More Faces At Stonehenge

These photos taken in 1999 by a reader of HQ show that more faces are present in the stones than wrere reported in the BBC piece noted previously here. Naturally, the reader had an advantage in that he'd examined the photographs here at HQ and had developed an 'eye' for them.

Note the Eyes that have been marked for you. Beneath them, you'll also see cheeks, nose and a large beard.

Look carefully at the line going to the eye. This carving is in right profile. Gaze a little left of the eye and you'll see a second carving - a full head with eye and mouth - also in right profile. Or, you might look to where the ear would be on the larger carving.

What does this mean?


We have a connect the dots from ancient places to ancient places. Angel's Lair is the Rosetta Stone of the mapping and coordinate systems. The same types of rock sculptures appear (or are appearing) and many seemingly unrelated areas of the world.

I'd like to offer my thanks and appreciation to Robert Colee and his family for their contribution of these photographs.