympus all have the commonality that they are in high mountainous regions where you can see anyone coming at you for fifty years before they actually get there. They are difficult to address by land.

The distance from the cap stone to the missing piece at the base of the Grand Pyramid is three miles.

Update 9/1/2000

The picture of the structure called 'the building' is a unique placement. You may recall that I was originally inspired to go looking for this place based upon a decade plus old dream. Today, I view that event as a memory. In the imagery, there was a pyramid to the west of me and immediately behind me was a stone building. Between them was a straight path and I stood upon that road. There were other items in the memory that I'll not discuss at this point, however, I've come to view that imagery as a schematic to the overall layout which I would need to  'rediscover'.

This last weekend, Jackie and I went into the Keep with a GPS reader. For this artifact to have the significance I suspected, it would have to line up directly with the capstone and the sphinx. It does! It is on the same latitudinal line as both of the other artifacts that contribute to the totality of the grandpyramid. This is within an accuracy factor of six feet and is an allowance that  a Global Positioning Satellite receiver has this degree of accuracy.

The find serves as a verification, confirmation and a reality check that the original information was true and accurate. You'll find this structure at the top of the pyramidic hill. The angle of this photograph serves also as a geometric confirmation that it was intended to be seen from that angle and in a way that would impact the viewer with some significance. The line up with the point of the hill might be out of an Indiana Jones movie it is so perfect.
In actuality, the carving is on another slope some distance away from that particular mountain. Additionally,
my original quote of three miles from capstone to base was a rough guesstimate. Analysis of the GPS readings show it was a 100% accurate one. It is 3 miles exactly, or 5 kilometers, or 2 nautical miles depending upon which flavor you wish your measurement.


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