The Green Meteor

A new phenomena has arrived since 1995. The Green Meteor. It is, in fact, no meteor at all or any naturally occurring  phenomena. They are ufos being shot down by Planetary Forces (the good guys).

The arrival and placement of Father's Ring made it feasible for Planetary Forces to begin the process of securing the fort from uninvited and unwanted elements. The upcoming War in Heaven dictates that, as a matter of strategy, one can not leave a viable enemy force behind your lines. It became necessary, and it is an on going process, to clean house once and for all.

This clean up began with elements who were engaged in objectionable activities. Abduction was the first issue on the list followed by any effort that interfered with the natural doings of planetary life.  The universal mentality on conflict is such that they will not throw the first punch but, instead, attempt to bait their opponent into the initial action.  A party standing up for conflict frequently will throw a warning at his opponent. This is delivered via a low powered white laser beam. If the opponent does not move off or continues with his objectionable behaviors the delivering party will then open fire and engage.

The alien abduction scenario became a moot point in June 1995 as the Ring prevented both ingress and egress from the planet. There was no point in continuing the abductions as the stolen genetic material could not be delivered off world. Eventually, it would be deemed necessary to supply security details for myself and all of those closely related to me and these subjects.

I frequently have need to drive to Pueblo Colorado for shopping and during twelve trips, there were obvious  and visible ufo activity nine times. My security detail consists of one two hundred and fifty footer that acts as a top hat for anyone wishing to take a shot at me and four Defiant class ships if needed .

On one occasion, a bad guy was attempting to 'range' my car with the white laser. We saw the laser making repeated attempts to get a line of sight shot at the car. Instead, the best they could do was to get about fifty feet in front of the car.

In another event, a forty footer was shot down and lit up into the green meteor no more than one mile away from the vehicle and no more than 1000 feet above it. There have been three occasions when I've seen the green meteor during such outings to Pueblo.

The power supply of a ufo will burn green for a few seconds with it is 'lit up' by weapons fire.

Recently, there was a double green meteor incident in Loveland Colorado just a few miles from the residence of one of the Advens. This one, however, was well photographed and appeared in a newspaper.

Ufo Shoot Down

Ufo Shoot Down

The bad guys have discovered, too late, that Earth Forces are well beyond the 'custom' of things and we will act preemptively.

The situation is such that we are entering a period of escalating hostilities. It should come as no surprise to the reader that the subject matter proffered on this web site is also referenced in The Revelation Code and that the web site predates the discovery of the Code by a goodly number of years.

What, in common parlance, is called a ufo is, in Biblical terms, also called the 'clouds of heaven'.