The Adventure
What else did I forget to bring.

In late July I was invited to meet Caligastia and view the carvings at a place called Angel’s  Lair. I live in Massachusetts he is in Colorado. That’s a pretty far drive and normally I wouldn’t have the money to fly. However in this case something unusual happened a few weeks before.

I own a small and struggling computer company. Fortunately I got into the touchscreen monitor business or I would have been out of business by now. The margins are thin with computers and with the latest price drops I would have to sell 3 times the volume in order to make the same money. I do fairly well with the touchscreen business and with a little luck will continue to make enough to get by. I got an email from a company who wanted to buy my domain name on the Internet. After running a few fantasy calculations I told them what the site is worth to me. I quoted a price in the mid 5 figure range and they didn’t blink. So when this opportunity came up I had the resources to make this trip.

But to travel half way across the country alone would take more guts and bravery than I had. I have a longtime friend (Alan) who works with me. When I ran across the planetary headquarters site 9 months ago I showed it to Al. It intrigued him as much as it did me and when I told him “I’ve been invited” his eyes lit up and said you are going right? I said well I think it would be foolish to go, but he said “I would go in a second, how could you not want to go?”  I said,  “Well the guy could be some kind of axe murderer”. He said “this could be true but I would go anyway this is too big an opportunity to meet a real angel” While I was pondering why he would just pickup and go without even really thinking it through. Alan posted to the message board of planetary hq a request to “ride shotgun”. Caligastia responded positively and said he could come too. My decision just got easier.

Alan used to be a 2nd degree black belt and knows how to take care of himself in any physical situation. He is not the kind of person to go around bragging that fact and as time had passed since he stopped the pursuit of the Martial Arts he no longer considers himself worthy of such level. I on the other hand would want no other person around if  it hit the fan so to speak.

So the decision was made to “lock and load” I booked us tickets, reserved a car, and we would go. Cal had offered us to sleep on the floor of his spare room, we accepted and the plan was to camp out on Saturday night and leave on Monday morning. This is the story.

I got up at 3:30AM on Friday morning Al arrived at my house just before 4:00. We took pictures of our eyes just in case they showed any changes as a result of our trip. Then we loaded up the car and my wife and daughter drove us out to Logan airport. I had a print out of Cal’s phone number and the plan was to land in Colorado, drive to a certain town and call him from there. I thought I had two printouts and gave my wife one when we left just in case she needed to get hold of me.

We checked in and boarded the plane. As we were sitting on the plane, I said “dang”. Al said “what?” “I left the camera on the kitchen table”. The plane took off to Dallas, we made a connecting flight and with the exception of a cowboy for a pilot and some serious “pucker factor” on the landing, we arrived in Colorado without incident. At this point, the fact that we were really going to meet the planetary prince set in. I was nervous but I knew I had to control the emotion and swallow the fear. As we were coming off the plane I said “dang” Al said “what?” I bought a bottle of  local  New Hampshire spring water and a bottle of local maple syrup to give to Cal when we meet him. The water was a joke because he had run out of it on a previous adventure and I thought he would appreciate the syrup since they really don’t have maple trees in Colorado. Well, I couldn’t go back for it so we pressed on.

We got our luggage and I headed over to the rental counter. I had expected to get some kind of small 4 wheel drive truck and the man at the counter said it should be an Isuzu trooper. Then he said “would you like to prepay the gas?” I said “why?” He said we could get a better class vehicle for the same money if we did and the gas is $1.19 per gallon. I knew it would be more at the gas station and a bigger SUV suits me just fine.
Then since we did that and got the bigger car he said he could give a discount if I rent it  for the 4 days as opposed to day by day pricing. Another no-brainer. So I wound up getting a Ford expedition instead of an Isuzu trooper for less money. I’m feeling pretty good and the people seem so friendly. As I left the counter and hooked up with Al I said “I wonder if Cal had setup us getting the better class car”. He said “probably something Father did, but it sure seems unusual” On our way out to the car, we couldn’t find the space that it is supposed to be in. So we asked a guy in a van that works there cleaning the returned cars if he knew where it was. He said “its over there” pointing to an adjacent lot about 50 yards away “and you look like the devil”. A strange comment, but I brushed it off thinking I have a cowlick in my hair and he was busting me about it.  So we dragged our luggage towards the lot and decided to have Al wait on the edge and I would get the truck. I knew it was an expedition and there were three in the lot. Turns out that they are employee vehicles and my key didn’t fit any of them. While I was heading back to the edge where Al was, a man in a courtesy van was driving by and Al flagged him down. “Space 59? Its right there” pointing not twenty feet from where Al was, there was the expedition so we went to it, loaded it up and climbed in.  I was getting familiar with the controls and setting the mirrors when the first man came walking up saying, yeah, yeah, I know what your doing in there, gonna have some fun? We said oh were going camping gonna have a great weekend. As he was walking away, we started to leave too and as we drove past I yelled I think you must be Satan, after all look at how red your head is and you deceived us as to where the car was. He had a baldhead with sunburn. No, no its you he said with a chuckle. We drove off and I was wondering if I had become paranoid.

“Dang” I said, while we were leaving the airport. Al said “What?”.  “I gave the phone number to Kelly (my wife) and don’t have another copy”. I knew what company the phone number was for so I figured we could find it in the phonebook when we get there.
We were hungry so we decided to try to find a sub shop and grab a bite. Back on the road we came upon a Walmart, so we went in and bought a new camera.

We arrived in the town we were supposed to call from. Checked the phonebook and nothing. So I called my wife, she wasn’t home and I remembered she was going to spend the night at her mothers’ house, I don’t have that number. As we were driving around thinking of what to do next we were hoping Cal would realize we were getting late and send out a connection to guide us to where we needed to go. Didn’t happen. Then I realized that I knew where on the Internet I could find the number, now we just had to find an Internet connection. This is not a big town and the guy at the gas station said he could direct us to a radio shack but I knew that wouldn’t have an access. We drove around more and finally found a small computer store. I went in and the owner let me log in. Success, I called and Cal answered. He gave us directions and soon we were shaking his hand by about 3:30PM. I had had a dream about meeting Cal about 2 months before, in my dream Al and me had found that he lived in my neighborhood. I had dreamed that he was tall about 6 feet, thin, had graying hair, wore silver wire frame glasses, and a full beard and his house was a ranch style and blue. My dream was correct except that he was short about 5’4” and his glasses are gold framed and his house is not blue.

Cal told us he was wondering if we were going to fall down and worship him when we saw him. With a chuckle he told us if we were going to be foolish enough to do that, he was going to put on his robe and really mess with our minds by putting on the full angelic production. Fortunately, we knew beforehand that Cal doesn’t go for that kind of deity worship and I certainly wasn’t going to indulge in it. Later I had suggested that we put on the act for when Jackie comes over she would think a couple of worshipping slaves had shown up. But it would have been too much trouble and I don’t think Cal likes to wear his robe. (He does, but not in public).

We went inside and sat around his kitchen table, he had his photo albums out and we went through his pictures of the Lair. It was good to have that familiar feeling I got when I saw the same pictures as I have seen on the net, it helped to feel comfortable and calm the nerves. Cal himself was also relaxed and I could tell we were going to get along just fine. I felt like I was home. The pictures are much better in real life than on the Internet and we were looking forward to our adventure out there on Saturday. After a couple of hours chit chatting Jackie arrived. She is a very special lady and we all talked for hours. Her son showed up a little later, he had been away for a month and he and Cal seem to have a good humored relationship. Within about 15 minutes he laid about 100 disrespectful jokes directed at Cal which he took in good tolerance counter joking most of them. Eventually the cuteness wore off and Cal had to get a little more firm and ask him to stop it. As any teenager would, he went overboard on the jokes but he did comply and settle down. Until Jackie decided to sit on him while he was laying on the couch. This resulted in a couch wrestling match which Jackie had the upper hand. They had to stop before the pinfall because one of the dogs doesn’t like to see aggression and was getting excited.

As we continued asking questions most were the silly kind dealing with conspiracies and the like. But generally had to do with the universe and earth. Jackie felt the presence of Old One in her ear. Then it got even more interesting. It seems that Old One uses Jackie to communicate his thoughts to Cal. OO said Al and me could ask him questions if we like, so we did. We tried to keep them logical but a lot were the kind one would ask a phone psychic.  We found out that Al is a fighter and I am a lover. Al and I have known each other three times in the past and twice we were brothers. Al asked if he was a good soldier and OO said he needs to learn how to duck. We learned information about our family’s status as ascendants and I was surprised to find out that one of my brothers who has some moral problems is also ascendant. My brother is a good man, he was my best man and godfather to my child. But he has an active libido and he is married. Al’s oldest daughter was once his mother and one of his twins will be an important person someday. This session felt very real, the same way that when you hear truth and just know it is correct

Cal had said earlier that he had worked on healing a problem his dog has with his leg and was very successful. I asked if I could learn to heal and Jackie said I could but I couldn’t heal myself because it takes a transfer of energies and the healing must be done in Father’s name. I asked if I could heal someone without telling them what I was doing and she said yes. Jackie asked who do I want to heal and I told her its my mother, she has a problem with her right eye and has lost most of her sight out of it. She continues to drive with this problem (she really has to) and I was wondering if I could help her before she has an accident. Jackie asked if I could put my hands on her shoulders without her wondering why and I said yes I could. Cal said he would look into helping her too and that it can be done remotely. It was great fun talking with OO and he said he had fun too. I found it quite easy to accept the reality of Old One and how he communicates through Jackie.

It had gotten late and we had been up for almost 24 hours so Al and I went to bed.

The next morning we woke up around 6:00 and Cal and Jackie were already up with the coffee brewed. He doesn’t take sugar in his coffee so he had no sugar bowl. In order to keep his sugar container clean I grabbed another coffee cup and scooped it half full of sugar. I made my coffee and sat down. Al took a shower, made himself a cup of coffee, and sat down, took a sip and asked me how much sugar I put in his coffee. I said no, that was an imprompt tu sugar bowl not a cup that I had out for him. We had some pastry that Jackie had bought. Then loaded up his truck and my truck and we were off to the Lair. As we were driving, Al and I discussed the possibility of getting a ride in a UFO. Cal had mentioned that if the switches in the Lair are triggered correctly, and if the time was right, we might be able to go on board a real spaceship. We both thought it would be way cool to fly around the area.

Our first stop was at a small tourist store that served breakfast. We went there to meet Two Bears, he is the Gatekeeper. He was eating his breakfast and took the time to exchange niceties and shake our hands. Cal wanted us to meet him and let him know where we were going. Two bears is tall and thin with long blonde hair and armed to the teeth. You would not want to trespass onto his property for sure. He seemed to be a nice person but we didn’t want to interrupt his breakfast too much so we got back on the road.

The road going into the Lair is one lane, long and dangerous. It barely qualifies as a road and is more suited to those little ATV four wheelers. It climbs up quite a bit and is loaded with large rocks and washed out gullies. Many places it is precariously close to cliffs. After a few miles we stopped to get a view into “the city” it was a good place to test out the zoom on my camcorder.  “Dang” I said. “what?” Al said. “I was going to buy a tape when I got here”. So I decided I wasn’t going in there without a tape and the place where we met Two Bears should have a tape. We decided Al should go on with Cal and I would go back and see if I could get a tape.

I own a four wheel drive and have been to Aruba where you need four wheel to get anywhere good. I’ve got experience with this kind of terrain and it would be best if I went alone ‘cause what I was about to do didn’t need distractions like fearful screaming. And since it’s a rental, I didn’t need to worry about fixing an abused truck. So off I went. I had traveled about a quarter mile and was coming out of a hairpin turn when I saw them. Two men riding pretty fast on one of those ATV four wheelers. The truck has antilock brakes so control was good but it was close to a cliff so if they couldn’t stop they would hit me and I couldn’t go even an inch further to the right. Fortunately, we didn’t hit each other. After we both stopped, I went ahead forward and as I passed them I said. “I’m really sorry about that guys.” SLOW DOWN the driver yelled at me. “Sorry, sorry” I said. As I rolled back up to speed but a little slower. I thought gee the way  that he yelled was sorta like a cop would yell when he didn’t want to pull me over. To me, cop equals discipline equals military. Are we being followed? And I just bagged them with the old “Crazy Ivan” maneuver.

I got back to the tourist shop where Two Bears was. Earlier Al had commented on the really big knife he had strapped to his left side. I said I didn’t see the knife but he had a really big pistol strapped to his right side. Al didn’t see the pistol. As I was standing at the counter Two Bears left. We were both right, knife and pistol and bullets all around his belt. I had been praying to Father to protect me on this ride and to have the shop actually have VCR tapes for sale. The lady said they don’t sell blank tapes and that if I drove 30 miles down the highway there is a store that might have them. I asked if there are any promotional tourist type tapes, she said she didn’t think so but would get someone who should know. The second person directed me to a spot where there were two tapes of some motorcycle trip at $9.99 each. Father provides, I thought to myself. And considered buying both tapes as a reward for the guy who made them.

With tape in hand I got back on the road and soon found myself rumbling quickly but cautiously back up the dirt road to catch up to Cal.  Finally I rejoined them at the entrance to the Lair. He said “did you see those two guys on the ATV?”  “yeah” I said. He said “what did you make them for?”  “Roadkill” I answered “cause I almost ran them over on my way back to the road”  “military” he said “they are following us just watching where we go”.  I said “I thought so” and related the story of the near miss.

Before we went in to the Lair, Cal wanted to go check out the pointer rock that was up the road a little further. We all got into my car for the short trip and we were soon there.
“Dang” Al said. “what?” I said.  “They put me in charge of carrying the digital clock that Cal uses as a detector and I forgot to grab it off the coffee table”.   According to Cal, there were some small pyramids near the big pointer that have disappeared since the last time he was here. This indicates that the meaning of those rocks is no longer relevant. Upon inspection of where they were, I did find some bare patches within the thick grass where they were supposed to be. There were also some people camping at this spot but we didn’t talk to them.

As we were checking out the area the two guys on the ATV rolled slowly past us coming back from wherever they were going. They both had military style haircuts and one was wearing a camouflage hat. I grew up as a military brat and these guys were definitely solders in civvies. You can tell by the way that they ride at attention.  They drove past without looking at us which is a little odd considering they should have at least snarled at me for giving them an adrenaline rush earlier.

Back at the Lair entrance, there were two older gentlemen wandering around. We exchanged greetings and Cal recognized one of them as a Melchezidek. His friend was visiting from Wisconsin and he was showing this beautiful part of country. They were friendly and Cal began to tell them why they were here, and they went with us into the lair to see some of the first carvings. They were impressed with Cal and the carvings but one of the men had a bum knee and couldn’t go where we were going. They bid us good luck as we did them and left. The reader should understand that this place is literally in the middle of nowhere and we have now seen at least 6 other people in the area. To me it seemed awfully crowded.

As we were going in, I snapped a number of pictures of the carvings. There are a lot of faces everywhere. This place is not normal. Sure you could see a face now and then in your average mountainside but this place is amazing. Around here where I live we have the “Old Man of The Mountain” up in New Hampshire. It is a big tourist attraction and the state symbol. It is only one face. At the lair you get face overload, there are literally hundreds maybe even thousands of faces if you look for them. As we came around the first corner into what really is like a coliseum, there is a huge rock maybe two or three hundred feet high and one to two hundred feet across and doesn’t belong where it is. Cal said it was meant to be the top of a pyramid but it was dropped and it has a crack right down the middle split in two making it useless to those who constructed this place.

As we continued past the huge rock we got to the bottom of the mountain where the pretty angel is. She is at the far end and the sphinx carving is on the top middle. The slope to go up probably averages 60 degrees or at least it seemed like it. And it was a long way up. “Dang” Al said. I said “what?”  “I forgot to bring the canteens, I didn’t realize we were going so far” Jackie had given us bottles of water earlier and we refilled them at the stream at the bottom. We had enough water for the climb, barely.

When we got to the place Jackie called “the wings” we found the spot where the switches were set to power up the Lair. This is also the spot where some people intruded and one of them paid the ultimate price for it. As Cal placed his hands on the switches he had us keep an eye on the sphinx, I was watching very carefully because I did expect something to happen and I didn’t want to miss it no matter how small. Nothing happened, but Cal had said nothing might happen. We took more pictures and moved on up.

We had run across a discarded bottle of “skin so soft”. I recognized it for what it was, somebody was using it as a bug repellant. There were tiny gnats buzzing around and they were bothersome enough that Al and Jackie had used some bug repellant themselves. As long as you don’t sit still too long they don’t bother you so I passed on it. But as I examined the bottle I noticed a stuck on label from the Avon Company. To me, this again means military.

Finally, I remembered the camcorder, Al had been carrying it in his pack and I thought we would be going back the way we came so I had figured I would snap pictures in and video tape out. At this point it was obvious that we were not going back but would go up and down the backside and back to the cars. I started filming. I began with sweeping views of the area and zoomed in of specific carvings, the problem is I’m not very experienced with this kind of footage and was moving the camera way too fast and not stopping long enough to hold the image. I did realize this but didn’t correct it enough to have a good video. But I did get enough to show many carvings and gain perspective of size and distance of the carvings. Although the footage is moderately useful in that respect, I consider the days filming a complete failure to capture the area in the way it should be. As we neared the top I lost the eyepiece and wound up having to “wing it”. I did a pretty good job given the circumstances but I really feel like I let Cal down on the quality and function of the film. I was only gonna get one chance at this and I basically blew it.

Eventually we made it to the top. We were all sucking wind and the dogs were exhausted.
We rested on the top for a while and Cal went over to see if the rock Ghostwolf messed with had reset. It had not. The backside of the sphinx was a very rough surface and Cal said it had been finely carved to be a very smooth surface and it had changed.
Someone had suggested that some of Jackie’s stew would taste pretty good about now and we all got hungry. We had some candy bars and Cal gave the dogs some more water one of the dogs looked in pretty bad shape but after a drink he was up and ready to go.
We moved on to the backside where we saw the snoopy carving I could always see the nose of this formation but never really got snoopy out of it. Seeing it up close and personal, it became quite obvious it was snoopy. After seeing that, we finally started down the backside. There were no more carvings and my legs felt like rubber. We mostly followed the dogs down. There are no paths up or down so it is tough to navigate.

Back at the cars we rested for a good long time. Jackie had brought the stew and some sandwiches but we decided to go back to Cal’s house instead of pitching a campsite. We all felt that a couch was a lot more comfortable than the rocks we would be sitting on. So we had some sandwiches and when we got home, Jackie cooked up the stew for dinner. It was awesome.

That night we reviewed old pictures of the carvings and talked about new carvings that either appeared or were not noticed before. Then it was time to see if Al and me had the stuff to learn how to be dimensionally conversant. Cal had told us that Father has given him license to bring a few people to the room Father keeps in 6 for people who have earned an audience with him. This is probably the highest honor that could be bestowed on a mortal or angel and just the thought of such a thing gives me Goosebumps and sweaty palms.  Imagine standing before God our Father and feeling his love. This is the thing mankind and angelic beings strive for their entire existence. First we would go to 4D and Cal would be able to test us to make sure we see this reality in the correct manner. If we couldn't see in 4 correctly there would be no point to try for 6 because we wouldn’t be able to handle the energies present when standing before Father.  Al went first and had some success with seeing his own self. But he couldn’t see Cal in 4D. After trying for a few minutes they stopped and it was my turn. I could get there easy enough but could not see my own self. I then tried to see Cal in 4D but couldn’t see him, During this episode I got a flashed image. It looked like the bottom of a Christmas tree but upside down. I interpreted it as Cal was wearing an Indian jacket with the tassels, wrong. After we stopped, Jackie said it was wings. Yes, that’s what I saw, wings. But I didn’t see Cal, just the wings. While Cal was talking to Al about his experience I tried to tune in on Jackie. Another flashed image appeared. It was a window and a female person was on the other side looking through it. Jackie was looking in on our exercise so I asked her if she was standing outside it looking through a window. She replied “no I was just checking on my daughter at her house”   “you mean just now?” I said.  “yes” she said. I was encouraged and asked Cal if we could try again. We did and I saw the wings again stretched out almost straight. But still could not see Cal. I need to practice this and will do so with Al. If we can start to get it, Cal said he will do a chat room thing with us, and if we are ready for it he will take us to 6 and Father. The only thing I can say about this is. Wow.

It was getting late so we all decided to go to bed. Al and me tried to continue the experiments. We talked about imagination and how it is important to imagine the things you want to see. He can’t imagine what it would be like to stand on the moon for example while I can. So we imagined a room on or under the  mars surface. Then brought the image of a red mantis like alien sitting at a control panel. I was providing the imaginative description, and he would place himself there. I told Al to “smack him” and pick a fight. He did but when he hit him he knocked him out of the image and couldn’t see him anymore. We decided we need to practice and we fell asleep.

I got up at 6:00AM made some coffee and watched TV. There was a hurricane moving to Texas and I wondered if it had distracted me from the imaging session of last night. You see we had picked a point in space to meet Cal over the Lair in a low earth orbit, but I kept drifting over the gulf. I had decided I wasn’t imagining I was up high enough so added altitude in order to see all of this hemisphere. Maybe it had something to do with my lack of success. Or maybe not, wishful thinking perhaps. Al got up at 6:30 and Cal and Jackie were up by 9:00. I was feeling pretty good considering the climb of the day before but the dogs were moving slowly and Cal was pretty sore too. It had taken us 3 or 4 hours to make the climb and Cal said that he and Jackie have done it in 1 hour before. He felt it was very odd that it had taken us so long to make the ascent.

They decided to take us to a place called The Passage. It is a series of discriminators or gateways. The first three are easy to get to but 4 and 5 are too far away. Here we saw the Grey alien wrapped in a blanket and there are other faces on the rocks but they are rough-hewn and it is a real stretch to see them. This is because the Lair was built for show and this place was not. The third gate had a big gorilla head and there is an interesting anomaly when we passed through the third discriminator. I had the camcorder running while I passed through and didn't turn it off until Al and I had explored the meadow and passed back through it. There is a specific point at the gateway where no matter what angle the camcorder mike was pointing, the noise from the little waterfall was amplified at least 4 times as loud as it should be. It seems like the waterfall is covering a similar frequency of unnatural sound. The source might be from the little cave next to it. It was not noticed until I watched the tape. When we passed through recording, it sounded just like it should, a little waterfall.

Al had discovered a pattern on one of the rocks at the entrance of the lair and we decided to go back there again to see it. This was good cause I didn’t have much video at the entrance and wanted to get some more. So we headed out there again. This was fairly uneventful but I got some shots of Gabriel and the Father rock and a good long shot of the pattern in question. Then we went back home. This time we didn’t see any signs of other people except that when we left there was a car parked on the road. We had only spent about a half-hour there so this car had arrived after we did and its occupants were nowhere around when we drove by.

On the way back we saw two jet fighters fly over but Old One said they weren’t chasing any UFO’s. The discussion turned to the speech Cal gave at the Global Sciences Congress back in 95. I asked if Cal had a tape from it because I couldn’t find any references to it on the net. Back at the house, Cal got out the tape and popped it in while Jackie cooked up another awesome dinner, a roast with mashed potatoes and corn. It was so good, we all over ate and crashed in the living room. The only comparison I can make about Jackie’s cooking is it really is like Mom makes. We had stopped the tape to eat and we resumed afterwards. This speech is stunning, it is pretty much like reading the web site but more detail and some real good question and answers. When it was over all I could say was wow! The only way to describe how I felt after watching it is I was “ringing”. Cal was bummed about the predictions that Old One had given him and the speech had occurred just before Satan set his temporal loop. There were some other points he made that showed he didn’t have all the facts known yet but again that is very understandable. Much has happened between now and then. All I could think is “people gotta see this”. The reason no one sees this is his “skin suit” must have his personal privacy and I can respect that. Viewing this tape affected me very deeply, for the rest of that night I couldn’t communicate my thoughts about any subject matter. I tried to stutter and stumble to say the things that I wanted to but nothing came out right. This has happened to me before but this time I was nearly useless for communicating rational thought.

While thinking about how I could edit the tape to remove the references to his person. It struck me that it’s a speech. People don’t need to see it they need to hear it. Much easier job now. I am going to take the audio and turn it into a Real Player file, edit out the unwanted references and voila. Truth, straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

As the speech ended, another incarnate angel came to visit us. I will call him Dave because I forgot his name. This is a large man, he reminds me of a sumo wrestler. He is chief of security for the Lair and the Keep. He is the weapons expert and Old One’s sparring partner. To me he seemed to be a very nice soft-spoken man. Cal was concentrating on the pattern we saw at the Lair and I was somewhat more interested in what Cal was thinking so I didn’t talk much to Dave. That’s ok because Al was in heaven. Dave brought over a few weapons, one was a sword he had made by hand, and he also brought his wife and 2 year old girl. She looked exactly like my daughter except she had brown hair and my girl is blonde. I just wanted to give her big hugs and kisses and was missing my family big time. Dave couldn’t stay long, but long enough to share a couple of stories with Al and show him his weapons. One such story Cal had told to us already and as Dave re-told it, it matched perfectly with what Cal had said. To me this is a reality check and reality was what I was hearing. He is also 4D conversant (of course since he is an angel) and I get the feeling if a regular human can do it, Al will. It was a great honor for both of us to meet him. After figuring out roughly what the pattern meant it was late again and our plane was leaving at 6:00AM. We went to bed around midnight for a nap and got up at 3:00AM to get back home.

On the trip home, while waiting at the gate in the airport, 3 couples, 1 of two men, 2 of a man and woman, took seats in the section of seats near us. We had made them for Military types in civvies. And I thought the two men might have been the same two from the road encounter at the Lair. Probably just being paranoid and I didn't get a real good look at them then. We were pretty tired so we decided to sit in the comfortable seats and board 10 minutes before the designated take off time. The two men eventually got up and left. One of the couples boarded and the other couple just sat there snuggling. When we decided to board the plane, the remaining couple got up and left the seat area. As we walked into the boarding door there was an airforce captain in uniform just sitting near the door reading the paper. (Hiding in plain sight?) While we were on the plane and just before they closed the door, the couple who got up when we did but left the seating area boarded the plane.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and I was happy to see my wife and daughter back in Boston. Then my wife told me the phone number I gave her, blew out the window on her drive home.

It has now been a few days since I had returned, and the gravity of where we had gone, done, and what we had seen has started to sink in. I was mentally prepared for this trip by basically checking my emotions at the airport, and going forward guided by logic and reason. I had come to Cal with an open mind perfectly willing to accept any reality presented to me as long as it held up to my own personal knowledge of facts and logic. Cal says “If I cant see it, touch it, and kick the tires, it doesn’t exist”. What I saw and what was said always fit to a logical measurement. There was no time that I would become suspicious or doubt anything that I saw. Although we didn’t see any tires to kick there is in fact 3 nights and 2 days of circumstantial evidence that indicates that this man is in fact the planetary prince. I am convinced that very soon, or “at hand” as Father has told Cal, everyone of us mortals are gonna have some tires to kick.

There is no way that I can express the thanks and gratitude Cal deserves for giving me this gift of knowledge and for his time. Although Al and I have had this unusual honor bestowed on us we are just mortal men and we are no more or less special than any other man.