An Abbreviated History of Earth

Mankind has been on this world for one million years. This constitutes TWO five hundred thousand year timelines. This is the amount of time alloted by universal protocol for the development of ascendant life.At the end of each timeline, judgement is held and rapture performed. Typically, those deemed ascendant are taken to a  world the next level up with a stop over in Jerusem, the universal capitol, for an orientation period.

Earth's first timeline was conducted according to universal forms, one race (black), one culture, one society. Following the rapture of this group, the bulk of the non ascendants left remaining on the planet were consigned to extinction, soul death, along with their physical forms. A number were left upon the planet to serve as seed for the second timeline. I do not know whether it was by universal design or not, but this seed group did not possess the genetic abilities to be ascendant. Regardless, I am suspicious to the point. There is a balance that must be maintained between intellect and soul. A great soul trapped into a retarded body will never be able to give that soul expression. Conversely, a great intellect possessed of little or no soul will never have the moral restraints necessary to generate a civilization. Such a person would deemed to be a sociopath.
The seed for the new civilization lacked the intellectual capacity to rise to the needs of the soul. As such, the timeline and all those souls within it were doomed to extinction from the very beginning. For three hundred thousand years I worked to overcome this situation. Three times I petitioned the universe for permission to inject a superior genetic structure into the genus of man and three times I was denied. Every effort to create a bridge allowing man to succeed past his genetic limitations met with failure. You can't make an omelete without eggs. In this case, the eggs just weren't there.

Three hundred thousand years into the timeline an event of universal importance occurred, The Lucifer Rebellion. Lucifer, a Lanonandek Son, and a perfect being, rose to give voice to much of the discontent that was prevalent within the universe. This resulted in thirty nine worlds declaring rebellion against the universe. One world, Earth, declared secession.

It is a long standing crime to rebel against the universe. The history of the universe is such that occassionally a planetary prince would do so individually. Never had there been such a concerted effort by such a large group of princes.

Earth, on the other hand, declared secession. While this had the same practical effect as rebellion, it was the first time any one had done so. The saving grace of the declaration is that the universe had no law against secession and was rendered impotent to take actions against either myself or this planet. They found this position to be extremely frustrating and deemed me to be a slickster who had avoided punishment through clever and devious means. To some degree, this perception is correct for by declaring secession I insured that Earth would be permitted to complete its timeline and those whom I had come to view as my children would be safe from retaliation. Yet, it must also be recognized that there is a subtle difference between rebellion and secession. The former states a permanent state of separation while the later implies a possibility for reunion. Regardless, the universal bureaucrasy found it infuriating that I had used their own protocols, or the lack thereof, in a fashion which prevented their intervention and my removal as planetary prince.

This event occurred nearly two hundred thousand years ago. With separation from protocols complete I set to do what needed to be done. Yet, the universe was not done with me yet. Their response was an attempt to ignore my rule and they hoped they would be able to continue universal protocol on Earth in spite of my presence. The existence of two separate and distinctly different programs of ascendancy, one of which couldn't work, was not tolerable. To dissuade the universe from it's then current effort and future attempts along the same lines, I destroyed every foundation that had been built in the first three hundred thousand years. I took no joy in these deeds but they did serve the logic of purpose in as much as they denied the universe the structures THEY needed to function. I, on the other hand, did not. Freed from universal constraints I initiated what has since become known as the Caligastian Principles of Accelerated Ascendancy.

It had long been my point that the five hundred thousand year number set by the universe was arbitrary, pointless and did not well serve the First Cause. That the universe was bloated with bureaucrasy and had divested itself of the ability to engage in original thought. That they, instead, worshipped protocols to the point of mindless ruitualism. To illustrate this point, I prematurely raptured the Mayan civilization immediately before the declaration of secession.

It takes three angels of high status to perform a judgement. Two were present upon this world, myself and he who is known in the Christian Bible as Abaddon, the keeper of the bottomless pit (mortality). Lucifer arrived, per arrangement, to fill the role of the third judge. Judgement was completed, rapture was performed and these ascendant souls were packed up and sent to Jerusem. The declaration of secession made it an impossibility (protocol) for the universe to return them. These people had reached their ascendancy in less than five hundred thousand years and there was, in my opinion, no moral justification for making them endure another two hundred thousand years of mortality's hardships. It serves to note that this act did not serve to engratiate me with the universal burearcrats. Also, that with the exception of these people, no soul born to mortality has left this world since.

I set to correct the genetic deficiency in mankind. To this end, angelic dna was incorporated into your physical structure. Further, I deviated totally from universal norms in how I went about the task. Had this still been a universal world, the inclusion of angelic dna would have earned me the death penalty for it is forbidden to do so under any circumstance. As it was, I was outside the pervue of their laws.

On a universal world, competition is disallowed. The universe views the pitting of one soul against another for any purpose to be evil. I loosed evil upon the world by allowing situations wherein conflict would result. The competition for resources became the first area of competition. Additionally, I created multiple races knowing that the obvious differences in skin color and culture would lead to conflict (competition). I instituted the rule of survival of the fittes, reflecting my opinion that those who did not have sufficient soul to fight for their own survival were unfit for ascension. Several of the races did not survive the tests of time and fell to extinction. It should be noted that no souls have ever been lost in this arrangement.  The soul is a reservoir and a collection point for life's experiences. It survives from life time to life time. In this context, the circumstances of life serve to enhance and strengthen one's personality. We should note that man's greatest ability is his facility to rise to the occasion in the face of adversity and to conquer evil. Can one defeat evil if it is disallowed from the learning process? Clearly not. Thus, universal protocol to the point does not meet the tests of logic.

On the average universal world, only one out of five souls are ultimately deemed ascendant. Four out of five face extinction. What a horrible waste! The only exception to this was long ago when Lucifer served as a planetary prince. The ratio for his world was two out of five. Yet, as I write this, two out of five have been judged ascendant and by the end of the timeline, that number will surpass four out of five. This speaks well to the differences in methodology. Me and mine came here to serve the First Cause. We came to serve our Creator Father. We have succeeded in our mission. His Will has been done.