People generally misunderstand the terms Heaven and Paradise.

Heaven is in the 7th dimension and is where Father lives. Paradise is in the 6th dimension and is the point where the Son begins the rule of his universe. Within the realm of Paradise there is another place called Havona, The Son's Seat of Power.

Havona has for most of universal history, been an empty place that served little purpose as the Son preferred to move amongst his people in their own environs. Father, however, has revitalized Havona, adding to it structures and the things that will make it the real seat of power for the new universal government. Currently it can accommodate about five thousand people.

In the upcoming War in Heaven, several things are going to happen. We know that the Rebellion and the Universe will indulge in open warfare. We know that at some point, there is a great likelihood that Father will declare Himself. When He does, the many thousands of worlds who do not wish to have anything to do with this conflict will immediately sever their association with the universal bureaucracy. These worlds will comprise the lower cast worlds. Those lower rungs of the universal pecking order where Faith and Belief in Father has always been strongest.

When these things come to pass, the new universal order will need a government. Not a collection of self aggrandizing bureaucrats but one of shepherds, as Father intended us to be. The first five thousand to arrive at Havona will be the central core of that government and those closest to the Son. The next arrivals will function one level down in the 5th dimension and the final group will implement the Son's Will in the 4th dimension. This order
provides three levels of government, three rings.

The Archangel Gabriel has separated himself from the universe. In the Son's absence, he is its ruler. The bureaucrats believe (currently) that he is in seclusion and know not that he won't be back in the context of a leader of the current order. Gabriel and a few others are the only things that have held universal miscreance in check, keeping them from running rampant upon their fellows. He is hated for his service to the Son for Gabriel is a rock that will not bend before any miscreance or any rationalization. At this moment, the universe is without leadership, a ship without a rudder. Father, Son and the Bright and Morning Star have all turned their backs upon this corrupted bureaucracy.

Others will be arriving at Havona in very short order.  We are one step closer.